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One of many 5 expertise in Stardew Valley is Foraging. This talent applies (extra clearly) to selecting up foraged gadgets across the Valley, however it’s additionally the talent you utilize when chopping down timber.

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There are a number of methods to stage up your Foraging talent (each completely and briefly), in addition to the standard Professions you’ll be able to select from like with any talent. Here is all the pieces you may have to learn about this oft-overlooked talent.

Foraging Fundamentals

stardew valley tree chopping

At its most simple, foraging is simply accumulating assets from across the Valley. This contains the berries, flowers, and different belongings you see on the bottom, like Wild Horseradish and Daffodils. Merely stroll as much as them and press the motion button to select them up.

Nonetheless, what is not as apparent is that foraging additionally contains chopping down timber, particularly with an axe — bombing them would not grant XP. Each of those actions will stage up your Foraging talent, which might be seen within the expertise menu.

Within the early days of the sport, foraging for snacks like berries is usually among the best methods to make sure you can restore your power, in addition to giving you a chance for a little bit of money on the aspect. Most forageables do not promote for any stellar sum of money, however since they’re free to select up, you’d may as effectively.

Expertise Factors

stardew valley tide pools

As with the opposite 4 expertise, Foraging has ten whole ranges. There are a number of other ways to earn XP towards this talent, with every stage requiring extra XP than the earlier stage. Degree 1 requires 100 whole XP, whereas the leap from stage 9 to 10 requires 5,000, that means a complete of 15,000 XP from the begin to stage 10.

Here is the XP achieve for every foraging motion:

Motion Expertise Acquire
Choosing up a forageable off the bottom 7 XP
Chopping a tree down all the way in which (you get the XP when the tree falls) 12 XP
Eradicating the stump from a felled tree 1 XP
Chopping down giant stumps and logs 25 XP
Foraging Spring Onions from the forest 3 XP

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Sure issues won’t grant Foraging XP, together with the next:

  • Forageables picked from bushes
  • Timber felled with bombs as a substitute of an axe
  • Grapes grown as crops from Grape Starters
  • Wild Seed-producing forageables grown in Backyard Pots
  • Harvesting Ginger
  • Gadgets discovered from Artifact Spots
  • Mushrooms harvested from the Farm Cave and by tapping Mushroom Timber
  • Foraged minerals like Quartz and Earth Crystals
  • Forageables dropped by monsters

Ability Degree Rewards

stardew valley skills

As with every Stardew Valley skill, you may earn sure rewards at every Foraging stage, together with some proficiency at utilizing instruments and crafting recipes.

At every stage, you may earn +1 proficiency on your axe, that means it’ll use less energy with every swing.

Listed here are the remainder of the rewards:

Degree Reward(s) Degree Reward(s)
  • Wild Seeds (Spring) Recipe
  • Discipline Snack Recipe
  • Timber can now drop seeds
  • Lightning Rod Recipe
  • Wild Seeds (Fall) Recipe
  • Warp Totem: Seashore Recipe
2 7
  • Wild Seeds (Winter) Recipe
  • Warp Totem: Mountains Recipe
  • Tree Fertilizer Recipe
3 8
  • Warp Totem: Farm Recipe
  • +1 Wild Berry when harvesting
  • Charcoal Kin Recipe
  • Wild Seeds (Summer season) Recipe
  • +1 Wild Berry when harvesting
  • Rain Totem Recipe
  • Cookout Equipment Recipe
  • Selection between Forester and Gatherer
10 Forester at Degree 5: Selection between Lumberjack and Tapper
Gatherer at Degree 5: Selection between Botanist and Tracker


foraging level 5 in stardew valley

Like some other talent, you may be given a choice between two professions at Foraging stage 5: Forester or Gatherer. At Degree 10, there are one other 4 decisions, two should you selected Forester and two should you selected Gatherer. Which talent you select will rely by yourself private choice, however listed here are the small print of every. Here is a talent map for many who choose a visible presentation.

Degree 5: Forester Gatherer
Degree 10: Lumberjack Tapper Botanist Tracker


Forester grants a further 25% extra wooden when chopping, together with timber, stumps, and logs. If you happen to select Forester, you may be given a selection between Lumberjack and Tapper at Degree 10.

Lumberjack makes it so each sort of tree can drop Hardwood. In the meantime, the opposite selection, Tapper provides you a further 25% extra gold for promoting syrups.


Selecting Gatherer at Degree 5 provides a 20% probability of double harvest for foraged gadgets (you get double the XP, too!). Then, at Degree 10, you may be given a selection between Botanist and Tracker.

If you happen to select Botanist, all forageables will be of their highest high quality while you choose them up. Tracker, however, creates small arrows in your display that lead you to each forageables and locations the place you’ll be able to pan for ore.

Any career might be modified for any talent, although, should you aren’t pleased along with your selection or its usefulness runs out for you. Simply head to the Statue of Uncertainty within the Sewers. For 10,000g, you’ll be able to take away your professions for a sure talent, and you will be prompted to select new ones while you fall asleep that evening.

Extra Data: How To Find And Use The Statue Of Uncertainty

Buffs to Foraging

level 2 foraging giving the survival burger recipe in stardew valley

There are certain food items that can grant you a short lived buff to sure expertise. Foraging has a number of, basically including further ranges for a short while. This implies that you could improve your Foraging stage as much as 14. Be aware: at Foraging Degree 12 and 13, you may harvest a most of 4 berries from bushes.

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These are the meals gadgets that can buff your Foraging (in addition to restoring some power and well being):

Dish Buffs Length Well being Restored Vitality Restored
Autumn’s Bounty 7 minutes, 41 seconds 99 220
Pancakes 11 minutes, 11 seconds 40 90
Survival Burger 5 minutes, 35 seconds 56 125
Tropical Curry 5 minutes, 1 second 67 150

Forageable Gadgets

foraging a blackberry in stardew valley

Every season comes with completely different forageables, as do completely different areas. For particular areas for the extra frequent forageables, seek the advice of the official Stardew Valley wiki. Nonetheless, right here we are going to record the forageables by season and clarify a number of the extra particular space forageables.

Be aware: Many forageables might be discovered on the Forest Farm, should you select that specific structure.


In Spring, you may discover Wild Horseradish, Daffodils, Leeks, and Dandelions round city and the outskirt areas. In Cindersap Forest, close to the Sewer grate, you’ll be able to pull up Spring Onions. Morels and Frequent Mushrooms might be plucked from the Secret Woods, and Salmonberry bushes will produce berries from Spring 15 to Spring 18.

Summer season

Within the heat summer time months, you can simply discover Spice Berries, Grapes, and Candy Peas in lots of locations round city and the outskirts of city. Purple Mushrooms and Fiddlehead Ferns will also be discovered within the Secret Woods. Moreover, Summer season is the one season when you will discover Rainbow Shells on the Seashore.


The most typical forageables in Fall which might be discovered round Pelican City and its outskirts are Wild Plums, Hazelnuts (which will also be dropped from Maple Timber after Fall 14 while you shake them), and Blackberries. From Fall 8 to Fall 11, you too can discover Blackberries on bushes. Chanterelles, Frequent Mushrooms, and Purple Mushrooms will also be discovered within the Secret Woods (Frequent Mushrooms will also be discovered within the Forest, Mountains, and Backwoods).


In Winter, there are nonetheless some issues you will discover round city, the mountains, and different outskirts. Crystal Fruits, Crocuses, and Holly are available, and you will discover Snow Yams and Winter Roots by tilling soil. Moreover, Nautilus Shells might be discovered on the Seashore throughout Winter.


Stardew Valley Bus Desert

There are some forageables which might be present in particular locations however usually are not season-locked.

  • On the Seashore, you’ll be able to forage for Clams, Cockles, Mussels, Sea Urchins, Coral, Oysters, and Seaweed.
  • Within the Mines, you may discover Cave Carrots, Purple Mushrooms, and Purple Mushrooms.
  • Within the Calico Desert, you’ll be able to forage for Cactus Fruit and Coconuts.
  • Lastly, on Ginger Island, you can dig up Ginger and you will discover Magma Caps within the Volcano Dungeon. You may additionally discover Coconuts across the island.

Truffles and Sap

Sap shouldn’t be actually put into one of many former classes simply, however is taken into account a foraged merchandise. It drops from timber when they’re chopped down.

Truffles are a little bit of an odd and particular case. They’re form of an animal product, as they’re dug up by pigs in your farm once they’re well-fed and pleased (besides in Winter). Nonetheless, the sport classifies them as mushrooms and grants foraging bonuses for them, that means they’re going to grant XP when picked up, and they’ll all the time be iridium-quality if in case you have the Botanist career and could also be granted double harvest by the Gatherer career.

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