Does Sophie die in the School of Good and Evil? (Spoiler)

The wait is over. Finally everyone can watch The School of Good and Evil on Netflix! It’s about two unlikely best friends, Sophie and Agatha, who fall out after being taken to an enchanted school that trains future fairytale heroes and villains. But Sophie appeared to be badly injured at one point in the film. Does Sophie meet her end? Find out below!

spoilers off The School of Good and Evil ahead.

Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) has always dreamed of leaving her miserable life in Gavaldon behind and becoming a princess. When Mrs. Deauville tells her that there is a magic school called the School for Good and Evil, she sees it as an opportunity. But Sophie’s best friend Agatha (Sofia Wylie) loves her friend dearly and would rather live a simple life with her than venture out of Gavaldon. One night under a crimson moon, Sophie and Agatha are picked up by a giant bird that takes them to the School of Good and Evil. But when they arrive at the magic school, something goes wrong. Sophie is dropped off at the School for Evil and Agatha is dropped off at the School for Good.

Throughout the film, Sophie encounters Rafal, the former ruler of the School of Evil. He was believed to have disappeared after his epic battle with his brother Rhian many years ago. As Sophie tries to find a way into the School for Good, Rafal convinces her to stop being nice and instead do whatever she wants to get her way. He even uses it on Agatha, giving her blood magic. However, we later find out that Rafal had disguised himself as Rhian (the schoolmaster) to hide his true intention of destroying the balance between good and evil from within.

At the end of the film, Rafal reveals to Sophie that he put her in magic school because he believes that she is his true love, and with an evil kiss they will be able to open and close the gates of Never After to rule. Sophie accepts the evil kiss and then both schools begin to collapse, with every person dying within their walls. Sophie is shocked by what is happening and realizes she has been duped by Rafal. Suddenly, Agatha seems to stop Rafal and Rafal tries to kill her by ordering the Storian to attack her. But then Sophie jumps to protect Agatha and gets stabbed in the chest with the magic pen. Will Sophie survive her injuries?

Does Sophie die in the School of Good and Evil?

Fortunately, Sophie doesn’t die in the film. Once Sophie is wounded by the Storian, she falls to the ground and removes the pin from her chest. While Rafal panics because both schools are restored and the students and faculty have been brought back to life, Agatha cradles Sophie in her arms. Tedros then appears and tries to defeat Rafal with Excalibur but fails. When Rafal is about to kill Tedros, Sophie orders the sword to go to Agatha and Agatha stabs Rafal, eventually killing him.

Agatha then runs to Sophie and they share an intimate moment before Sophie closes her eyes. Agatha panics and tries to get Sophie to wake up, but her eyes remain closed. Then Agatha kisses Sophie. As Agatha lays her head on Sophie’s chest, she notices that Sophie’s heart is beating again and the blood on her dress has dried. Suddenly, Sophie wakes up and tells Agatha it’s time for her to go home.

The true kiss of love between the two friends has awakened and saved Sophie. It also frees Agatha and Sophie and opens a portal back to Gavaldon.

The School of Good and Evil only streams on Netflix now. Does Sophie die in the School of Good and Evil? (Spoiler)


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