Elden Ring Spoilers are accessing the Internet after checking the Datamine network

Elden Ring vandals began popping up on the internet following a network data audit in November.

Back in November, a handful of lucky gamers were selected to participate in the Elden Ring’s network test, which essentially acted as a demo for the game. Although that network experiment was long since removed, hackers were still able to gain access to the PS4 version of the test and managed to gain access to the game’s main plot points, characters, and ending content. play.

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As reported by VGC, hackers were able to access the network test with jailbroken PS4s. With these consoles, hackers could run unauthorized copies of the game, including being able to play test the Elden Ring network long after it had been removed. After accessing the test network, the hacker was able to examine that data for scripts, character models, dialogue, and game content.


While we obviously won’t be posting any part of this post, it’s important to note that the reported leaks include more than 3000 lines of dialogue, character models, animation data, and scenarios. dialogue version. This means that data testers have essentially gained access to the entire Elden Ring storyline and are also said to have access to the spoilers of the final game content.

To deal with this leak, Elden Ring’s subreddit has banned any posts containing data-defined content, asking those looking for leaks to take a look and post elsewhere. An announcement posted on the subreddit said, “The sidekick has always been focused on Elden Ring and wanted to celebrate the experience of the game so the developer’s creative vision could shine through. Attacking their demo and intentionally messing with plot points, mechanics, and systems long before they’re ready to launch is not something this sub will support.

“If you want to see such content, by all means, you can find it elsewhere. But please don’t post it, link to it or share it here, and don’t discuss the issues. related to the content are placed data, mechanics, lore points, revelations, etc.”

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