Do YOU ​​have supervision? Scientists reveal some people see secondary colors

Some of us live in a world more colorful than others, according to recent research.

Scientists have concluded that some people in the world can perceive more colors than the rest of humanity, a Wall Street Journal article report on saturday.

Tetrachromats can see more colors than the rest of us


Tetrachromats can see more colors than the rest of us

Most people (and even primates and some marsupials) typically possess only three types of cone cells in their eyes, known as “trichromacy”.

These cones help our eyes pick up three frequencies of light: red with long wavelengths, green with medium wavelengths, and blue with short wavelengths.

However, some people out there have 4 types of cones in their eyes, which gives them the ability to see “extra” colors in a phenomenon known as “quadrangle”.

This is due to an inherited mutation that is transmitted only through the X chromosome (of which women have two).

According to the Wall Street Journal, the condition has been thoroughly studied by Dr. Gabriele Jordan, who in 2007 identified the world’s first “strong” tetrachromat.

“Every test we put in front of her, she was right — without error — and her response was immediate, without hesitation. She easily distinguishes colors. We ran it again, and again, even a fourth time: still no errors. She is very unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was fascinating. After she left, I was so excited I jumped,” Dr. Jordan told the Wall Street Journal.

Jordan added: “She occupies a perceptual dimension that the rest of us deny.

Since then, Dr. Jordan has devoted much of her research to tetrachromacy, publishing numerous journal articles on the subject in 2019.

Her findings have found that the rare condition is often associated with women whose fathers or sons have a mild malformation of skin color.

Her research also showed that the fourth cone tetrachromat bestowed was “the most sensitive in the yellow-green region of the visible spectrum”, according to the University of Newcastle. webpage.

This fourth cone may allow tetrachromats to see more subtle nuances that many of us never realize.

For example, painter Concetta Antico told the Magazine: “Where you see gray, I see a rich and beautiful mosaic of lilac, borage, violets, emeralds. Take it. you can see lead white, ivory, chalk, silver, warm white, cool white, but I see a lot more subtle shades, most of which have no names .”

Antico tested positive for owning a fourth hat after learning about the little-known condition from a customer.

However, the theory that some people are able to see more colors than others has been around since at least 1948 when the Dutch physicist Hessel de Vries conducted color tests on two daughter of a color blind father.

While the physicist never knew if his theory was true, now the world can say with certainty that tetrachromaticity is real.

Concetta Antico is a tetrachromat artist known for his colorful works


Concetta Antico is a tetrachromat artist known for his colorful worksCredit: Instagram @concettaantico

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