Deluded pro-EU fanatics are the Remainer undead – Boris must use his Brexit win magic to wipe them out

EU obsessives gave the go-ahead for the next general election last week – and promptly backtracked into their own minefield.

Whenever election day comes – 2024 or maybe earlier – this will be a second Brexit referendum.

Blinded pro-EU zealots are the Remainers Undead - from left Ed Davey, David Miliband, Tony Blair, Robert Peston, Michael Heseltine, George Osborne and Lord Adonis


Blinded pro-EU zealots are the Remainers Undead – from left Ed Davey, David Miliband, Tony Blair, Robert Peston, Michael Heseltine, George Osborne and Lord Adonis

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for 47 million British voters to decide whether the historic 2016 referendum verdict stands or falls.

If Boris can use the same Brexit magic that secured his impressive 80-seat majority in 2019, victory is at hand.

In fact, with the cost of living spiraling out of control, this is his ONLY chance to win a second term.

Fate intervened to save the embattled Prime Minister from the Partygate hoo-hah that has brought him to the brink of political assassination.

It comes in the guise of the undead of the Remainers, widely detested figures who – much like the EU itself – turned Labour’s Red Wall strongholds into Tory conquests.

A haunted epic of past failures starring grizzled ‘Tarzan’ Michael Heseltine and cigar-chomping bandit Ken Clarke – both rejected by the Tories as would-be leaders.

Plus a bunch of deluded zeros, all ‘ex’ who haven’t learned anything from their pro-EU past.

Ex-health chief Jeremy Hunt is vying for Boris’ lead role.

Handsome ex-Chancellor George Osborne, who famously infiltrated the Treasury and Bank of England against Brexit, is coming back like a dog to his own vomit.

They will be joined by a glorious cast of Labor flops and Lib Dem losers, led by Bore Starmer and Ed Thingy, whose blind hatred of Brexit all but forgotten them last time out.

The soundtrack features the menacing hiss of Peter Mandelson, the disgraced ex-cabinet conspirator and bloody EU consigliere.

Banana-wielding charity millionaire and ex-Labour leadership loser David Miliband has come over from New York looking for another audition on the British stage.

This grotesque remake of Back to the Future features clinking railway union dinosaurs poised to paralyze Covid-stricken Britain with a 1926-style general strike.

Boris couldn’t have picked an uglier bunch of vote-loss opponents.

The icing on the cake is the exhumation of Tony Blair, the most hated figure in British politics, as leader of a new back-to-Brussels party.

BoJo got a few Partygate raspberries, but nothing quite compares to last week’s hoots at the man they call Tony “Bliar” as he snagged his honor as Knight of the Garter.

These are the discredited forces standing up to Boris Johnson and the 17,410,742 Brits – including millions of Sun readers – who voted to leave the EU in our largest single vote yet.

The motley alliance would put us back in the clutches of this increasingly totalitarian regime in no time. But now it’s even worse.

It was the vengeful EU trying to sabotage Britain’s brilliant Covid vaccine, AstraZeneca.

It was the EU that blatantly triggered the hated Article 16 on Northern Ireland.

It was EU power brokers France and Germany who hesitated in defending Ukraine against the boot of mad Vlad Putin.

And it was the tinny Napoleon Emmanuel Macron who vowed to punish Britain for Brexit but insisted that Putin must not be “humiliated” for turning Ukraine to dust.

totalitarian regime

It is also no coincidence that the European Court of Human Rights – no relation to the EU but a bulwark of its aims and objectives – is obstructing the UK’s right to control its national borders.

In a long history of decline, the EU has failed at almost every measure – economically, socially and politically.

The vaunted euro currency was a disaster.

Protectionism has stifled the kind of freethinking innovation – America’s Apple, Google, Tesla, Britain’s financial wizardry – that has transformed the despised “Anglo-Saxon” economies.

But despite the clearly expressed will of the people, Blair and Mandy, Hezza and Ken want to keep us in their bureaucratic clutches once again.

They are backed by a chorus of unelected voices – the infamous Whitehall Blob, the House of Lords, the judiciary, leftist charities, the shadowy but powerful campaign group Common Purpose.

And, never forget, the BBC.

The BBC is now brazenly, rudely and blatantly anti-Tory, anti-Brexit and anyone who opposes it, not least Nicola Sturgeon’s Tartan Terrors.

Today’s Mishal Husain even had the courage to compare Priti Patel’s resettlement plan in Rwanda to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Critics could have been waiting for BoJo to be gored by his own party after likely Tory defeats in next week’s by-election.

Instead, they turned his crisis into an opportunity.

Brexit still unites the voters who elected Boris Prime Minister. It is possible that they will do this again.

There’s a catch though – and it starts with the Slippery Pig itself.

Boris wasted his early years in power.


People are not feeling any of the Brexit benefits they were promised when they voted for Tory.

Instead, they were hit with non-Tory tax increases amid a cost-of-living crisis.

Covid is not an excuse.

A functioning prime minister should be able to do two things at the same time – or get his ministers to do it for him.

Instead, Boris willfully turned his back on his Brexit promises.

His dwindling ranks of Die-in-a-Ditch supporters are desperate.

Brexit leader and longtime ally David Frost eventually left the government in frustration.

Frost has become the darling of the Tory party by listing the missed post-EU opportunities and potential solutions.

It is demanded that he renounce his peerage and run as a future leader.

But he remains a Boris supporter. His real goal is to get Boris to save his own skin – and with it the government.

He wants to end the “green Cr*p” plaguing consumers and producers, give a boost to free markets and reverse the disastrous increase in Social Security.

He calls for a war on the Awakened, decisive action against illegal immigration and a strong stance on freedom of expression.

Frost is a friend. He speaks for Brexit-hungry voters who want Boris to stop hesitating and DO something.

In the months leading up to an election, Boris must listen to his few remaining friends – and prevent Keir Starmer from accidentally stumbling onto Downing Street. Deluded pro-EU fanatics are the Remainer undead – Boris must use his Brexit win magic to wipe them out


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