Everquest developer Daybreak game to overcome the magic The Gathering online in 2022

Magic the Gathering’s The longest-running digital adaptation will move to a new developer next year, as management of Magic Online will be transferred to Daybreak Game Company.

While Wizards of the Coast has partnered with other studios for Magic Online in the past, this change will be the biggest change in the game’s nearly 20-year history. The current Magic Online team will be moving from Wizards of the Coast to Daybreak, who also develop and run MMOs like DC Universe Online, Planetside 2 and Everquest.

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Based on blog post announced the transfer, the move from Wizards of the Coast to Daybreak will have minimal disruption. The porting will be slow, taking several months, and will not affect new set releases or in-game events.


Daybreak will spend a lot of effort to modernize Online, by improving both the battlefield view in the game (that is very rudimentary, especially compared to Arena) and backend systems. That being said, the direction Daybreak will go online won’t be fully discussed until the handover is complete in 2022.

Magic Online is the oldest still supported digital version of Magic, offering a nearly complete set of cards and popular formats such as Modern and Command that makes it popular among a lot of veteran players. However, it is much more difficult to access than the main digital game of Wizards Magic the Gathering Arena, has a fiddlier interface and a full secondary market (not technically endorsed) with its own currency called Event Tickets or “tix”.

MTG Online
MTG Online is a lot older than Arena, and it shows.

While Online boasts a much larger pool of cards than Arena, 2021 has had a number of notable cards not included in it at the same time as their paper release. This is especially common among Commander players, where cards from pre-built decks sometimes take months to arrive in the game (e.g. Commander 2021’s Laelia, Blade Reforged not released yet. until Innistrad: Midnight Hunt comes out almost 5 months after launch in print.Part of Daybreak’s goal will be to streamline the process to allow cards like Laelia to appear in Online a lot sooner.

Daybreak has had some history with Magic. In 2011, bacl as it was known as Sony Online Entertainment, it released Magic the Gathering: Tactics, a short-lived turn-based strategy game that closed just three years later. Considering Online is already 20 years after it and is one of the Magic community’s main ways to play games online, it’s unlikely it will suffer the same fate.

The full roadmap for the transfer has yet to be announced, although it is expected to take place in 2022.

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