Doom can now be played by the mouse

They can move and can shoot, but they can’t get past the first level of Doom 2.

Doom Rats - through means

Death maybe play on a lot of things. You can play it on graphing calculators, ATMs, office phones, digital cameras, toasters, pianos, pregnancy test, and even offered by a potato. However, this is the first time we’ve heard of Doom being played by a mouse.

Neuroengineer Viktor Tot has created a complex machine to catch mice playing Doom 2. You can read the full details on Medium (via PC Gamers) where he publishes his full report, but the gist of it is that the rat is suspended from a polystyrene ball using a tiny sweater. Then the mouse running on the ball will activate the sensors that move the character in the game. A rig right in front of the mouse allows it to shoot and also rewards it with food and water while playing the game.

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In addition, in front of the mouse is a giant curved screen to play, from the mouse’s point of view, it’s like playing in an iMax theater.

The whole thing was created with a 3D printer and things Tot bought on Amazon, so if you have a pet rat you want to train, you can even make your own.

Perhaps the best part of the story is the name of each mouse, which is Romero, Carmack, and Tom. “Romero is fearless (like thrill-seeking) and loves grapes. Carmack is an architect who actually builds around its house, keeping it tidy; he likes bananas. Tom starts off shy, but has the most surprises in terms of academic performance. ”

At this point, you may be correctly wondering: why a mouse? Well, it’s not just for continuing the meme. Tot hopes that his work will allow other scientists to develop cheap training programs for other mice in virtual environments.

“A mouse, stationary relative to the setup, can exhibit a variety of behaviors, which are simultaneously recorded by a neural interface,” Tot wrote. “Therefore, motion and complex in-game actions can be correlated with neural activity in a more vivid, but natural, virtual set of experiments, such as in maze settings.” simple. ”

In addition, they Super cute wear tiny sweaters.

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