Does CBD Oil Work for Arthritis Pain

CBD continues to grow in popularity, with individuals using it for various ailments. Among the many reasons people are using CBD is for pain relief. Pain comes in different forms, and arthritis pain is a condition that afflicts millions of adults in the United States. It causes discomfort and affects a person’s overall well-being, physical and mental. Does CBD oil work for arthritis pain? Below is a guide on CBD oil for arthritis discomfort covering various aspects, including how to use CBD oil and broad discussion about its downsides.

What Is Arthritis?

Inflammation of the joints is a medical disorder known as arthritis. It does not have a cure, but treatments and medications exist to help patients manage discomfort. Arthritis causes pain, stiffness, swelling, deformities, and reduced range of motion in joints. There are over 100 types of arthritis, and they can arise from autoimmune diseases and injuries. Rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory disease, and osteoarthritis are two common types of arthritis. There is also psoriatic arthritis.

According to CDC, arthritis afflicts around 58.5 million people in the United States. Despite the many types of arthritis, the symptoms we have mentioned are common among the conditions, causing discomfort in joints.

Does CBD Work for Arthritis Pain?

CBD may relieve arthritis pain, but more research is needed into CBD for arthritis pain. The Arthritis Foundation elaborates that animal studies suggest CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. Nonetheless, these findings have not been established in humans. Medical News Today emphasizes the assertion explaining that CBD may have properties that may alleviate arthritis pain, but more studies with human participants are needed.

Even though more research is necessary, anecdotal research on CBD for pain is encouraging. When opioids have become a problem, it is only sensible that people are looking for an alternative, non-addictive relief for pain. CBD oil may help improve arthritis pain with the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. CBD is relatively safe with no risk of addiction or abuse. CBD oil is simple to utilize and comes in different potencies and flavors to suit different user needs.

How CBD Oil Works in Relieving Arthritis Pain

The endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls how the body reacts to pain, emotion, hunger, sleep, and immune processes, is stimulated by CBD. It ensures balance in the body to ensure wellness. The system has receptors in different parts of the human body, and CBD works with the receptors to ease pain and other discomforts. CBD prevents the breakdown of endocannabinoids to ensure they work better in your body to offer pain relief.

It is essential that you buy premium CBD oil for pain relief to protect your well-being. High-quality CBD oil is made using organically grown hemp, as it is free of chemicals. The manufacturer uses CO2 to derive CBD and other beneficial components from hemp plants.

The method is solvent-free, allowing companies to make pure CBD products. High-grade CBD products also contain all-natural, safe ingredients to protect your health. Check the flavors and sweeteners a brand uses in its CBD oil. Artificial sugars and flavors are not good for your health. Furthermore, the best CBD oil undergoes third-party testing for purity. The test results are quickly accessible to ensure customers know what the product contains.   

How to Take CBD Oil for Arthritis

The most efficient way to use CBD oil for arthritis pain is the sublingual method. Measure a serving of CBD oil and administer it under your tongue. Wait 30-60 seconds or longer before swallowing to enhance the absorption of the formula into your bloodstream. This mode of use ensures that CBD reaches various parts of the body to deal with inflammation and pain. You can also add CBD oil to food and beverages, but the primary way to use the product is sublingual.

CBD Oil Dosage for Arthritis

There is no fit-all CBD oil dosage for any condition, including arthritis. Finding the right dose for you requires some experimentation. You need to start slow and use a low dosage. That way, you get to introduce CBD oil into your system gently.

Use the same dosage for at least a week and if there is no improvement in pain, increase the dose gradually until you find an effective CBD amount for you. Note that people react differently to CBD doses. What works for you may not be effective for another CBD user, and the vice versa is also true.

If you are on medication or have another health condition, speak to a doctor before using CBD oil. CBD interact with some medicines, affecting how they work in your body. A physician with CBD expertise should determine if you can use CBD and in what dosage. The Arthritis Foundation offers guidelines on how to use CBD for arthritis. For example, you should not replace your medications with CBD.

Downsides of CBD Oil

CBD oil is among the popular forms of using CBD. It is available in dropper bottles and comes in different strengths. However, the product has some downsides. For instance, even though measuring CBD oil servings is easy, it may be convenient when on the go. Other CBD products, like gummies and capsules, contain a pre-measured amount of CBD.

You do not have to keep measuring CBD portions every other time. Besides, CBD oil is not a discreet way to use CBD. You may attract attention if you are in public. Nevertheless, CBD oil is one of the best ways of using CBD, as it has a higher bioavailability than edibles and capsules.


CBD oil may help with arthritis pain. CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing benefits that may relieve discomfort. Preliminary research shows promising results, but more studies with human participants are needed.

There is no universal dosage for using CBD oil for arthritis. You should start with a low dose and adjust it if need be. Ensure you speak to a doctor before using CBD oil for arthritis to establish if you should use the product.

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