Each new Warframe expansion takes the game further away from its name

What could be better than a cybernetic ninja with magical powers? Is not. That’s it – it’s the epitome of coolness. It covers all your bases of sci-fi, fantasy and ninja. That’s why WarframeIts iconic Warframe is the premise and center of all the promotional material for each of the game’s expansions and why Warframe as a game has been so successful.

But things are changing in Warframe. The latest expansion, New War, is the climactic conclusion to the biggest narrative threads that weave Warframe’s story, from Second Dream to The War in the Ring. It brings together all the legends, it hits every location added, and it answers many questions that have remained unanswered for years. But strangely, it has little to do with the actual Warframe.

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I’ll try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible, but there’s no way to discuss the subject and keep everything about The New War a surprise. If you are a new player and do not want The New War to be spoiled, it is best to skip the next few paragraphs.

New War 1
through Digital Extremes

If you’ve played through The New War, you’ll know that you’ll first take control of some non-player characters to understand what the arrival of the Sentiens did to the Origins System. Controlling Kahl and Veso is an abrupt deceleration from Warframe’s usual lightning-fast gameplay, and although Teshin Dax has some of the Warframe’s martial prowess, he can’t even mimic the ability. Warframe slowest movement.

Then, The New War takes you on a space adventure where your chosen Warframe is largely unimportant. And then your Warframes are completely taken away in 2/3 of the expansion and only returned after a simple cutscene announces their return. Even the climactic final battle doesn’t really have your Warframe as something other than just a vessel for the player character to jump in and out of to avoid death.

That’s not to say The New War is bad. On the contrary, it was both a nice change of pace from Warframe’s heavy open-world expansion and also a narrative tour that proved that developer Digital Extremes can still tell a story. more traditional single player. But it’s not an actual expansion using the 48 Warframes the game has produced so far.

New War 2
through Digital Extremes

That’s a bit weird? Yes, yes and no. On the other hand, most of Warframe still revolves around Warframe. You still do most of the missions while controlling a Warframe, you still spend most of your time buying more Warframes or weapons, companions, mods or cosmetics used by Warframe, and the thing you stare at most of all. the time in the lander is still your choice of War Frame.

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However, there’s been a bit of a trend in recent years to add more and more non-Warframe content to Warframe. It starts with Operator in Second Dream, ostensibly a “real” player character who lives in a Warframe using a space-based teleportation ability called Transference, but frequently appears to fire explosions out of nowhere. into whatever the bad guys need their face for. And then Railjack, in which squads of up to four Tenno Crew Spaceships and engage in massive space battles that sometimes involve repelling boarding parties using your Warframe, but more often than not. that’s handled by your NPC crew. And then, Heart of Deimos added Necramech, like the polar opposite of Warframe: a slow and annoying tank that can barely march up steep inclines let alone bullets that can jump off walls.

New War 3
through Digital Extremes

Are there any of these non-Warframes? No, but they’re not Warframes. They’re not the coolest thing in the known universe. They add a fun flavor, they can be a fun game for a while, but there’s nothing in the world more awesome than a magical space ninja. And no amount of story-driven, single-player, narrative-focused expansion is going to change that.

I really enjoyed The New War. It’s fun, it covers many of Warframe’s dangling plot themes, and it seems to set the stage for some very exciting new directions for this eight-year-old game. But I really hope that the next expansion, whenever or wherever it may be, brings Warframe back as the best way to play the game. After all, nothing is better.

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