Do spiders remember you and do they have a memory?

ANIMALS like dogs and cats tend to remember their favorite people.

Some people tend to have spiders as pets, and you might be wondering if the creepy crawlies can remember their owners just like a dog or cat.

Do spiders remember you?

Although studies have shown that spiders are very intelligent creatures, they still have very small brains with limited space to perform tasks and think.

You have no special place in this brain and therefore a spider will not remember you.

The main reason is that they have very poor eyesight and therefore will not see you and will not remember you.

Spiders don’t need sight because to catch their prey they simply build a web, sit back and wait for bugs to enter the trap.

Spiders don't remember you


Spiders don’t remember youPhoto credit: Getty

To catch their prey, spiders use vibration to understand what’s going on around them.

Since all of this is happening in their tiny brains, spiders have no place to remember your face, instead retaining a memory of their web.

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Do spiders have memories?

So spiders carry a memory, just not of you.

This was proven by a study on a Portia Africana in 2014.

This spider has the ability to jump and so it was exposed to bait – made as prey.

A mesh was placed between the spider and the bait for 90 seconds.

The screen was raised and the Portia jumped onto the prey.

The experiment was repeated several times.

It was found that even though the decoy’s position was changed or even replaced, the Portia was still able to identify his position and jump him.

This showed that spiders do indeed carry memory, in this case it was how the vibrations felt before the screen was placed between the portia and the bait.

When the screen was removed, the Portia remembered the decoy’s vibrations and managed to capture it.

Are spiders friendly to people?

Spiders are not unfriendly animals and will not try to hurt a human on purpose.

It depends on the characteristics of a spider.

When a spider bites, it’s not particularly friendly.

That being said, most spiders are friendly unless they feel threatened.

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Spiders tend to hide from humans most of the time because they will always be attacked unless they are pets.

Without a doubt, spiders see humans as their enemies. Do spiders remember you and do they have a memory?


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