Discovering Nannycare Goat Milk Formula: Naturally Gentle Nutrition for Your Baby 

Searching for a perfect baby formula can be a challenge. Your infant deserves natural care that’s light on their tummy, all while it’s full of nutrients and vitamins. Oh, and don’t forget that the formula shouldn’t be overprocessed!

You’re in luck. Nannycare goat milk formula is a great choice for your baby. Read on to explore all benefits of this gentle and natural choice.

Impeccable Benefits of Nannycare Goat Milk Formula

If you’ve already looked up a few European baby formulas, you already know that each brand has different stages. Nannycare is no different. There are three stages of Nannycare formula, all perfectly curated for your baby:

  • Nannycare Stage 1: 0-6 months;
  • Nannycare Stage 2: 6-12 months;
  • Nannycare Stage 3: 1-3 years.

All three stages are made with goat milk and will be soft and gentle with your baby’s stomach. In addition to that, there are many more pros to introducing your little one to the Nannycare goat formula. Let’s dive into it!

Perfect for sensitive tummies

“How’s goat milk better than cow milk?” you might wonder. Well, it’s easy to explain. When looking at these two types of milk under a microscope, you can see how the droplets of milk differ. In goat milk, they are smaller. 

Goat milk contains less lactose, too. As a result, goat milk curds created in your baby’s tummy are softer. All these factors make goat milk formulas a lot easier to process by your infant’s tummy.

Full of vitamins and nutrients

Nannycare stages 1 to 3 are all made from whole goat milk. While it doesn’t seem very different from skim milk on the outside, it actually contains milk fat globules membrane that’s very close to breast milk in composition. MFGM is proven to benefit a newborn’s brain, gut, and immune health.

As a minimally processed infant formula, Nannycare boasts the A2 milk protein and a high percentage of oligosaccharides in the ingredient list. Moreover, it contains nutrients like:

  • vitamin A,
  • calcium,
  • potassium,
  • phosphorus,
  • magnesium.

Suitable for babies prone to allergies

When choosing the baby formula for your future newborn, consider potential allergy reactions. Compared to cow milk, goat milk formulas contain a lot less allergens. Don’t worry, though! You can switch to Nannycare as soon as you notice your infant having feeding issues. 

Nannycare in particular has at least three times less B-lactoglobulin. Human breast milk doesn’t contain this protein and is known to be one of the main allergens for infants. However, goat milk formula won’t be a guaranteed cure for CMPA or lactose intolerance. 

All goats are carefully selected

When creating the outstanding goat milk formula, Nannycare takes part in choosing goats that produce the milk. Thoroughly picked out goats are then put on a natural grass-fed diet, and make milk specifically for Nannycare products. 

Naturally High In Quality

You might be choosing Nannycare goat milk formula for the benefits it has on your little one’s stomach. Yet, as a company with 30+ years of experience, Nannycare has many more advantages to its production approach. 

Ethically produced baby formulas 

Not only is the company passionate about bringing the best goat milk to your baby’s menu, but it also supports ethical production. Whole goat milk is made right in New Zealand family farms. 

There, farmers don’t care about profit. They pay the most attention to the farm and animals’ well-being. Grass-fed goats are carefully selected by passionate farmers and Nannycare specialists to collect milk for baby formulas. Apart from that, goats are not used for any other practices like cheese and pure milk. 

Eco-friendly approach 

In addition to ethical production, Nannycare also focuses on minimizing the company’s emission rate. Since the start of producing baby formulas, the company has already reduced its emission rate to just one-fifth of the global dairy farming average. 

No unnecessary additives 

The goat milk formulas made by Nannycare are minimally processed thanks to a great ingredient list. In fact, the formula ingredients are free from any unnecessary additives like artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. They also don’t contain:

  • whey,
  • palm oil,
  • GMOs,
  • soy,
  • maltodextrin.

High involvement in the production process

The company is undoubtedly involved in producing its baby formulas, regulating every step. Since the processing is done at the unique goat formula plant, the brand’s professionals focus on the high quality of each baby formula bottle. 

But the Nannycare team is not stopping there. It continues deep diving into goat milk’s benefits and doing extensive research in the niche. 


Finding one suitable formula for your little newborn is a tough journey. The selection of baby formula is overwhelming for first-time parents. Yet, as a proven high-quality brand, Nannycare brings out the best qualities of goat milk infant formula. 

Ethically produced, eco-friendly, and full of nutrients, the Nannycare formula will keep your bundle of joy full and happy.

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