Does Hopper die in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2? (Spoiler)

stranger things Season 4 is now streaming in full on Netflix, giving viewers the opportunity to watch the full season for the first time.

There were many questions about the final episodes of the season, but the burning question in the minds of all fans was who might survive and who might die in the final episodes of the season. After all, the only deaths leading up to the two episodes were new characters just introduced this season that audiences hadn’t really gotten to know before their untimely demises.

One of the characters fans worried about the most was Hopper, who we thought we lost in Season 3 after the lab explosion, only to find out later that he survived. Sure, he avoided death in Season 3, but the growing concern was whether his luck might finally run out as Season 4 draws to a close.

So did the final episodes of the season mark Hopper’s final farewell?

Attention: At this point it gets spoilery. If you want to avoid spoilers of any kind, you should leave us here.

Does Hopper die in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

Although Hopper finds himself in a number of dangerous situations again this season, he doesn’t die from it stranger things Season 4. Although he has a few close calls.

At the beginning of the season we find Hopper in Russia and realize that he was captured by the Russians after the lab explosion in the Season 3 finale. Ever since his capture, Hopper had hatched a plan to escape, hoping to return to those he left behind.

With the help of one of the jailers, Hopper was able to get Joyce a message about raising money from an account he had set up for Eleven and meeting a contact in Alaska. He did manage to get the letter to Joyce and put the plan into action, but that was only part of the plan. To make it to Joyce, he first had to break out of prison, which involved a detailed and risky plan.

How does Hopper escape from Russian prison?

First exposure to danger came when Hopper attempted to escape from prison. After bribing a fellow inmate to smash his ankle so he can slip out of his bonds, Hopper must wait for the right moment to put his plan into action.

One day, while working on laying railroad tracks, Hopper decides to take his chance and takes a break. After his work hammer breaks, he is taken to a shed with a guard to get a replacement. Just then, Hopper attacks the guard to take him out.

Unfortunately, a second guard shows up and a fight ensues. Hopper can use his chains to his advantage, but the guard can fire his gun while fighting Hopper, drawing the attention of the other guards. Hopper quickly kills the guard by jumping over the table and using the chains to seemingly break the guard’s neck, but dozens of other guards close in on him.

Just when it looks like Hopper is finished, he escapes through the roof and detonates dynamite, causing an explosion that kills many of the approaching guards. This enabled him to run to a nearby snowmobile, which he used to escape.

Will Hopper defeat the Demogorgon in Season 4?

After escaping from Russian prison, Hopper is recaptured because his outside contacts sell him. When he is recaptured, he is thrown back into a cell – this time with the guard who helped him escape the first time. Returning to the Russian prison, Hopper only gets worse.

Basically, the Russians have obtained possession of a Demogorgon, and Hopper is about to become part of the latest group of prisoners thrown into a caged pen to battle the creature. Thankfully, this isn’t the first time Hopper has faced a Demogorgon.

Thinking on his feet, he steals a bottle of alcohol from their last food feast and later steals a lighter in a fight with a guard. The plan? To use the two supplies to craft a firearm, knowing the creatures don’t like fire.

When the fight comes, it looks like Hopper’s luck is about to run out when the lighter he stole fails to ignite the flame Hopper needs to set his alcohol-soaked spear alight. Just when it seems all hope has been lost, the lighter finally ignites a flame that Hopper can use to create a flaming spear.

He can then use the flame to fight off the Demogorgon, which will quickly kill all other guards around him – except for Dmitri, the guard who helped Hopper escape the first time. After the rest of the inmates are slaughtered, the Demogorgon turns its full attention to Hopper and Dmitri.

Just when it looked like Hopper and Dmitri were about to be killed by the Demogorgon, Joyce was able to open the gate, allowing the pair to escape in no time.

Will Hopper make it out of Russia?

Hopper’s final stand with Death comes in the final hours of the season after Joyce saves him from the Demogorgon attack.

After making it out of the battle alive, Hopper and his companions escape from prison and begin planning a way home. However, they quickly learn how the situation in the States is developing and decide to break into the prison again to destroy Upside Down’s particles inside the prison, hoping to help El and the gang in their fight at home – knowing that the upside down creatures are all connected through their hive spirit.

When they return to prison, things don’t look good and Hopper once again finds himself battling the Demogorgon and the Demodogs. Attempting to fend off a Demodog, it seems Hopper could eventually lose, but Joyce saves the day once more.

After a final battle with the Demogorgon and with the assistance of Murray and his flamethrower, they are able to defeat the creatures of Upside Down. After the fight with Vecna ​​ends, we skip ahead a few days, and then we see Hopper and Joyce return to the US for their long-awaited reunion with Eleven, Will, and co.

stranger things Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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