Ed Sheeran in Pokemon Go is the worst hybrid

Earlier this year, I wrote a lot about Ariana Grande Fortnite concert, both prior to and after her performance. That has helped make Grande one of my favorite artists, but it’s mostly about the excitement at how the game is evolving. Fortnite’s MLK event is a big one, but at least it’s turning things around. While tech companies talk blandly about the metaverse and seem to only envision a future where it is used for meetings and marketing, the game is making the metaverse happen. Grande concerts are live music that you can actively participate in. While not quite the same as watching someone live, it is significantly better than just watching a live recording. I don’t quite think Fortnite is ready to showcase an artist of Grande’s caliber and the ideas seem a bit unfinished, but I can respect the effort. Ed Sheeran’s coming Pokemon Go However, the concert looked terrible.

Maybe I’m being harsh. I’m willing to get excited for Ariana Grande in part because it’s Ariana Grande. My three favorite Ed Sheeran songs are End Game, Everything Has Changed and Run – all of which he covers in a Taylor Swift track, which will tell you a little about where my allegiance lies where. But that’s not all. With Fortnite, we tried to bring music and gameplay together in a new and unique way. Maybe it’s the future, maybe not, but at least it’s something. This Ed Sheeran concert in Pokemon To go? Nothing.

Related: Pokemon Go is outdatedHow I feel about Sheeran has almost nothing to do with it. Sure, whether it’s Grande or Swift, I’d be excited to spend my money watching those two wait for the bus. But I like Sheeran as much as I like Post Malone, and I think Post Malone’s Pokemon… whatever it was earlier this year was awesome. Ed Sheeran will open the envelope if you invite him. This man has more acting credits than he has a studio album, and it’s not like he made Lady Gaga move into layered movie roles – I’m talking cameos in every everything from Game of Thrones to The Simpsons, from Red Announcement to Yesterday. Most of the time he just plays alone, not even really trying.

Ed Sheeran Pokemon Go

Likewise, this Pokemon Go crossover looks like it’s not really trying either. I love Pokemon Go, and it amazes me how often gaming in general dismisses it – no other AR game comes close to its standards, not even those that came out later and have an original design. design to operate. Harry Potter, one of the few franchises that can match Pokemon, has tried and failed with its own version of Pokemon Go. PoGo is the game of the century, I already explained that. The game is great – but this feels lazy.

While Ariana Grande in Fortnite is a concert that builds on Grande’s career and tries to put audiences in the spotlight of it all, Pokemon Go’s Ed Sheeran appears to be just another Ed Sheeran video. It’s particularly unclear if this will be in the form of a virtual avatar or just a live action recording of him playing guitar with a bunch of virtual Pokemon around him. Unlike the Grande x Fortnite crossover, the Sheeran x Go seems like a half-baked add-on. As part of the game press, I saw a press release about it, but as a Pokemon Go player all I got was a message asking me to visit the ‘blog’ to Find out more. It’s not even listed in the game’s News section right now.

I’m sure it will be updated later, because that’s also where the performance will be – the news section. Not a natural event you encounter as you play, not a natural part of the map, not even an unlockable challenge to complete research in a limited time. Just pause the game, go to News – something no Pokemon Go player does very often – and then see it as the crossover point.

Ariana Grande 3

It annoys me because I love music, I love games, and I love when they come together… right now, more than I do. That’s why The Artful Escape is one of my favorite games of the year. That’s why I love that Ariana Grande Fortnite concert is not just “oh look, Ariana Grande, I like her”. That’s why I like Guardians of the Galaxy so much. Pokemon Go has the money to do this right. It doesn’t have to be a spectacular Fortnite, but it can be better than this, for sure.

That’s before we even get into the Pokemon involved. Squirtle is Sheeran’s favorite, like… well. It’s not my Kanto pick but I can live with it. But all other Pokemon features are Other Country starters. You can’t be a ginger guy with songs about weeds and never pick a fire or a blade of grass to start with. You just can’t, I’m sure it’s in the Pokemon Gold manual somewhere.

Ed Sheeran in Pokemon Go would never get me this excited, because I just don’t like Ed Sheeran. But the apparent lack of effort and innovation in the process just makes me wonder who this is for. I feel the same way whenever Sheeran has one of his breakout cameos. He must have a goddamn agent.

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