Deborah James shares a touching photo of her daughter modeling her sold-out charity t-shirt

DEBORAH James shared a sweet picture of her daughter modeling her sold out charity t-shirt.

Dame Debs has continued her amazing fundraiser by launching the first item in a collection, In The Style.

Deborah James' daughter Eloise, 12, in a charity T-shirt


Deborah James’ daughter Eloise, 12, in a charity T-shirt
Deborah cuddles with her daughter Eloise and poses with the t-shirts


Deborah cuddles with her daughter Eloise and poses with the t-shirts

The 40-year-old released a top with her beloved slogan “Rebellious Hope” on the front.

Two batches of 10,000 t-shirts sold out in a matter of hours – raising £140,000 for her BowelBabe fund.

The Sun writer, who modeled it with her 12-year-old daughter Eloise, said 100 per cent of profits go to her BowelBabe Fund, which has raised £6.4million for cancer research so far.

She posted pictures of herself and her teenage daughter looking like pros as they wore the design at her parents’ house.

  • Donate here to continue raising money for Deborah’s BowelBabe fund

Dame Debs told The Sun: “I can’t believe how quickly it sold out, once again I’m blown away.

“I loved making and creating the ITS collection, there was something wonderful about taking my mind off cancer.

“The charity t-shirt is just a little taste, but I’m so proud.

“It’s a quote I’ve used over and over again, and rebellious hope is most certainly how I’ve lived my life.

“We all must find the light in that rebellious hope to keep the flame burning in the darkest hours.”

Debs sadly said she has to leave her family to share the full collection, which is inspired by British summertime.

But she said she tried on a whole range of dresses, including ones she and her family wore when Prince William visited to honor Debs with her damehood.

She added: “I can’t tell you how this partnership has gotten me through my hospitalizations and away from cancer.

“For years I’ve always talked about ‘dressing up to make you feel better,’ and over the past few months, all the ups and downs, being in and out of the hospital, putting on nice clothes and putting on Lippy trip made a difference for me.

“I really hope you love the collection as much as I do and I hope it brings you joy, I hope you feel great.”

Style founder Adam Frisby said: “While I wish I said so under different circumstances, I am incredibly proud of this collaboration with Dame Deborah.

“I’ve followed Deborah for a long time and her constant positivity, uplifting spirit and general mentality of living her life to the fullest and making every day count is an inspiration to me, my team and everyone else on her journey have witnessed .

“I noticed how much she loved dressing up and how clothes made her feel more confident – so together we made sure that this collection embodies all of that – a collection that’s about dressing up to wear to make you feel better, and which is for everyone no matter what your situation is.”

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Deborah said, “Adam came up to me and said, let’s do something with ‘In The Style,’ and I was like, ‘Is this for real?’ and indeed he said, “No, I love the way you use clothes to make you feel better about getting through the day.”

“And I figured, well that’s it – no matter what situation you’re in, sometimes you can hide everything that’s going on inside just by wearing a beautiful dress, looking and feeling fabulous, feels great and starts the day differently.

“That was in January and it’s started since then.”

Last Monday she shared a heartbreaking Instagram post saying she is now receiving end-of-life care at her parents’ home in Woking, Surrey, because the heroic efforts of her medical team at the Royal Marsden Hospital in south-west London have now been fruitless.

She said her body “just doesn’t play ball,” adding, “My body is so emaciated that I have no choice but to surrender to the inevitable.”

On Monday, she managed to get out of the house for the first time in 10 days.

The 40-year-old spent some time with her husband Sebastien Bowen at RHS Garden Wisley in Surrey.

Posting on Instagram, she said: “Seb took me (small mission but worth it!) to @rhswisley at dawn in front of all the crowds to say I’m well done for the book launch and it was easy perfect for an hour.

“I haven’t left the house in 10 days because I was too weak, and although I’ll now be dozing off most of the day (in the sun like a cat!), I love this image, it reminds me of vivid green.” Life all around, despite the sadness of knowing the state of my body inside me.

“But Seb is an absolute rock to me and together we seem to be able to shake hands, swallow the tears and laugh instead.”

The mother of two was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer just days before Christmas 2016.

The inspirational cancer activist was made a lady last week after calls – led by The Sun – followed her amazing fundraiser.

Prince William traveled to her parents’ home in Woking, where she is spending her final days, to ensure she gets the gong off him.

Deborah James has collaborated with In The Style


Deborah James has collaborated with In The Style
Deborah with husband Seb on an outing earlier this week


Deborah with husband Seb on an outing earlier this weekCredit: Bowelbabe/Instagram

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