‘Euphoria’ Summary: Season 2, Episode 2 – ‘Out of Touch’

Cassie’s entire “I think I should be single and work for myself” plan hit a psychopath-sized hit this week. Happiness — but that wasn’t Nate Jacobs’ only devastation of the hour.

Before the credits roll ended, Artist Formerly known as Tyler threw (and then completed) Cassie in a straight-out position Serial Killer Announcement AND he managed to put his father in an extortion type situation. Whatever you want to say about the kid, you’ll have to admire his ability to multitask.

Read on for “Out of Touch” highlights.

‘IT IS COMPLETED’ | Rue’s voiceover tells us that Nate is in love with Cassie, “but it’s complicated.” As Maddy and Cassie take him from the New Year’s Eve party to the hospital, we watch Nate fantasize about Cassie – who gets naked on a lot of these fancy flights – and come to the conclusion that he wants to be with her. it for the rest of the time. His life. (Note: Is it just me, or does the montage also include scenes of Jules posing nude?) Cal goes to the hospital to pray for his bloody boy; meanwhile, an upbeat Nate dreams about Cassie being pregnant with their child, and Cal is really, really weird about the whole situation. In fact, as Rue’s voiceover tells us, sometimes Nate wishes Cal would die.

However, all fantasies about Cassie are meaningless: As Rue pointed out, Maddy still has the disc she found in Nate’s room during the Season 1 finale.

euphoria-recap-season-2-episode-2CAL IS IN IT | When his father asked, Nate claimed to not remember who turned his face into a raw hamburger at the party. So Cal visits Lexi and Cassie’s home, where he threatens to involve the police – who will check their cell phones, he cheats – and only thinks about Maddy finding out that Cassie and Nate was texting with Cass singing like a bird. (That text, by the way, in which Cassie says it was “a mistake” for her and Nate to sleep together? was soon followed by a call from Nate, who warned her, “Never write that letter.” back that.”

Then Cal went to Fezco’s store; he carried a gun, but did not take it out of his pocket. Lexi happened to be there at the same time; So did Ashtray and Fay, the heroin addict from the season premiere, who pushed the motel manager off the balcony and slammed into the boys while she lay still. Nothing really happened while Cal was in the convenience store, but it was a VERY tense scene anyway.

While that was happening, Nate drove Cassie to a very creepy housing development construction site to tell her that he really liked her but they couldn’t be together and “we never will.” can talk about this now.” Cassie responded by getting out of the car and running; Does anyone else know at least one girl in high school who’s always stalking/running away from dramatic situations, if for no other reason than to focus on herself? I’m not blaming Cassie; running away from Nate is probably one of the best decisions we’ve seen her make so far. But it looks like she’s doing it to get him to run after her – which he does – and ugh.

She climbed to the second floor of one of the bone houses. Somehow he found her. He kissed her and took off her panties, then dropped to his knees and started looking around but stopped to wonder, “How can I look Maddy in the eye again?” Given that Nate had previously warned Cassie that Maddy would “really kill you” if she found out about their unruly, this move sounds like a head-to-head game in torture, doesn’t it?

NATE HAS GIVEN UP | When Nate got home, Cal was waiting for him. “Do you want to tell me why some punk drug dealers hit you?” Papa Jacobs wondered. Be careful what you want, man. “Do you miss your classmate you love, Jules?” Nate calmly asked his father. He said Jules told Rue, who told Fez, and they threatened to go to the police to say Cal was a pedophile. “So maybe I tried for you,” Nate mused, conveniently removing his Tyler status from this wildly outlandish story.

Cal, confused, apologizes and says he doesn’t know Jules went to school with Nate “or what she is.” Nate says that Jules doesn’t know Cal is filming their encounter, and we see a new panic fill the elderly man’s eyes. “Do you have it, Nate?” he asked just before the hour ended. “Do you have it?”

euphoria-recap-season-2-episode-2HOW TIME IS THIS DOWNLOADING, HOW MUCH? | In Rue-land, we learn that she spent a lot of time with Elliot, the man she came to appreciate in the laundry room on New Year’s Eve. But she hasn’t mentioned him to Jules…which makes things extremely awkward when the trio clash at school. Rue acts so strangely that Jules immediately realizes that Rue has a crush on Elliot; What she doesn’t realize, which surprises Elliot later, is that Rue uses drugs quite often.

Jules then goes bowling with Kat, Ethan, and Maddy. When Rue texted that she wanted to come, Jules ignored it.

That same evening, Rue develops an interest in Elliot and rides his bicycle to her Drug Anonymous meeting. Ali immediately realized she wasn’t awake. “I see you are still on your suicide mission,” he commented. “Let go, for God’s sake,” she shot back, pulling away. He drove her home afterward, spooking her when he announced that he wanted to come in and see her mother. It’s all very intimate, even though Rue is fluttering at a very high frequency when she worries that he will continue to drug her mother. And when her mother asked Ali how Rue was doing, it seemed that Rue’s fear was forming. But he dodged the question a bit, only saying, “She has a long way to go.”

‘LOVE YOURSELF! LOVE YOURSELF!’ | About that bowling night: It was supposed to be a date with Ethan/Kat, and he was unafraid when she invited her friends. But as we learn throughout the episode, Kat realizes that she doesn’t love Ethan, but rather because she hates herself. (Note: The scene where all the influencers etc show up in her room and yell at her “LOVE YOURSELF!” Pretty cool.) Also of interest: All of Kat’s friends think that Her relationship with Ethan is theoretically perfect, and they’re jealous.

euphoria-recap-season-2-episode-2In other news: Maddy is babysitting a boy named Theo, the boy’s mother (do Friday night lights‘Minka Kelly) has a one-of-a-kind wardrobe that Maddy loves to mess around with after the kids go to bed. And from the way the flustered mother put her hand on Maddy after asking for help with a zipper late one evening, you know this is going to get weird quickly.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about the episode? Turn off the sound in the comments!

https://tvline.com/2022/01/16/euphoria-recap-season-2-episode-2-out-of-touch/ ‘Euphoria’ Summary: Season 2, Episode 2 – ‘Out of Touch’

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