‘Dexter: New Blood’ Season 9, Episode 4: Interview with Michael C. Hall

In the Sunday episode of Dexter: New Blood, Dexter’s greatest fear has probably come true.

While Harrison was hailed as his high school savior for stopping a potential shooting, Dexter’s suspicions about his son’s story sent him down a worthy rabbit hole. fear. With the help of police and crime scene photos, Dexter deduces that Harrison is really instigator of the conflict, and later finds what he believes to be the actual weapon used on the teenager’s classmate, Ethan: a straight razor – the same blade used by Trinity Killer when he slashed Rita and left her to die. (Click here for full Episode 4 recap.)

If Harrison really has a dark passenger of his own, does that mean Dexter will take on the role of Harry and teach his son the “code”? It could, teasing star Michael C. Hall.

“I think that ability is part of the joy and richness of that relationship,” Hall told TVLine. “There are opposites going on simultaneously for Dexter when it comes to Harrison and the dark passenger. On the one hand, it’s Dexter’s deepest fear that his son has a dark passenger, and on the other hand, it’s his deepest desire that makes parenting difficult. towel “.

Assuming Dexter went into hiding to escape his dark and deadly past, Harrison’s arrival “turned Dexter’s life upside down,” said showrunner executive producer Clyde Phillips. “Dexter has chosen this life of solitude, monasticism and abstinence, and suddenly this is his son, a young man full of anger and problems abandoned and painful, but how. that, can integrate into society.”

Any parent can watch out for abnormalities in their child, but with both going through traumatic and bloody experiences, Dexter is “curious” (at least to say) about the effects of the past for the boy.

Dexter New Blood Episode 4 Debra“There was a phenomenon called genetic trauma, and Dexter got it,” says Phillips. “He wondered if Harrison had one too, or was he too young to remember. And we will find out the truth about that. Obviously, that’s the more interesting fact. If Harrison has nothing and no memory, then we don’t have a story,” he teased.

When Dexter pieced together that Harrison might have had some of his more violent features, his expression was…complex. Does he have fear beyond belief? Maybe relief?

“As always with Dexter, when presented with either script or script – is it this, or that? — usually both,” says Hall. “He is experiencing a sense of terror and a sense of relief, and a feeling of a wish fulfilled, and sense of prohibition. That’s all these things. ”

Between Dexter’s return to his old ways and Iron Lake’s disappearances (what To be Kurt Caldwell’s arrival at that chalet?), “Jim Lindsay” is sure to stick around for the rest of the series. As for Harrison, what exactly he remembers, and what similarities he shares with his father will continue to be explored in upcoming episodes.

“We don’t know if it’s a dark passenger, but there’s a shadow in Harrison that will emerge,” suggested Phillips. “I’ll just leave it at that.”

https://tvline.com/2021/11/28/dexter-michael-c-hall-season-9-episode-4-harrison-dark-passenger/ ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Season 9, Episode 4: Interview with Michael C. Hall

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