Destiny 2 to get reduced rare rewards, updated vendors in The Witch Queen

Fate 2‘S Witch Queen The expansion is only a few weeks away, and Bungie is ramping up its weekly blog posts. Studio reveal on Thursday that the game will have some major economic changes when the new expansion launches on February 22, as well as the date of the next raid – Saturday, March 5, less than two weeks later upon release.

The biggest revelation around the economy is that Bungie will reduce the amount of “green drops” in Life 2. Blues are “rare” weapons and armor in Destiny, and they’re mostly useless. They serve a purpose when players first level up, but quickly clutter up the player’s inventory in the weeks and months between a new season or expansion.

Start from Witch Queen, the blue engravings will not decrease in playlist operations (Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit) for Guardians that have passed the “soft cap” Power – the point where the blues are no longer useful. While this means players will stumble upon more blu as they explore the world around them, it will make inventory management much more streamlined.

Banshee-44, Blacksmith, will also see a big remake for Witch Queen. Like Zavala and Shaxx before him, Banshee will have a reputation of her own. Players can level up Banshee’s rep – and presumably get some rewards – by dismantling Legendary or Exotic weapons and completing his specific bounties. Due to this change, veteran players will need to use all of their Blacksmith Materials and Weapon Gauge before the expansion launches, as they will disappear on February 22nd.

Mod Components, which players currently use to purchase old weapon and armor mods from Banshee-44 and Ada-1, is also about to be retired. Players can purchase mods with Glimmer instead, and both vendors will sell four mods per day instead of just two.

Master Rahool, Banshee’s neighbor, will take on a more important role in Witch Queen. In addition to taking over Spider’s stock of resources – since Spiders will disappear with the Puppet Coast This February – Rahool will also sell Enhanced Prism and Sublime Shards. Banshee-44 and Ada-1 will stop selling these items once Rahool adds them to his inventory, but they will still cost the same. As another quality of life improvement, Rahool will be able to decode Umbral Engrams, eliminating the need to leave the tower to open them. Players who want to spend resources to focus their mastery – ensuring a certain number of drops – will still have to join HELM.

Finally, Xur will get some more love in Witch Queen. Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale are both unique Exotics in that you can do their quests multiple times to get different roles – Exotics usually have the same perks each time you get them. But since the Presage and Harbinger quests will end on the 22nd, Xur will get a new batch of Hawkmoons and Dead Man’s Tales every Friday. Catalysts for these weapons – as well as for Ager’s Scepter, Outbreak Perfected, Whisper of the Worm, and The Four Horseman – will also be removed from the playlist activities. Destiny 2 to get reduced rare rewards, updated vendors in The Witch Queen

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