Diamond and Pearl clan revealed for Pokemon Legends Arceus

A pair of clans is the latest revelation from the upcoming release Pokemon Legends Arceus position.

More and more news is constantly reporting on what nuances will appear in this unique addition to the Pokemon franchise. Recently, new Pokemon such as Hisuian Zorua, Zoroark and Voltorb have been introduced. However, now, there is more information about the new characters in the game.

New Character Revealed for Upcoming Pokemon Game


The latest trailer of Pokemon Legends Arceus has revealed the appearance of two factions: Diamond Clan and Pearl Clan. These are definitely callbacks to the original Generation IV games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The members of the Diamond Clan all wear capes that appear to resemble Dialga, the mascot of Pokemon Diamond. In contrast, Pearl Clan members all wear clothing based on Palkia, the Pokemon Pearl’s mascot.

Each clan will also have its own respective leader. The leader of the Diamond Clan will be Adaman, a trainer who wastes no time and acts quickly. He will have Leafeon as a partner Pokemon.

On the other side, the Pearl Clan will be led by Irida. She is a more careful character who likes to think things through, and her partner Pokemon will be Glaceon.

Adaman (left) and Irida (right) face each other (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Adaman (left) and Irida (right) face each other (Image via The Pokemon Company)

A brief overview of each clan’s base is also displayed. Diamond Clan appears to be built from a house in a wooded area, while The Pearl Clan is located in a snowy area.

Although it is unconfirmed, the Diamond Clan may be stationed in the Eterna Forest (where Eevee evolves into Leafon), and the Pearl Clan may reside in Snowpoint City (where Eevee evolves into Glaceon). This would explain why each clan leader has their own specific Pokemon.

It’s like two of the Guardian part of the clan. Arezu, the guardian of a mysterious female Pokemon, is part of the Diamond Family. Lian, Kleavor’s warden, is a member of the Pearl Clan.

In addition to the clans, the members of the Ginkgo Guild were revealed. These seem to be merchants with rare items for sale. The merchants’ names are Ginter and Volo, and it looks like they’ll have berries available for purchase. Diamond and Pearl clan revealed for Pokemon Legends Arceus

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