Effective communication at different stages of a relationship

For many men, regardless of age, communication with girls causes difficulties. Eloquence disappears and only attempts to connect words into sentences remain. Therefore, it’s worth starting with a simple correspondence – this method allows you to think over each phrase and not  lose confidence during the first date. Your date will already know your main interests and you’ll be able to avoid awkward pauses by asking leading questions. 

If you’re getting acquainted with Ukraine girls for marriage, you shouldn’t put off your first meeting. The sooner you see the girl, in reality, the better you can appreciate her strengths and weaknesses and move on to a new stage of the relationship sooner.

The formation of an opinion about the opposite sex takes place during the first minutes of the meeting. A good mood, cheerful conversations and light flirting will noticeably revive communication. Try not to use standard phrases, be natural. If you are used to speaking in a business-like tone at work, give it up – simplicity will be perceived much better. 

The ability to listen

The first thing you need to start communicating with is to listen and hear your interlocutor. For the girl to understand that you care about her, it’s worth showing interest in her life. Ask questions, build a dialogue and memorize her answers to be able to use them for further communication.

Often in a conversation, the same phrases are repeated when the interlocutor is trying to make sense of what he heard. If you use this technique, rephrase the sentences. So she will understand that you are not mocking, but simply thinking through the information.
Non-verbal signs play a huge role in communication. Emotional Slavic models can actively gesticulate during the story, so pay attention to her gestures. It is also worth noticing:

  • arms crossed on the chest. They indicate closeness, aloofness from the conversation or unwillingness to continue it;
  • lack of eye contact shows that the interlocutor is not interesting, embarrassment or dissatisfaction is felt;
  • an increase in tone indicates aggression. Maybe the girl dislikes the topic you touched upon, and it’s worth moving to more neutral communication.

If you feel that the conversation is reaching a dead end, ask about the feelings of the new acquaintance. Perhaps the reason for the discomfort is her state of health or urgent matters that had to be postponed for the sake of the meeting.

The ability to speak 

The main rule of effective communication with sexy Ukrainian brides is honesty. Do not mislead your girlfriend from the first minutes of acquaintance. Stay open and try not to hide the basic facts about yourself, so that later it won’t turn into a surprise. 

Try to talk about your feelings. If you are interested in a girl, say so, but do not declare your love from the first minute – it will lead to rejection. 

Think through each phrase before you say it. In a hurry, you can forget about the feelings of the other party, harsh words can hurt. Properly constructed phrases can help maintain a neutral or more intimate communication, and cause mutual interest.

Always maintain respect for the girl. Even during a quarrel, you need to watch the tone and words with which you address your chosen one. An accidentally said phrase can offend and get buried deep in the soul, after which normal communication will be impossible.

Conversation in a relationship

When you are sure that the pretty Ukrainian lady reciprocates and is ready to move on to the next stage of the relationship, you should not refuse to talk. You can discover a new side of each other every day, it helps to strengthen the mental connection.

There’s no need to think up special topics and argue about “eternal things”, it’s enough to talk about simple little things. Everyday affairs, household problems, work – all moments require discussion. It’s worth asking how the girl spent the day, and what plans she has for the next weekend. You should always leave time for communication. No matter how difficult the day at work is, half an hour of conversation with the girl will help you relax and forget about the difficulties. 

Emotionality in the conversation will be a nice bonus to keep the interest of your chosen one. The enthusiasm with which you discuss your hobbies or other topics adds “zest” to the relationship. 

Even in a couple that has been together for a long time, there is still time to get to know each other better. Don’t forget to ask your chosen one what she thinks about this or that occasion. By thinking together, you can come to a common ground and increase your interest in each other. Conversations are never superfluous. They help improve relationships and neutralize conflicts at the earliest stages.

Source: https://romancecompass.com/dating/

Huynh Nguyen

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