‘Euphoria’ synopsis: Season 2, Episode 7 – ‘Theater and Its Doubles’

This week Happiness is a predator’s hell but a viewer’s delight. Here’s why.

The episode’s main story involves Lexi’s stage play, her thinly veiled version of herself – and her friends’ high school experiences – that she’s been talking about for weeks. In fact, that veil is so thin that the episode often blends real-life events into Lexi’s version; Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on in Rue & Co’s life. and what’s going on on the auditorium stage.

But does it really matter? After all, everything that happens on this show is enhanced in one way or another, whether it’s through hazy memory or illegal substances or super cool but disconnected visuals. So just sit back like everyone in Lexi’s audience (well, except Nate) and enjoy the madness that is “The Theater and Its Double”.

PLAY IN, PLAY | We head back to Rue’s father’s day at her home, where Lexi finds a grieving teenager inhaling crushed pills in her bedroom. Lexi read her a poem, “Let this darkness be a bell tower” by Rainier Maria Rilke. When the drugs hit, the camera went back… and we realized that we were watching this dramatic scene from Lexi’s play, called it Our life, where Rue is a character named “Jade.” The real Rue – as well as the rest of their social circle – watched from the audience and gradually came to the same perception that Maddy was coming when she whispered, “Wait, this f-king play says about we?! ”

Over the course of the hour, we see Lexi checking the crowd for Fez’s face; she had reserved a seat for him, and he said he would be there. But the show went on, and without Fezco. Bring what? We’ll get to that in a few.

Because of the show! need to! Go! above! And more. And more. There are lots of scenes and lots of elaborate setting in Lexi’s staged roman One clef, I still think it should be a five hour production. Also, what is the landscape budget? I’ve seen Broadway productions that could kill for that school hallway setting.

Anyway, as the show goes on, we’ll reminisce about Lexi and Cassie’s childhood, both happy (the whole family dancing in the living room) and sad (Lexi cried when her dad messed up) that he shouldn’t have sent her and Cassie away to get ice cream, but he did). We see the night that Maddy was at home when her parents broke up, when Cassie comforted her friend as she cried. And we get a good idea of ​​Ethan’s versatility as a performer as he takes on the role of both Lexi’s character’s mother – who sings, palein the audience – and the character is based on Nate.

About that: The portion of the show we see in this episode ends with a grand, highly choreographed, gold-encrusted, and purposely homogenous finish, in which Stage Nate lip-syncs to the song “Holding” Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler while campaigning with the rest of the dramatic soccer team’s jacket-selling members. The scene resonated with almost all of the audience, even though a lot of them were staring at Nate, who was mortified and reeling at the end of the song.

euphoria-recap-season-2-episode-7-cassieEarlier in the episode, we saw someone’s fantasy – Nate’s? Cassie’s? Honestly, I’m not so sure – when Cassie told Nate he can control “what I wear, what I eat, who I talk to… I belong to you and I will never complain. complain, because I believe you know what’s best. And then, Nate thought about Maddy, and then Jules, and threw Cassie on the bed, ripped off her fishnet and put his hand over her face the way Cal did Jules. SO – and I believe this shows the theory I came up with last week – there is a very lucky moment that implies that both Cal and Nate are naked, just now Nate who was lying face down on the motel bed. As Cal leaned toward his son, Nate jerked awake, and Cassie reassured him that it was all a nightmare.

The feeling between the two of them wasn’t light at all as he dashed out of the auditorium and she followed. He shouted that the scene her sister wrote was “homophobic” and told her to pack up and leave his house. “I’m done,” he said coldly, walking away as she watched him go.

WHERE IS FEZ? | Meanwhile, when Lexi isn’t the character, she’s rushing backstage like a tyrant, and that’s a lot of fun. However, where is Fez?

We see him getting ready, and it’s cute that he put so much effort into getting the look right for the event. Fay is dying of her shirt, and everything is going well until her boyfriend, Custer, shows up without warning. Ashtray sees Custer whispering to Fay, realizes something unpleasant is going on, and stabs a knife into his sleeve.

But Fez didn’t know. So he puts on his steaming shirt and sweatshirt (my heart!), grabs a bouquet of flowers (my heart again!) and gets ready for the show.

So what for? We do not know. As a title tag informs us at the end of the hour, this episode is “Continued.”

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the episode? Turn off the sound in the comments!

https://tvline.com/2022/02/20/euphoria-recap-season-2-episode-7-the-theater-and-its-double/ ‘Euphoria’ synopsis: Season 2, Episode 7 – ‘Theater and Its Doubles’

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