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Adding a dog to the family is always a big event. After thoroughly reading all available information, you’ve brought home the furry bundle of your dreams and now comes the worst. Education! How do you get the dog to listen to you? Avoid fatal mistakes from the start.

You have carefully selected the breed, but your four-legged mazel has an oak head and is not listening? It is quite possible that it is less due to the wrong choice of breed and more to faults in training. What should you never do when trying to raise and train a dog? Come and see the fatal mistakes that make a dog disobedient and not a good companion.

The most common mistakes in education

What are the most common mistakes that owners make when raising and training dogs, and most importantly, how to correct mistakes? Watch the video:

Remember, as the owner, you decide what your dog can do and you guide your training based on that.

Don’t punish him!

Would you like to raise an obedient dog out of him with the power of Mermo? But choose the right direction. Don’t go down the path of punishment, let alone physical ones. You could easily turn a loveable animal into a mentally unstable and unpredictable animal.

Instead, go the reward route. Enter the right time and think about how to reward the dog. Treats are a great form, but remember, if your dog’s correct response is always rewarded with a treat, the moment you don’t have it in hand, the dog may not come. Simply put, vary the form of the reward.

The Choda dog belongs to breeds devoted to their family.

Do not overload the dog with training and do not punish failure.
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Don’t expect miracles

First, it’s good to be clear about what breed you’ve bought and work with it accordingly. Don’t ask your dog what is unnatural to him. It’s clear that agility suits a Collie better than a St. Bernard, and raising guard dogs out of a Bichon is difficult. At the same time, you should not overwhelm the dog with commands. Remember that a dog is like a small child whose attention span is not unlimited. Dose the training time sensibly and plan regular breaks. Be patient. Your Mazel doesn’t have to learn new tricks right away. Sometimes it takes longer.

First, remember the commands

If there are several members in the household, it is definitely a good idea to first sit down and clarify which commands you want to teach your four-legged friend. There’s nothing worse than yelling at your dog differently every time and getting upset that he’s not listening to you.

If he wants to sleep with you in bed, he shows that you are the closest thing to him

If you allow the dog to do something once, don’t be angry with him if you want it differently the next time.
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Man up

At the same time, be persistent about what you want from the dog, or conversely, what you don’t want to allow him. A classic example is sleeping on a couch or bed. Once you relax your nerves when the furry ball gives you that irresistible dog look and you exceptionally let the pup go to a forbidden place, you’ll think you’ve already lost that battle. Once you allow the dog a ban, it will try to see if it doesn’t repeatedly get an exception.

Dog, mess, despair

Don’t let your dog enter over your head. You decide how it behaves through training.
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listen to him

A common mistake that leads to disobedience in dogs is not respecting their current mood, but respecting your own as well. Not every day is sunny and not always in the mood to practice new commands. Also, consider inclement weather, dog hunger, and other ailments.

If you are also not in a good mood, too tired, something did not work out at work, something went wrong, it is better to devote your time together to lighter activities than sports. It’s easy to transfer your frustration onto your dog and take your bad mood out on him.



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