Destiny 2: The Witch Queen’s crafting is like golf clubs, according to Bungie

Fate 2: Witch QueenThe game’s most hyped expansion since Deny in 2018, only two weeks to go. On Tuesday, Bungie launched what will undoubtedly be the final preview of the add-on, a 13 minute video detailing Witch Queen‘S new campaign and reworked Void 3.0 subclass. But weapon making, Original privilegesand the general custom will become the real star of the show in Life 2the upcoming expansion of.

During a preview session hosted by Bungie, we watched a crafting session and embarked on a hands-on, guided tour of the company’s second mission. Witch Queen. We also talked to Life 2 Game director Joe Blackburn and project leader Blake Battle.

After leading my preview team through a campaign mission in Savathun’s Throneworld, Blackburn and the Bungie team took us to Mars. This is not the open-world Mars I remember Life or Fate 2. In its place was a small landing pad, an Enclave social space with NPC Guardians, a It’s always sunny in Philadelphia-beautiful mystery boardand a secret.

Down the stairs from the Enclave is the Relic, where my Destiny Fireteam members and I will spend many hours over the next few years. Relic is a sort of “sci-fi 3D printer,” a place to craft and customize weapons in a way the Guardians have never done before.

Pull up the menu, the interface looks sleek. Players can choose to “shape” to craft new weapons or “reshape” them, changing the perks on something they’ve previously crafted. Crafting starts off quite limited, with players only having access to certain perks, “sample” blueprints, and customizations, such as frames. By playing Fate 2Their repertoire will expand.

Crafting weapons in Fate 2 It’s not just about building something powerful in a moment, but investing in something that can still be useful in two expansions from now on. By using their crafted weapons, Guardians will level them up, similar to how weapon investing worked in the original Life. Once players reach the new level threshold, they will be able to customize their weapon further, adjusting its stats. By level 20, they’ll unlock all options for weapons – including enhanced versions of fan-favorite perks, which will give crafting weapons a slight edge – and people Players can continue to upgrade their guns for bragging rights.

It’s a system that doesn’t tick the weekly limit, and it solves a complex problem in Destiny: sunset. With Beyond the light, Bungie introduced the Sunsetting system, which rendered many weapons obsolete, eliminating the ability to compete with newer weapons. While players need a reason to pick up something new each season – letting the game lose all purpose – getting rid of Guardians hard-won toys is too harsh and Bungie got rid of the system in less than six months. But through Origins’ new weapon crafting and perks, Bungie is putting on player terms.

A Warlock holds the glory in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Image: Bungie

“I am terrible at golf,” Blackburn told me. “But my dad plays golf, and so I try to play golf as often as possible so I can play with him. […] Golf clubs get better and better, rightly so, over time. And so I think we want people to feel like, ‘Hey, new stuff coming out is exciting.’ But, you know, I think what we’ve learned from our past is that we don’t necessarily want new things to feel necessary. […] I mean, I have some very old clubs, they still work, I still take them out, and sometimes I hit better shots than others. ”

Unlike the previous decommissioning system, all of the player’s current weapons will remain available for Witch Queen and beyond, they’ll just be slightly less optimal. Players who like to roam around with their old loyalty weapons will be just as powerful as they are now, but they won’t be able to take advantage of Origins perks and their seasonal benefits.

Origins are fixed perks to what Blackburn calls “family” and they’ll start shedding every new weapon since The Witch Queen. The new, Cabal-themed season 16 weapons will all come with a new Origins perk called Land Tank, which increases damage resistance after multiple kills. As for the built season 16 “family” weapon, the Land Tank is something they won’t be able to customize, as it’s tied to the gun’s blueprint.

Adding a third perk to each gun is sure to get players excited about the new weapon, but it doesn’t focus on why Bungie built the diving system in the first place: power creep. By building better and better items, Bungie locks itself into a cycle of increasing player power, which is ultimately unmanageable. That’s why Origin perks will take advantage of the seasonal Artifact to change the weapon meta every season.

“What I like about the Origin perk solution is that it brings a wide range of categories to weapons,” Blackburn said. “[…] You know they fit the categories because they have that bit of privilege. And then that allows us, using seasonally resettable things like Artifact, to push those weapons up into different power bands where it can say ‘hey, you know, season 16, we love naughty things, we love [Cabal]themed weapons and psychological hacking weapons’ and so may have some specific perks [we] that juice in a way that really sets the meta apart. ”

A hunter stands at the Ruins in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Image: Bungie

In one example, Blackburn compared Origin’s perks to Warmind Cells from Season of the Worthy. During that season, the Ikelos weapon (when combined with an armor mod) can create explosive orbs that deal massive damage. Bungie built the system with collapse in mind, but in the end they continued to function as the studio pivoted. Instead of letting them live like powerful bombs, Bungie reduced the power of the Warmind Cell to keep Fate 2 word forever is a game about “shooting orange balls out of things”.

If Origin perks were applied during Season of the Worthy, the system would play out differently. All Ikelos family weapons will come with the Warmin Cell perk, which will generate explosions on kill, as usual. But Bungie will be bringing special armor mods to the Artifact seasonally, increasing the potency of the Warmind Cell for the next three months or so. Once the season ends, players will still be able to wield the Ikelos weapon, but the Cells won’t be as powerful – meaning until the mods return for another season.

But Origins perks are on all new weapons, so crafting won’t completely replace random reels in Witch Queen; there will still be weapons that the player can’t craft, even beyond quest-based Exotics.

“We’re going to have things like Ritual weapons that can’t be crafted at all, we’ll have some things you can [think]”I didn’t expect it to be crafted,” maybe that,” Blackburn said. “But we were also pretty passionate about, ‘Hey, maybe there’s a reel that you can only get through random drops. compared to what you can get through crafting.’ […] You are not always chasing the drops because they are fuel, sometimes you are chasing the drops because they are special. ”

With Fate 2: The Witch QueenBungie is looking to fundamentally change the way players invest Fate 2. Instead of just sharpening to get that perfect reel, players can build rapport with a single weapon. But for Blackburn and Bungie, it’s not about destroying what came before or making it obsolete, but about giving players new choices to create for themselves.

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