Doctor K praises xQc for his ability to communicate

On the Twitch channel HealthyGamer_GG, host Dr Alok Kanojia, aka Dr. K, was talking about different forms of communication, when he saw several members of his chat joking that the streamer xQc is a prime example of bad communication. He immediately quashed the concept, firmly asserting that he was a very effective communicator, he was just very sublime.

Alok Kanojia is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist who has made an online career by streaming about modern issues with gaming and streaming. In the past, he was brings great creators to talk about the problems they face in life, get more insight into their personal problems.

Dr K insists xQc isn’t as crazy as his audience thinks

During the live stream, Dr. K experienced different types of communication and how to overcome poor communication. His Twitch chats have spammed messages saying xQc is a bad communicator, a running joke in his community.

He noticed the messages and immediately addressed them:

“I know people are joking about xQc, but xQc is not a good example of this. XQc is really, very effective at communicating. I’m not kidding.”

He then explained his reasoning that the streamer wouldn’t be successful on Twitch if he wasn’t an effective communicator.

“If he was really pointless and unable to communicate, he wouldn’t be successful on Twitch. You understand?”

This point has truth to it, because if no one understood him, no one would follow him. His claims of communication have been heavily teased on Reddit, most of which link to videos in which xQc says some very strange things while others make jokes about his weird way of speaking. he.

However, some justified the doctor’s reasoning, agreeing that he was not insane, just talking fast.

xQc is sometimes hard to follow when he’s rambling, but it’s clear what he’s talking about most of the time. His fans often mock him for his lack of clarity and brevity, but that makes him all the more enjoyable to watch.

Dr. K is of the opinion that he is less of a puzzling mess and more of a puzzling mess. So, will this change the way xQc’s audience perceive him, or will his conversation remain filled with question marks? Most likely, they will still tease their favorite streamer about his not understanding English. Doctor K praises xQc for his ability to communicate

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