Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites could prevent us from detecting asteroids and TRAP us on Earth, experts warn

ELON MUSK’S SpaceX has launched several Starlink satellites this year and has another launch scheduled for the end of the month.

Although the satellites aim to provide cheap internet access around the world, some scientists have warned of the possible negative impact of having thousands of satellites in orbit.

This is an artist impression of space debris


This is an artist impression of space debrisCredit: AFP

So far, Musk has only sent a few thousand satellites into space but has plans for about 42,000.

The billionaire and SpaceX CEO has repeatedly defended the technology, especially over concerns about the impact of stargazing.

Here are the main concerns of experts, who worry the Starlink satellite could damage the night sky or even trap us all on Earth.

Destroy the asteroid light spot

Based on a new studyglare from the Starlink satellite is affecting images taken by the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZFT).

Images from ZFT help us detect asteroids.

It is thought that the disruption to its pictures will only increase as more Starlink satellites are added to the sky.

There are many calls to create telescopes to detect asteroids in space so that we can still detect large space rocks without interruption.

Kessler’s syndrome

A catastrophic mess of space debris left behind by satellites could potentially block rockets from leaving Earth, an effect known as “Kessler Syndrome”.

Kessler syndrome is a concept devised by Nasa scientist Donald J. Kessler.

It addresses the idea that a chain reaction that explodes space debris could create so much space junk in Low Earth Orbit that we would be stranded on Earth.

It also means we won’t be using satellites because they will break up in collisions.

The theory is based on the fact that there are already millions of asteroids orbiting Earth, along with all the new man-made items we’re putting up there.

So some experts worry that there could be a collision and a subsequent chain reaction.

Musk’s Starlink satellite isn’t the only cause scientists are worried about Kessler Syndrome.

Amazon founder and Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos is also planning to send thousands of satellites into space.

Chemicals in the atmosphere

Last year, scientists told that large satellite constellations can disrupt the atmosphere.

There is concern that the satellites could add chemicals to the upper atmosphere.

This may cause unknown side effects to the ozone layer.

Ruined our vision

Starlink seems to be affected by this issue the most.

SpaceX tried to solve the problem of their satellite being too bright by adding sunshades to prevent sunlight from reflecting off the satellite’s antenna.

Some The researchers claimone of the 15 light sources we see in the night sky will soon come from satellites.

This can ruin stargazing because some stars and constellations are obscured by additional light.

There is concern that a future in which no human can access the ‘naked night sky’ lies ahead.

Fear of collision

Experts have previously stated that the Starlink satellite is involved in a large number of close encounters between spacecraft.

Musk doesn’t think the satellites are taking up too much orbital space, but China has complained about two near misses of its Tiangong space station.

This is not the only space organization to express concern about collisions with satellites.

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