Does the Rise of the Online Bingo Industry Suggest that it’s Time for Innuendo Bingo to go Global?

The online bingo industry has blown up massively in recent years, and the legendary pastime is now more popular than ever.

Because bingo has had a widespread influence in the west, it has always led to related entertainment offerings. Innuendo Bingo is a unique concept that takes inspiration from bingo, and it first appeared on BBC Radio One.

Now, with online bingo interest increasing every year, it may be the perfect time to turn this idea into a television series.

The online Bingo Industry is Booming in 2022

There was a point in time when bingo looked like it was going to fade away, but it has well and truly returned from the ashes online. Now, the game is attracting a diverse range of people thanks to how accessible it is.

For instance, the free bingo at Paddy Power for six hours every day gives players the chance to get the hang of the game and then decide if they want to invest their own money. There are also Happy Hour games where players have the chance to win bigger cash prizes than usual.

The online bingo industry is alluring a much broader demographic than what came during the golden age of land-based bingo. This is thanks to the varied rooms available, along with bingo-related games like Slingo. There’s a strong chance that all these newfound bingo fans will be looking for other twists on the format throughout the entertainment industry.

What is Innuendo Bingo?

Innuendo Bingo is a concept that was introduced by Scott Mills on BBC Radio One in the UK. His hugely popular radio show has a vast number of followers in Britain but also gets attention in the USA thanks to the regular inclusion of American celebrities. The likes of Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Hugh Jackman have all appeared. These stars, and several other big names, have also taken part in Innuendo Bingo through the years.

The aim of the game is that two people sit opposite each other and take a sip of water. They then listen to clips of people saying things that could be interpreted in a non-PC way. If the contestants start laughing, they end up spitting water on each other.

Streaming services are always looking for the next big thing to bring to the screen, and there is a chance that this concept could take off as a game show. Netflix could be the ideal place for a series, as it tends to offer up shows with fresh ideas. A prime example of that was the recent release of Is It Cake?, a show that was referred to as highly binge-worthy by Esquire.

Innuendo Bingo was one of the best segments during Scott Mills’ time on Radio One. With bingo now more popular than ever, it would be a great time to adapt this idea into a television series. It could be made into a game show format, with new elements introduced.

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