Episodes 1 to 10 explained

Dead End: Paranormal Park is now streaming on Netflix! The kids animated series follows two teenagers and a talking dog as they battle demons, zombies, game show hosts, witches, and crushes at a haunted theme park.

Based on Hamish Steele’s horror-comedy graphic novels and web short, comes a series that will surely put you on a thrill ride from beginning to end. Over the course of the season, the trio goes on many adventures that sometimes don’t always end as expected. Overall, it’s an entertaining show full of laughs and fantasy.

If you need a breakdown of what happened in each episode of the season, we’ve provided a comprehensive recap guide for episodes 1 to 10 right below. In the guide, we explain everything you need to know and more!

MAJOR spoilers ahead for Dead End: Paranormal Park


Dead End: Paranormal Park. Alex Brightman as Pugsley in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 1 recap: “The Job”

The opening scene to Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 1 was pretty thrilling! The show opens with a woman running away from a mystery person or some supernatural entity during a storm. She runs into an old-fashioned-looking house to hide, but the mystery being follows. While the mystery being chases her through the house, the woman seemingly makes it to safety in a room.

When the woman looks around the room, she realizes she’s in a room full of glass mirrors. But suddenly, the lights start flickering and an evil woman that looks just like her appears in the glass mirrors. The lights flicker off and then on, and suddenly the evil woman appears in front of the woman. The woman screams and then it cuts to the title card.

The next scene shows two teenagers, Barney and Norma, getting ready for their job interviews at a theme park called Phoenix Parks. As Barney is about to head out of his house, his mom tells him his grandmother will come over later that night. Barney doesn’t look happy about the news, and he asks his mom if she told the grandmother that he’d be there. The mom hesitantly replies that she did, but Barney can tell she’s lying. Then, Barney leaves the house with his dog, Pugsley.

Why doesn’t Barney want to see his grandmother in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

Barney doesn’t specifically say why he doesn’t want to have dinner with his grandmother, but viewers can figure it out based on his conversation with his mother. It looks like Barney’s grandmother doesn’t accept his gender identity as a trans boy. We were really able to figure it out when Barney says, “Did you tell her Barney would be there?” Also, when the mom says, “There’s a lot she doesn’t understand.”

Who is Pauline Phoenix?

Pauline Phoenix runs the theme park Phoenix Parks. She’s also an actress and singer. Based on how Norma reacts when Pauline Phoenix is mentioned and the fact that she knows everything about her, I think it’s safe to say that Norma is a huge fan of hers.

The woman we meet in the opening scene was actually a Pauline impersonator, Jennifer Swan, who worked at Phoenix Parks. When Norma and Barney enter the Dead End haunted house for their job interviews, Norma explains to Barney what happened the night of Jennifer Swan’s disappearance. Apparently, the haunted house was shut down for a year due to the incident and now it’s about to open back up.

What is the real reason for the job interview at Dead End?

Barney and Norma thought they were being interviewed for a position to work at the haunted house, but it was actually a cover-up for something sinister. A demon king named Temeluchus was looking for a body to possess and he chose Barney.

What happens to Pugsley in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

As Barney is about to be possessed by Temeluchus, Pugsley runs and jumps in front of the laser that was about to hit Barney to save him. Sadly, this means the demon king now possesses Pugsley. Then, the possessed Pugsley looks for a throne to claim. He flies away and Barney and Norma go on a mission to find him.

What does Courtney want for helping Temeluchus?

Courtney is a thousand-year-old demon who wants her curse lifted and to go back home. She was promised these things if she brought the demon king a human to possess. Unfortunately, the demon king does not grant her wishes.

How do Barney and Norma stop Temeluchus in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

Norma figures out how to stop the demon king. In order to stop Temeluchus, a photo of him must be taken to capture his soul. Norma learned this from an episode of one of Pauline Phoenix’s TV shows. She got confirmation when she remembered how Temeluchus didn’t want any photos taken.

After several failed attempts at taking photos of the demon king, Barney and Norma try to run away from Temeluchus. While escaping the demon king, they discover Temeluchus hasn’t fully taken over Pugsley. So while Barney distracts Temeluchus by tickling him, Norma takes a photo of him. Pugsley passes out but wakes up seemingly back to his old self.

Do Temeluchus still possess Pugsley?

It’s unclear, but it seems so. Temeluchus is on the photo that Norma captured of Barney and Pugsley, but a part of him is missing. At the very end of the episode, Barney tells Pugsley goodnight and Pugsley replies, which is something he couldn’t do before he was possessed. The episode ends with a freaked-out Barney opening his eyes.

animated shows, Dead End: Paranormal Park

Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Kody Kavitha as Norma, Alex Brightman as Pugsley and Zach Barack as Barney in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 2 recap: “The Tunnel”

The second episode opens with a flashback of Norma as a young girl visiting Phoenix Parks. Norma and her mom are in line to take photos with a mascot named Buster Scruffs, but Norma is scared of the mascot. After the mascot’s head pops off, Norma starts laughing and she realizes she was scared for nothing. Then, it cuts to the episode’s title.

The next scene shows Barney playing around with the now-talking Pugsley. Then, Barney and Norma participate in a new employee initiation at Phoenix Parks. We’re introduced to new characters like Badyah, Logan, and Josh.

They are all employees of Phoenix Parks, and it seems that Barney has a crush on Logan. While Badyah explains what will happen during the tour around the theme park, Pugsley starts talking, but Barney quickly covers his mouth and tells him that he shouldn’t speak in public. Of course, this saddens Pugsley, but he understands.

As everyone goes on the tour, there’s a cut to creepy mascots roaming under-park. Then, the tour ends, and everyone exits the monorail except Pugsley, who gets stuck. The monorail takes Pugsley to the under-park and comes to a halt. Once the doors open, a mascot grabs Pugsley. As the monorail makes its way back to where Barney, Norma, and the other employees are, a mascot exits the train and grabs Josh. Barney and Norma escape to the under-park to get away from the mascot.

Why did the mascot capture Pugsley?

The mascot takes Pugsley to a room with other mascots. Initially, Pugsley thinks the mascots want to eat him and other guests at the park, but then one of the mascots shows him a photo. The photo is of a mascot and a guest smiling. Pugsley realizes that the mascots just want to meet and greet the guests at the park.

Meanwhile, Barney and Norma are searching for Pugsley with help from Courtney. Barney eventually finds Pugsley and sees him loading the mascots on the monorail. They get into an argument that ends with Pugsley entering the monorail along with the mascots. While the mascots roam free at the park, they unintentionally scare the guests. Pugsley then feels bad about letting the mascots out into the park.

Back at the Dead End haunted house, the mascots invade the house while Barney comes to the realization that he was wrong for trying to hide Pugsley away. Norma thinks the mascots are about to harm her, but they show her that they just want to befriend her. Barney and Norma then decide to come up with a plan.

What is Barney and Norma’s plan?

While Barney apologizes to Pugsley, Norma speaks on the intercom at the park. She tells the guests that the daily mascot parade is about to start. Then, Norma plays an old recording of the Phoenix Parks Parade, which makes the mascots line up and walk around the park. After the guests realize that the mascots aren’t trying to harm them, they decide to join the parade.

Later, Barney and Norma talk while they throw the mascots in the washing machine. Norma confronts Barney about him staying in the park overnight.

Why did Barney stay the night at Phoenix Parks?

Barney stayed the night at the theme park because he felt he could truly be himself there. He reveals to Norma that he’s transgender and feels comfortable at Phoenix Parks. Barney tells Norma that everyone at home and school knows he’s transgender, but at Phoenix Parks, he gets to choose whether or not he wants to tell people.

How did the mascots come alive in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

It’s officially confirmed that Temeluchus is still inside Pugsley when Courtney puts a piece of Pugsley’s fur up to Norma’s photo of Barney and Pugsley. As soon as she does this, the photo starts glowing brightly.

According to Courtney, Temeluchus made the mascots come alive. A long time ago, Temeluchus commanded empty suits of armor and somehow made them come alive. So it appears that the demon king did it again but with mascots. With confirmation that the demon king still possesses Pugsley, Courtney has hope that she will soon be able to return home.

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Kody Kavitha as Norma, Alex Brightman as Pugsley, Zach Barack as Barney and Emily Osment as Courtney in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 3 recap: “Trust Me”

The third episode opens with Barney and Pugsley as they do their daily morning routine while living at the Dead End haunted house. Then, it cuts to the episode title.

The next scene shows Courtney searching for a spell book for Pugsley in the Dead End haunted house. Once Courtney finds it, she gives it to Pugsley. She believes that he inherited more than just the ability to walk and talk from Temeluchus.

Courtney believes that he has magic too and can help her get home. Then, Barney enters the room and tells Pugsley and Courtney that they’re about to do team-building exercises on the beach. Meanwhile, Norma is scared to join the rest of the Phoenix Park employees at the beach because of fear of rejection. Eventually, she joins them after a talk with her mom.

Then, a team-building guru arrives on the beach to improve the employees’ teamwork. Everyone goes through several team-building exercises until Norma has an anxiety attack and runs away. Fortunately, Badyah speaks to her and calms her down. They then return to the others. Finally, the team-building guru reveals the last team-building exercise.

How does the last team-building exercise work?

The purpose of the exercise is to seemingly defeat everyone’s fears. According to the team-building guru, when the employees touch a magical skull and reveal their greatest fear to it, they will overcome their fears. However, it ultimately just makes them more fearful.

What is Badyah’s fear in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

When she touches the magical skull, her greatest fear is revealed to be hamsters. She ends up in a fear world where many hamsters crawl up her body. Badyah freaks out and finds herself running on a hamster wheel.

What is Pugsley’s fear?

When Pugsley touches the magical skull, his greatest fear is revealed to be a vacuum trying to suck him up. He ends up in a fear world where he’s running from a huge vacuum chasing after him.

What is Logan’s fear?

When Logan touches the magical skull, his greatest fear is revealed to be stuck in a situation where he can’t charge his laptop. Logan ends up in a fear world where he’s at a cafe doing work on his laptop when it starts to run low on battery. He looks around at the different outlets and sees they’re all being used. Suddenly, his computer shuts off, which causes him to be distressed.

What is Josh’s fear?

It’s unclear what Josh’s fear is because it’s never shown, but it has something to do with his face. He’s conceited when it comes to his appearance, so I’m guessing he had a blemish or something in his fear world.

What is Barney’s fear?

When Barney touches the magical skull, his greatest fear is revealed to be his parents not sticking up for him when people talk badly about his gender identity. Luckily, Norma ends up in Barney’s fear world because she touched the skull at the same time as him. Norma is able to get Barney out of his fear world, and then they begin entering everyone else’s fear worlds to get them out. Sadly, Barney and Norma are only able to get Pugsley and Courtney out of their dreamlike state before the team-building guru takes back the skull.

Who is Harm Many in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

Harm Many is the fake team-building guru that Barney and Norma thought was named Harmony. He’s actually a demon who feeds off people’s fears. Norma then makes a deal with Harm Many. If Norma can get out of her fear world, then Harm Many will let everyone else free from their fear worlds.

At first, Norma struggles to free herself from her fear world, but after Barney’s encouragement, she can break free. In the end, Norma’s fear of the real world was so strong that it broke the skull, which ultimately caused Harm Many to explode. The episode ends with Barney and Norma finding out that Pugsley has another ability other than just walking and talking. Apparently, he can control objects.

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 4 recap: “Night of the Living Kids”

The fourth episode opens with Courtney trying to communicate with Temeluchus through Pugsley while Barney tries to figure out what to text his younger brother for his birthday. Then, Norma shows up at the Dead End haunted house to pick up Barney for their overnight shift at a dinosaur restaurant at the theme park.

After getting the materials they need to chaperone a sleepover party at the dinosaur restaurant, Barney realizes that the party is for his younger brother, Patrick. Scared to face his brother, Barney hides in a costume to avoid him. Meanwhile, Courtney chases after Pugsley to try to take out one of his eyes.

Later, Norma and the kids from the party are watching a Pauline Phoenix horror movie called “The Night Hag.”

What is a Night Hag in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

The Night Hag is described as a demon who once summoned, will steal someone’s sleep and turn them into a sleepless. Once a person becomes a sleepless, they’re basically a servant to the Night Hag. They creep around looking for more victims for the Night Hag. After the kids successfully summon the Night Hag, it goes around turning the kids into sleepless.

Barney, Norma, Pugsley, and a kid manage to lock themselves up in a play area in the restaurant while the possessed kids try to get in. While Barney, his brother, and Pugsley reunite, the kid gets taken by the possessed kids and turns into a sleepless. The possessed kids break through the play area and everyone splits up.

Why did Barney ignore Patrick?

Barney didn’t mean to ignore Patrick. He just wanted to get away from his family as a whole. Barney explains to Patrick that he didn’t like their parents saying they accept him as a trans boy but still allow their grandmother to say mean things to him. Barney tells Patrick that he felt invisible and unprotected by his parents.

Patrick then asks Barney to come home, but Barney tells him he can’t. Suddenly, the Night Hag captures Patrick and Barney manages to save him. But then Barney is turned into a sleepless. While Barney chases after Patrick, we find out that Norma has become a sleepless too.

Patrick finds Pugsley and they team up together. As they run away from the possessed kids, they eventually run into the Night Hag. Then, Courtney shows up and tells them how they can get rid of the Night Hag. Courtney tells Pugsley that he can summon the Day Hag with his new powers, and she should be able to put a stop to the Night Hag.

What is a Day Hag?

The Day Hag is the sister of a Night Hag and also a demon. While the Night Hag roams at night, the Day Hag roams during the day. When Pugsley summons the Day Hag, she appears and talks to the Night Hag. The Day Hag apologizes and has a heart-to-heart conversation with the Night Hag before they decide to continue their discussion elsewhere. Once they leave, Barney, Norma, and the kids return to their normal selves.

Barney and Patrick’s parents show up to take Patrick back home, and Patrick asks Barney if he could at least greet their parents. Barney was about to greet them, but their mother said something that rubbed him the wrong way. Although Barney doesn’t make amends with his parents, he does give his brother a birthday gift that cheers him up.

The episode ends with Pugsley using his powers to open an elevator for Courtney to go home. But as soon as Courtney tries to enter the elevator, a force field throws her right back. Courtney gives up and walks away while Pugsley enters the elevator and looks around. Then, Barney yells Pugsley’s name, and he runs out of the elevator to find Barney.

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Alex Brightman as Pugsley, Zach Barack as Barney and Kody Kavitha as Norma in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 5 recap: “The Nightmare Before Christmas in July”

The fifth episode opens with Phoenix Parks celebrating Christmas in July. Barney hands out presents to Norma, Pugsley, and Courtney, but Courtney isn’t in a good mood. She just wants to go back home, but it seems that she’s stuck in Phoenix Parks for the rest of eternity. Then, Courtney receives a notification from a demon about a game show taking place in the demon world. Obviously, she can’t go, so Pugsley comes up with an idea.

Pugsley tells Barney and Norma that they should participate in the game show to win the grand prize. He believes that if they win the prize and give it to Courtney, it’ll cheer her up. Barney and Norma reluctantly agree and enter the elevator to the demon world.

What is Hox’s Castle in Dead End: Paranormal Park?

Hox’s Castle is a game show in the multi-plane hosted by demonic host Rancibalafloss El Hoxtrot. In order to win the game, the contestants (Barney, Norma, and Pugsley) must compete in a series of impossible challenges with only one lifeline.

The first challenge is to cross a courtyard by hopping on stones. The catch is that if the contestant steps on the wrong stone, flies will begin attacking them. At first, Barney, Norma, and Pugsley are losing the game, but then Pugsley uses his powers to disintegrate the flies. They win the first round and move on to the second round. Back at the Dead End haunted mansion, Courtney and Badyah are watching the game show on the TV.

The second round sees the contestants going up seemingly endless stairs while lightning randomly strikes. But Norma finds out how to win the round fairly quickly. In order to get past the lightning, they must go really slow up the stairs.

Once they beat the round, the game host shows up and pushes Barney down the stairs while lightning strikes him several times. The game host was mad that Barney, Norma, and Pugsley were successfully winning each round, so he tried to make things harder for them. Since Barney was severely hurt, he gets disqualified from the game. But Norma decides to use their only lifeline to revive him.

Then, they enter the third round, where they must defeat a giant crab named Cuddles. Barney, Norma, and Pugsley are losing the round until Pugsley turns into Temeluchus. Once the game show host finds out that Temeluchus is playing the game, he tells Cuddles to throw the challenge.

After Barney, Norma, and Pugsley win the game, they ask for their prize. Since no one has ever won the game before, the game show host has to come up with a random prize. The prize ends up being a mug. They give the mug to Courtney and it cures her homesickness.

The episode ends with Temeluchus’s younger sister finding out that Temeluchus is ruling the neutral plane. Tired of Temeluchus always getting everything before her, she reveals that she will pay Temeluchus a visit.

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 6 recap: “Wait Time, 22 Minutes”

The sixth episode begins with a peek at Pauline Phoenix’s short-lived series Dr. Love, a show where she solved peoples’ love lives with heart transplants. It was canceled after just three episodes.

Despite its brevity, Phoenix Parks has a ride based on the show, though its been shutdown for several years, making it the only ride in the park Norma hasn’t had the chance to ride yet. Not wanting to miss her chance to ride it before she gets spoiled, Norma forces Barney, Pugsley and Courtney to tag along.

Barney is hesitant to embark on the tunnel of love-style ride since it looks pretty foreboding—it’s based on an actual heart with blood rivers and everything. But then he notices Logs in line and decides to tough it out for a chance to spend more time with his crush. As the park’s officer of health and safety Logs is mostly there to test the wait time, which claims the line won’t take longer than 22 minutes.

Norma quickly grows frustrated by the sluggish line, so Logs suggests she use her employee pass to slip into the fast line. She, Pugsley and Courtney take that route instead. Norma soon realizes this line is just bad as the other one, if not worse! It’s not just for employees, it’s for employees and their families.

As Barney grows increasingly nervous hanging out with Logs in the line, he reaches out to his friends for assistance. Surely one of the spells in Pugsley’s spellbook can help him be more suave and impressive to Logs?

Pugsley finds a spell for transference, leading to a humorous few scenes where he takes possession of Barney followed by Courtney then Norma. All of them start bickering over who should possess Barney while a poor, confused Logs tries to keep up with Barney’s quickly-changing personality.

And when Barney isn’t inside his body, his soul is transferred to a place known as the “in-between,” kind of like a purgatory for people who aren’t dead or alive. But if you stay there too long, you get stuck. At one point, Courtney possesses Norma and her soul ends up in the same place.

Barney and Norma find Jennifer Swan (the Pauline Parks impersonator from the opening of the first episode), the missing woman. Norma gets sucked out before she can do anything to help her.  While stuck in the in-between, Barney realizes that he has a bad habit of running away from his problems when he gets scared, mainly regarding his parents and his disappearing act.

He uses his own situation to talk to Jennifer and try to get through to her, though she appears to be stuck in some sort of loop. Doesn’t she have people in the real world looking for her?

Once all the possessions stop and Barney is finally back in line. He apologizes to Logs for being all over the place, admitting he’s nervous about the ride (and his crush). But just before they get the chance to board it, Barney tells Logs he’s sorry but he has to go. A disappointed Logs is left alone, though not for long as Norma finally makes it to the front and hops onboard with him.

Barney confronts his parents elsewhere in the park just as we see Jennifer Swan finally emerge from the in-between!

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Kody Kavitha as Norma, Zach Barack as Barney and Emily Osment as Courtney in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 7 recap: “Norma Khan: Paranormal Detective”

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 7 is all about unraveling the mystery of Pauline Phoenix and the missing Pauline Phoenix impersonators. After discovering Jennifer Swan in the in-between, Norma’s hunt for the truth is back on.

But while Norma is busy sleuthing, Barney has a situation of his own to deal with as he invites his parents (and Patrick) to a saloon at the park for a family sit-down. Things don’t go all that well since Barney has a difficult time discussing what’s bothering him. Tensions rise between Barney and his father until, finally, Barney tells them that he doesn’t feel comfortable at home.

Sure they “accepted” him as trans, but acceptance is the bare minimum for parents. They haven’t made him feel supportive and that became clear when they refused to stand up for Barney during his grandmother’s tirade. Barney’s mom claims it wouldn’t be worthwhile since she’s old and stuck in her ways. Ultimately, Barney refuses to return home until his parents actually make it feel like a home.

Meanwhile, Norma and Badyah get a tip from Vince and go looking at Pauline Experience Museum to find clues about the missing impersonators. There, Norma notices a strange insurance ad starring Pauline that she’s never seen before.

After viewing the hall of Pauline’s four ex-husbands (one of whom is missing because Courtney stole the animatronic for a tea party) they go backstage to chat with several of the impersonators, who all claim up when Norma mentions Jennifer Swan. Norma believes that one of the previous impersonators, Barborah, is the person behind this entire mess.

The trail leads them back to the haunted house where they find Courtney. Courtney was there the night Jennifer disappeared, so they coax her into giving them a recreation of what happened. Courtney ends up pointing out that all the Pauline impersonators go missing, something Norma hadn’t realized until now.

Again, Norma thinks Barborah is the culprit. She and Badyah then find a custodian nearby who tells them that Pauline isn’t who they think she is and points out that the missing impersonators have all returned. Norma notices the faces in the posters are the same impersonators she saw in the dressing room. To top it all off, Jennifer goes onstage at the saloon, so she’s no longer missing either.

It’s only when Barney points out that sometimes the most obvious answer is right in front of you that Norma realizes the “custodian” was actually Barborah all along! The last time they talked to her, she was headed to the museum with an ax for her “shift.”

Barborah has been searching for Pauline’s insurance ad for years and Norma let it slip that it still existed during their conversation. When the group returns to the museum, they find Barborah has destroyed the TV and it’s only when Pugsley enters and starts having a magical reaction that the TV comes back on and bits of the commercial start playing again through the static fuzz.

An ecstatic Barborah believes the insurance commercial will finally prove who Pauline really is. Sensing this disturbance, Pauline’s ghost appears and tries to attack the kids. Barborah defends them as Pugsley gets sucked into the television, followed by Barney who tries to pull him out. Barney also grabs Courtney in the process.

Poor Norma is horrified at how cruel her idol Pauline seems to be. It’s only when Barborah urges her to run that Norma finally bolts and follows her friends inside the television.

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Zach Barack as Barney, Alex Brightman as Pugsley and Kody Kavitha as Norma in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 8 recap: “The Pauline Phoenix Experience”

The eighth episode picks up right after group gets sucked into the television. They find themselves transported through multiple Pauline movies and shows, starting with the black-and-white classic Dead End. Barney and Pugsley manage to wake up and rush through the “fourth wall” to another show, this time a medieval fantasy, followed by a western film and then Pauline’s short-lived medical show Dr. Love.

During Dr. Love, we find out that Norma has been “awake” the entire time. She’s just been playing along so she doesn’t have to return to the real world. Barney chases Norma through several movies, some featuring mermaids, cavemen, astronauts, jazzercise and more, before they wind up back in Dead End.

Norma admits that she’s hiding in this old house (the same one Barney and Pugsley are living in back in the theme park) because if she returns to the real world, she has to admit that Pauline isn’t the person she thought she was and they’ll have to stop her. Barney convinces Norma to return by reminding her that hiding from your demons doesn’t fix things. Plus, Norma has done tons of things that Pauline never has, like defeating a fear demon, stopping zombie mascots and even rewriting the entire Phoenix Parks handbook.

Still, there’s one more thing they need to see before they leave: Pauline’s life insurance ad. We find out that the reason Pauline wanted the footage destroyed is because during filming, Pauline fell off a cliff and died. Her spirit then possessed Barborah and it was all captured on camera.

The gang return to reality, realizing that Pauline died about 30 years ago and has been possessing the Pauline impersonators ever since, using them to stay young forever and keep her career alive. Jennifer was just her latest victim and now that she’s back, Pauline will need a new body.

Revealing Pauline’s plans turns Courtney into a fan. She’s impressed with Pauline’s ingenuity and thinks its hilarious that she conned her “idiot fans.” Of course, Norma overhears this and starts crying, creating a rift between Courtney and the rest. Courtney storms off to mope in her attic room. As much as she likes to pretend she’s big and bad, Courtney obviously does care about her new friends, though she’s not willing to admit it.

Pauline takes advantage of the discord to coax Courtney into helping her. If Courtney assists her in getting a new body, Pauline will let her return home.

Meanwhile, Barney, Norma and Pugsley find themselves thrown out of the park and banned for life.


Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Alex Brightman as Pugsley and Zach Barack as Barney in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 9 recap: “Phantom of the Theme Park”

The penultimate episode of the season is a musical episode! It starts because Pugsley casts a spell accidentally creating a musical after he, Norma and Barney sneak back into the park after being banned.

Pauline is staging an epic comeback concert, meaning an audition process where impersonators get the chance to vie for the top spot as Pauline impersonators go. In reality, the audition is a chance for Pauline to pick her next body.

Norma, Barney and Pugsley plan to have Norma audition, get possessed and then take a photo of her to trap Pauline’s spirit, like they did with Temeluchus in the first episode. Pugsley uses another spell to create an illusion that makes Norma appear as Pauline’s twin. Norma aces her audition and gets invited to meet Pauline, who then possesses her.

Back at the haunted house, Pugsley and Barney get thrown in the dungeons by Josh and Logs on Pauline’s command. But then Barney finally admits to Logs that he likes him and asks him on a date, while also telling him the truth about Pauline. Logs lets them go and he and Barney agree to a date for that Friday. It turns out Logs had been wanting to ask Barney out all summer, too!

In the middle of the park, Pauline prepares for her “comeback concert.” In reality, Courtney is under the stage performing the sealing spell to contain Pauline’s spirit inside Norma’s body. Pugsley and Barney arrive in time to make Courtney stop, telling her that if Pauline needs her help for this, would she really have the power to send Courtney home?

An infuriated Courtney confronts Pauline, who admits she lied. But before Courtney can attack Pauline (who has Norma trapped), Pugsley gets between them and Temeluchus rises to the surface once again. As Pugsley uses more magic, it draws the demon king out and Pugsley is forced to let Temeluchus take control if he hopes to save Norma and eradicate Pauline. Temeluchus easily throws Pauline’s spirit out of Norma’s body and sends her off somewhere.

It coincides with Temeluchus’ sister, Zagan, arriving in the elevator and bringing an army with her. Zagan also frees Courtney from her cuffs, which, as it turns out, were placed on her by angels and not demons. Zagan notes that an enemy of the angels is her friend and lets Courtney go so she can finally return home.

Barney’s parents are in the audience for Pauline’s show and Barney’s mom calls out that Patrick is missing, attracting Zagan’s attention. She turns Barney’s parents and the entire group of people into stone and then asks Temeluchus to take her to the castle.

Barney and Norma are left alone the stage with things looking pretty dang bleak.

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Dead End: Paranormal Park (L to R) Zach Barack as Barney, Emily Osment as Courtney, Alex Brightman as Pugsley and Kody Kavitha as Norma in Dead End: Paranormal Park. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2022

Dead End: Paranormal Park episode 10 recap: “Into the Fire”

Picking up from the scary way things were left at the end of episode 9, the Dead End: Paranormal Park finale sees everyone working together to save the park. Norma and Barney try to navigate the stone statues while hiding from the demon imps with Barney staying behind to find Patrick while Norma returns to the house to search Pugsley’s books for answers on how to stop Zagan and Temeluchus.

Barney’s mission ends pretty quickly when demon imps get to Patrick and take him to the Camelot world as a prize for Zagan and Temeluchus. Meanwhile, at the house, Norma rallies the other park employees to stand up against the demon army. Pauline’s ghost relocates there and Norma tries to get her to understand that the park is her legacy, so she should help them and care what happens to it.

In the demon world down under, Courtney realizes that things there aren’t what she thought they would be. A demon news broadcast also shows that Zagan and Temeluchus have taken over the neutral plane of earth. She realizes she wants to return to her friends.

Zagan is ready to eat people and destroy things but Tem has changed thanks to the tiny part of him that has been inside of Pugsley this whole time. Zagan soon reazlies that Temeluchus is not the same as the demon brother she used to know and seeks to destroy him and take over his conquest.

Then she turns Barney, Patrick and Logs to stone, leaving only Pugsley left to fight off Zagan. Zagan takes Pugsley to the stage and prepares to eviscerate him and set Temeluchus free. But before she can, Courtney saves Pugsley and drops him beneath the stage. She gives Pugsley the original picture of Temeluchus so he can use all of the demon king’s power instead of just a small part.

Pugsley unleashes the full might of Temeluchus, allowing the demon king to turn to his full form (except now it has changed into something more Pugsley-like). Temeluchus and Zagan fight until Temeluchus ultimately breaks Zagan’s arm and throws her away. At the same time, Pauline decides to join the fight and assist Courtney in protecting all the people turned to stone.

Beaten, she retreats with her army back to the elevator and promises their mom will hear about all of this. With Zagan gone, Temeluchus starts zapping things and thinking he’s now in control. But then Courtney dares him to zap Barney and Temeluchus can’t bring himself to do it. He realizes that being in Pugsley has fundamentally changed him. He cares for humans now, just like Courtney.

Temeluchus shrinks back down to normal size, fully leaving Pugsley for good. Does that mean Pugsley won’t be able to talk anymore? I guess we’ll see. He also returns home to the demon world, turning everyone back to normal from stone on his way out.

All the friends are reunited and Barney gets to have a heart-to-heart with his parents. His mom admits that they should have stood up to his grandma and promise she won’t be back until she realizes what she’s done and starts being more respectful. For now, Barney decides to stay at the park, but agrees to Saturday night dinners with his family.

It’s a happy ending for everyone, except Pauline who mopes in the distance and thinks about revenge. But just before the episode ends, an angel appears and zaps her. The angel contacts someone else to say that the demon invasion is over, but “these humans” might be the ones “they’ve been looking for.” Looks like next season will be about angels instead of demons!

Dead End: Paranormal Park is now streaming on Netflix.

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