Dolls Season 2 Review: Kat Dennings’ Hulu Comedy Returns When We Need It

There are so many ways to deal with the pandemic that there are still people trying to do so. TV shows are no exception. Several series putting issues first and foremost: Grey’s Anatomy and This is us rush in with the usual sense of pompous amusement, while Supermarket found the world’s weary big cannery workers on the front lines. Others completely question the pandemic because it wouldn’t fit into the show’s inherently specific world (Riverdale can’t put a musical in quarantine, come on) or because they can read quickly explaining the pandemic is over.

So it’s no surprise that Hulu’s Doll face – like And just like thatMr. Mayorand Friend before – quickly jump to the other side of the pandemic in the newly released season 2. Following Jules (Kat Dennings), the successful reconnection of college friends after a breakup makes her realize herself. abandoned them for a man, Doll face is a program that thrives on a social context. And, after a brief lip-lock together and a Zoom call between the four best friends kicking off the new season, this quartet reunited in person and hit (if you can believe it) a massive 30-year-old party. Under 30 in Los Angeles.

Doll face cannot keep up with the current of the omicron, this is to be expected. Whether the shows focus on the plot of the pandemic or not, they almost always feel out of touch with the ever-changing realities of life under COVID-19. They just can’t keep up with the memes or the everyday choices we have to make around the occasional hanging, let alone the new variations and pressing sadness that accompanies the coronavirus. There’s always been some sense of TV shows reflecting an alternate reality from the movie we’re in. It’s weird to watch the second season of the Jordan Weiss series tackle the conspiracies surrounding planning vacations in Europe or going to bars without a mask, but then again, as it spins. in the summer of 2021, such things are not only possible but almost normal.

Dollface's four friends at a bar opening

Photo: Jessica Brooks / Hulu

Like everyone else entering the next phase of the pandemic, Jules and friends are re-evaluating their place in life and it feels like a worthwhile step toward self-actualization. Of course, there is insecurity that comes with the next step – whether it’s Brenda Strong’s Madison being unexpectedly fired from her senior job, navigating a new level of professionalism (Shay Mitchell’s Stella), or Izzie (Esther Povitsky) and her boyfriend. worry is out of her league.

Though their lives are a bit alien even in a post-vax world, their circumstances feel far more compelling than their own. just about Jules and Madison staring at their 30th birthday and wondering how to make life better. The pandemic has left us all with dramatically improved projectors, and Doll face managed to capture the ups and downs of that.

Sometimes that happens as big changes to what we want our lives to look like. But it’s also neatly summed up by Madison summoning her friends to clean out their closets: “Our style should start to reflect whatever new direction we want to go in life. his life. That and I just bought a bunch of new stuff needed to make room. “

Madison and Stella go back to doing Charlie's Angels pose as they clear out their closets in a still photo from Dollface

Photo: Jessica Brooks / Hulu

That way, Weiss and Doll face The writers managed to capture the spirit of the now while also having a little fun in the world. Cruising through their peaks and valleys is less an exercise in intense friction than a (mostly) controlled glide. Doll face tend to let the power of friendship overcome nearly any barrier. But it’s smart that relationships are both indispensable to getting through the world and something you have to work for.

Some of these storylines work better than others – part 2 of Dollhouse is a slightly more conventional sitcom than season 1, thanks in part to the romantic plot packed around all the friendships this season; the result is something where resolution sometimes comes too easily. At the same time, the magical realism that Jules filters the world through is finally more naturally integrated into both the film and the characters.

For any malfunction contained in Doll faceof the matrix, when it ends, it feels gone too soon. After almost two years of virtual outings and improvement projects (home, self, crafts, houseplants, etc.), it was nice to stop in the exciting, post-pandemic world of Doll face close friendship. It finally looks like a post-pandemic world to look forward to.

Both seasons of Doll face Now streaming in its entirety on Hulu.

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