Deformed rugby planet discovered in deep space is baffling scientists

A ball-shaped planet RUGBY has been discovered outside our Solar System, and scientists call it a distortion.

The alien planet WAP-103b has puzzled experts for a variety of reasons since it was discovered in the constellation Hercules.

ESA has released an infographic about this planet


ESA has released an infographic about this planetCredit: ESA
This is an artist's impression showing off a bit of its ruby ​​shape


This is an artist’s impression showing off a bit of its ruby ​​shapeCredit: ESA

European Space Agency “ESA’s exoplanet mission, Cheops has revealed that an exoplanet orbiting its host star within a day has a distorted shape more like a football than it is,” said in a statement. a sphere.

“This is the first time the deformation of an alien planet has been detected, providing new insights into the internal structure of these closely-hugging planets.”

ESA scientists are trying to figure out what’s happening on the alien planet.

An exoplanet is the term used to describe a planet outside our Solar System.

The researchers used data from Nasa’s Hubble and Spitzer telescopes as well as ESA’s Cheops space telescope.

They just publish an article with all their findings.

They found that the planet is twice the size of Jupiter and may have a structure similar to a gas giant.

WASP-103b is thought to be subjected to extreme tidal forces as the star orbiting it pulls with it.

The ESA has released an infographic to explain how the planet can be bent out of shape.

The planet is thought to have been greatly inflated by its star.

Lead author of the study Susana Barros “If we can confirm the details of its internal structure with future observations, perhaps we can better understand what makes it so inflated,” said.

“Knowing the size of this exoplanet’s core will also be important for better understanding how it formed.”

Scientists are also puzzled by the fact that the planet appears to be moving away from its star.

Some planets are eventually consumed by their stars but the opposite seems to be happening with WASP-103b.

Scientists will continue to observe this special space object.

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In other news, Nasa said that James Webb . Space Telescope could be hit by falling space debris.

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