Do you want to be a billionaire? Scientists reveal FIVE personality traits they share

In 2021, a BILLIONAIRE was made every 17 hours — and you could be next with the right five personality traits.

With plenty of charisma, a little fear, and a pinch of blind faith, the riches of the world could be yours.

Find out what qualities you share with the world's richest people


Find out what qualities you share with the world’s richest people

What separates the ultra-rich from the rest of us when it comes to psychology and personality?

Researchers have found five characteristics that separate the billionaire mentality from the middle or even upper class mentality.

While these traits aren’t the be-all and end-all of wealth, Forbes conducted an extensive interview process with some of the world’s richest gamers and found a clear pattern.

Although you need a billion-dollar idea to get rich, having a billion-dollar personality helps.

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Mindfulness is the key

The richest people in the world pay close attention to the details and waste no time.

To think like a billionaire, keep an eye on the small things, but don’t get bogged down — you need the efficiency of a production line working in your head to maximize your potential wealth.

Stay organized, be on time, and stay on top of your long- and short-term ambitions.

Stay calm

Forbes reported that the world’s super-rich class is very mentally stable – they don’t easily phase themselves.

Billionaires are aware of potential crises but are not defined by them.

Forbes wrote that the rich not have high levels of “neuroticism” – a psychological term for people who are prone to anxiety or self-doubt.

Part of the way billionaires think is that they lack neuroticism but are imbued with other traits.

Don’t shake it

Billionaires tend to be uncompromising.

They have a vision for their product and anything other than that vision is unacceptable.

The super-rich are a bit unyielding and less likable – before Tesla, Elon Musk was ousted as CEO of one of his earliest companies for exactly this reason.

But negotiation and compromise are part of the business – think about which lines are set in stone for you.

Mark Zuckerberg’s portrayal in The Social Network film casts him as the introspective nerd who made it, while Justin Timberlake’s character Sean Parker provides all the panache.

But sociologists have found that the rich are “particularly extraverted” — although it’s unclear whether this is an innate trait or a product of getting rich.

Either way, it takes some charm and handshakes to get investors to dive headfirst into your billion-dollar idea.

Ready for everything

Billionaires are venturing into the unknown — it’s part of how their futuristic ideas appear in their mind’s eye.

The super-rich seek new experiences and let their imaginations run wild.

They prefer roads less traveled – and they are achieving goals that can define a year, a generation and a legacy.

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The Big 5 traits—Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism—are not the only personality traits out there.

But the super-rich have similar levels of each of these traits, whether in excess or absent.

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