Elizabeth Henstridge ‘Superman & Lois’ Preview 2 × 07, Clark & ​​Tal-Rho

Because Elizabeth Henstridgedirector’s debut, as a member of The leader’s minionsshe finished the delivery one of tv’s best time loop episodes. And while the second time she was behind the camera, for The CW’s Superman & Lois (airs this Tuesday at 8/7), unrelated to such a well-rounded, heart-wrenching story, it presents its own challenges, which she details in the TVLine Q&A below. .

In the episode “Anti-Hero”, Superman (played by Tyler Hoechlin) – now imprisoned with his brother Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner) – urges Lieutenant Anderson (Ian Bohen) to investigate Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt). , while Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) receives some very unpleasant news. And that’s not half of it, guys.

TVLine spoke to Henstridge – who is currently starring on Apple TV +’s Doubt – about excitedly visiting Smallville, no punches with a brutal war and lessons learned from SHIELD.

TVLINE | How did this specific directional opportunity come to you?
This is my dream show and my dream job, so I’ve been trying to direct an episode for a while. I love the superhero genre and I launched a targeted attack on Berlanti Productions [Laughs]targets a lot of his shows. Superman & Lois at the top of my list, so with [directed] episode of SHIELDI was able to meet the people there and tried my best to meet [showrunner] Todd Helbing. I just love everything he does, I love what he says on the shows he’s on, and I love Superman & Lois, so I basically just talked out of his ear for an hour. I think it was to silence me, he said, “You can direct an episode!

Superman LoisTVLINE | The SHIELD Of course the episode you directed gave you a doozy premise and you, in turn, delivered one of television’s great time loop episodes. What challenges happened in this episode Superman & Lois now?
Thank you! It has one a lot of fighting in it, and lots of wire work, lots of big green screens…. I finished the green screen, but when I walked into this set, I was like “Oh!” I may have been overconfident.

TVLINE | You’re like shooting a fortress and it’s a porous rock and the rest is a blue screen.
Exactly! And the flight scenes are very specific to shoot…. So we basically had the whole act of being a fight, and as an actor, I didn’t fight that much, but I hid a lot and I was around for it. . But it’s very different when you’re in the driver’s seat and 200 people look at you like, “Okay, what do we do? It’s challenging in some ways, but I loved every second of it. They have an incredible team there – Rob Hayter does the stunts and he brilliant, and the CGI team is amazing…. I feel very supported.

And then they shoot in a very specific way, using an anamorphic lens [for a cinematic look and aspect ratio] which I have never turned with before. They have a real identity that I love and cherishbut you have to catch up with that so i don’t spoil my favorite show.

Superman Lois BizarroTVLINE | You talk about all the fights, and on top of that you have Tyler Hoechlin playing two different characters in those scenes. Is he the hardest working man in the show business right now, by what you see?
Oh my God. I think so. I think so. There was a moment where I was like, “Wait, share with me your workweek…” because he had to learn all the fights, from two different sides if Bizarro was there, and he has to learn [alien] language, it’s a completely different beast, and then he has to learn next script while we are filming the current scenario…. That is so amazing, but his work ethic is amazing and he does it all with a big smile on his face. Him and Bitsie [Tulloch, who plays Lois] set a great tone with the show, but was surprised at how hard they were all Work. It’s really, really impressive.

But yeah, its Bizarre/Superman aspect of a fight scene that has, what, five people in it? With CGI, and wire? That’s a lot. It’s a very satisfying puzzle to deconstruct and then piece together and see the edit. I’m so proud of how hard everyone worked.

TVLINE | Do you think that if you were instead hailed from a procedure, you would be thrown by the amount of blue screens, wire work, and so on, or would you rather not pursue a chance on a fitness program? type?
It’s hard to know. The leader’s minions has given me many gifts, and one of them is the knowledge that I love the fight scenes. I love watching them as a viewer and I also love being there while they’re happening. I love stuntmen and hearing how their minds work and how diligent they are in training and creating incredible, character-driven action sequences. I think about what I love Superman & Lois and some other superhero shows you get the best of both worlds – in TV you get to know these characters for hours, hours and hours, so you care about them. and you get very emotional moments. But then you can also do this fight scene with all crazy small items.

Superman Lois 2x07TVLINE | What kind of drama will we get from your episode, both in terms of family and superhero front?
Oh my gosh, we’re gonna break your heart. You need a pack of tissues, and then you also need a pillow to squeeze in and punch and to hide behind. It’s an episode that has everything that I want, and I think we really deliver on all fronts. The acting in it was phenomenal and we brought these really big emotional moments and turning points to a bunch of characters. We also get big, big chains that have a lot of elements to them and we have Bizarro and we get things that I think people will have strong comments about. [Laughs] And we’ll see where some characters come from big affect where the season goes.

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