‘Euphoria’ Summary: Season 2, Episode 6

Rate the first moments of this week Happiness, you would think that the episode that follows Rue’s descent into hell to pull out heroin and narrowly escape from a drug den would focus on the next steps of the thank God I’ve survived his lack of. year. But it turns out that most of the time is spent on something almost unpleasant: the fallout of the Cassie-Nate-Maddy triangle.

As expected at this point, Nate experiences the episode in unsettling, terrifying, and manipulative ways. But there’s also a moment where something terrible and here before being undressed seems to come to light… and how did this show come to be EVEN in the dark?

Read on for the highlights of “A Thousand Little Trees of Blood”.

RANCHER IS NOT JOLLY | Let’s deal with Rue first. She is alive. She has returned home. But when it comes to cashing its way to her, she sucks; In the first scene we see, she cries and snores all over the table while trying to open a Jolly Rancher. Her mother hopes to put her in rehab as soon as the bed opens. Meanwhile, she cares for her screaming, writhing, almost incapacitated daughter, while Gia cries as she witnesses her sister’s torment.

Rue has mixed feelings about what she yelled at her mother (“I wish I could say I didn’t mean it,” she voiced), but she truly regrets what she did. She said to Ali, “reduce someone’s life to a moment, an ugly moment, and punish them for it. ” So she worked her way out calmly and called him. At first, he was annoyed with her, but when she said her apology, he immediately forgave her. to her and then, to her surprise, quote the Quran: “The hour is bound to come, for which you must forgive graciously.” She sobbed with relief and thanked him. , then turn on another Jolly Rancher.

Finally Ali came to cook dinner for the Bennett women. But after arriving, he jokingly banished Rue and her mother to another room, so he could have time to talk to Gia. He lets her know that it’s completely understandable if she gets angry at Rue, but she insists she’s not. When they all sit down to eat, Rue says she wants to go to rehab, clean up, and make amends with everyone in her life. Gia expressed a little doubt, but her mother quickly turned it off. But Ali was on his brother’s side: After all, Rue had let herself and everyone down many times. Gia asks Ali if Rue can get a clean sheet, with the chances of that happening very small. He says he doesn’t know, but there’s hope – but it’s Rue’s job to figure it out.

Before leaving, Ali told Leslie to “let Rue be Rue and shower that child with love. She is waiting for it. And that night, Gia crawls into Rue’s bed, the sisters talking about how Rue doesn’t really know what’s going on in Gia’s life anymore. In the bedroom down the hall, Leslie received a call that there were no rehab options for Rue right now. “My daughter will kill herself!”

A NEW DAY | The morning after Cal’s big speech is also the morning after Maddy learns that Cassie and Nate are for real, but Nate doesn’t know about the movie: When he’s at work, he doesn’t look at his phone, so he’s happily oblivious to zillion calls and texts from Cassie. And actually, the voice acting for Rue, he feels great, “because, after an 18-year zip line with his dad, Nate finally won.” His mother got pretty excited, too, dancing to En Vogue in the kitchen as she drank, smoked and baked.

He joins her for a mid-morning cocktail, where she advises him, “Whatever you do, don’t marry anyone you met in high school.” They argue about whether Nate is an angry guy or just mad at Cal; Marsha strongly doubts his son’s assertion that all of his vitriols are focused on by Cal. The whole conversation is unsettling, especially when she mentions Maddy – whom she doesn’t like – and admits that she’s proud of Nate as he handles his then-girlfriend when everything explodes in carnival in Part 1. But when she joked that he didn’t have to go as far as to take Maddy’s breath, Nate turned deadly serious, angrily pointing out that the charge had been dropped and seemingly equating it with taking denied anything he did.

And then things get even harder to watch. Marsha mused about how she couldn’t understand how Nate could get so angry, “because you’re such a sweet kid.” She recalls that around the age of eight or nine, he “went from a kind and gentle child” to something much more disturbing. “It was a drastic change,” she points out, saying that sometimes she worries if he has a head injury that she doesn’t know about. “I feel like you’re trying to say something without saying it,” he said menacingly. She said no, and backed away, but the seed was planted: Oh my God, in addition to the emotional and physical abuse, Cal sexually abused Nate as well?

‘I THINK I REALLY WANT TO DATE’ | Maddy is 100% Maddy in her reaction to her best friend and her boyfriend hooking up: plotting to kill Cassie and carrying Cal’s disc in her purse – even though we didn’t know her plans for the accusatory scene. Meanwhile, Cassie raised her voice, shed tears and was very upset to protest her innocence to her mother and sister, both of whom don’t really see things the way they should.

After Samantha comes home while Maddy is babysitting, they drink a bottle of wine together in the pool. Maddy tells her employer everything, and is shocked when Samantha admits she’s been through something similar in college – but she’s Cassie in that situation. Across town, Nate broke into Cal’s desk, found his father’s revolver, and took it with him when he got into the car.

He was waiting for Maddy in the dark in her room when she got home; he didn’t say anything until she changed her clothes and happened to recognize him, and the way this scene makes me cringe with anxiety just remembering it. He pointed a gun at her and demanded a plate. She said she didn’t have it. They curled up in bed and he put the weapon to her temple then his, randomly pulling the trigger a few times until she begged him to stop, sobbing and confessing that The plate is in her purse.

Once the plate was in his hands, he apologized and said that he was just joking, that there was never a bullet in the gun. I’m not sure she can hear him, curled up in a fetal position and crying in bed, but he doesn’t seem to care. He said goodbye and left.

EXCELLENT TOUR | But he didn’t come home. Instead, he called Jules, then texted when she hung up. “It’s about my dad and you. I want you to be able to protect yourself,” he wrote, which piqued her interest. So she pocketed a box cutter and cautiously climbed into his truck.

Nate apologizes for everything he’s done. “You don’t deserve it. I’m trying to protect someone who doesn’t deserve protection,” he said, telling her about Cal’s habit of recording meetings and how his father had broken down and moved out. She clearly didn’t expect this, and after asking a few questions about how many people watched the video, she thanked him. “For what it’s worth, everything I’ve ever said is true,” he said before she left. “It’s the same here,” she replied.

After Jules leaves, he calls Cassie and tells her to pack: She’s coming to stay at his place. So she does.

AROUND SCHOOL | Kat breaks up with Ethan, lies that she has end-stage brain disease and then uses his skepticism about that claim as proof that he’s a terrible person and they shouldn’t be around. together. (Note: UGH, Kat.)… Lexi went to Fezco’s house and they watched Stand by me together, then sing along to the theme song for a bit, then hold hands. Unbeknownst to both, Fay’s boyfriend showed up and told his women he was cooperating with the police, who were investigating Mouse’s death.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the episode? Turn off the sound in the comments!

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