Each ribbon and amulet position in Final Fantasy 13

Here’s where to find some of Final Fantasy 13’s most iconic accessories.


There are many accessories in Final Fantasy 13 and each increases the character’s stats in a specific way. Two of Final Fantasy 13’s best accessories are the Ribbon and the Amulet.

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Ribbons, one of Final Fantasy’s most famous accessories, increase the character’s resiliency. Meanwhile, the Amulet acts as an Auto buff, automatically casting spells or casting a skill when at a certain percentage of health.

How to find every ribbon in Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13 Chocobo and Sazh
Name Characteristic Store Purchase price Synthesized words Requires catalyst Treasure Ball Hunting Quest
Ribbon Recovery ability +20 percent The Archylte steppe
Super Ribbons Resilience: +25 percent Ribbon Dark matter

Location of Treasure Sphere

  • Ribbon: Ribbons can only be found with Dig treasure with Chocobo on Archylte Steppe. These treasures are random, so keep trying until you get your prize!

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How to find all the Amulets in Final Fantasy 13

Vanille in Final Fantasy 13 represents Saboteur Paradigm
Name Characteristic Store Purchase price Synthesized words Requires catalyst Treasure Ball Hunting Quest
Amulet Important: Protection Magic moments 3,000 gil Palumpolum, Nautilus
Auric Amulet Important: Shell Magic moments 3,000 gil The low peak, the fifth keg of beer
Watchman’s Amulet Important: The veil Magic moments 3,000 gil Gapra Whitewood, Yaschas Massif
Hero’s Amulet Important: Courage Magic moments 3,000 gil Fifth keg of beer
Saint’s Amulet Crucial: Belief Magic moments 3,000 gil The Fifth Ark, Mah’Habara
Zealot’s Amulet Important: Watch out Magic moments 3,000 gil The Faultwarrens 40
Flamebane Brooch Important: Fire Magic moments 3,000 gil Oerba
Frostbane Brooch Crucial: Barfrost Magic moments 3,000 gil Taejin Tower
Sparkbane Brooch Critical: Barthunder Magic moments 3,000 gil Taejin Tower
Aquabane Brooch Important: Barwater Magic moments 3,000 gil Spring Sulyya
Hermes slippers Important: Hurry 34
Tetradic crown Important: Tetradefense Orphan’s Cradle
Shield Talisman Automatic protection Amulet Perovskite
Soulfont Talisman Auto-Shell Auric Amulet Perovskite
Burial of Talisman Auto-Veil Watchman’s Amulet Perovskite
Morale Talisman Auto Brave Hero’s Amulet Perovskite
Amulet Automatic trust Saint’s Amulet Perovskite
Battle Talisman Automatic alert Zealot’s Amulet Perovskite
Flameshield earrings Auto-Barfire Flamebane Brooch Perovskite
Frostshield earrings Auto-Barfrost Frostbane Brooch Perovskite
Sparkshield Earrings Auto-Barthunder Sparkbane Brooch Perovskite
Aquashield Earrings Auto-Barwater Aquabane Brooch Perovskite
Sprint shoes Auto Fast Hermes slippers Perovskite
Tetradic Tiara Auto-Tetradefense Tetradic crown Scarletite


Location of Treasure Sphere

  • Auric Amulet: Immediately before the second save point In the Chapter 4 Scrap Area, Find the U-shaped detour to your right. Take extra time to explore it and you will be rewarded with Auric Amulet.
  • Watchman’s Amulet: In the area of ​​Environmental Regulation of Chapter 5,explore the west before taking the narrow path north to find a treasure orb.
  • Amulet: After the party switched from Lightning and Fang to Snow and Hope in Chapter 7, the treasure ball was near the second save point.
  • Amulet: After the winding road through the Shopping Center in Chapter 8, check your right for an Amulet. Hero Amulet: After passing through the large room outside the second save point in Chapter 10, look to the right as you follow the narrow path north. The treasure ball is in the first small room.
  • Saint’s Amulet: After the third save point in Chapter 10, you will enter a large room. After the scripted encounter, check the northwest corner for a treasure ball.
  • Auric Amulet: Upon entering the large room at the beginning of Chapter 10’s Inner Conduit, Turn right immediately and check the corner for a treasure ball.
  • Watchman’s Amulet: After reaching the second stop at Yaschas Massif, head straight north. When the curve turns to your right, keep going straight to find the treasure ball.
  • Saint’s Amulet: As you near the end of Mah’Habara, a treasure ball will be on the main road contains Saint’s Amulet.
  • Aquabane Brooch: In the Subterranean Lake area of ​​Sulyya Stream, an island to the right of the main road contains several treasure orbs, including Aquabane Brooch.
  • Sparkbane Brooch: Search the treasure ball in Southwest area of ​​the ground floor of Taejin Tower.
  • Frostbane Brooch: Test the westernmost part of the great circular area in the Cloven Spire at Taejin Tower to get two Frostbane Brooches. The fastest way is through the central platform, but getting there will trigger a boss fight so get ready.
  • Flamebane Brooch: After passing through Oerba Village and entering the Rust-Eaten Bridge, turn left immediately to find a Flamebane Brooch.
  • Tetradic crown: After reconfiguring the platforms in the Cube for the first time in Chapter 13, north to find the Tetradic Crown.
  • Zealot’s Amulet: In Faultwarrens, go left at every opportunity and you find Zealot’s Amulet in the Via Lunae area.

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