Danger! The newcomer was met with a “harsh” verdict from host Mayim Bialik before Ben Chan set a “divine” record with his sixth win

DANGER! Champion Ben Chan on Wednesday’s episode became the first contestant in history to comfortably win his first six games.

However, not all viewers were as enthralled with Mayim Bialik’s decision to “quickly” for Ben against a new player early in the milestone game.

Rival David responded to a clue searching for


Rival David responded to a clue searching for “Field of Dreams” with “What is A League of Their – what is…”Photo credit: ABC
Correcting himself by saying


Correcting himself by saying “Field of Dreams,” Mayim decided, “No.”Photo credit: ABC
Ben Chan, who eventually set a record with his sixth win, took the correct clue instead


Ben Chan, who eventually set a record with his sixth win, took the correct clue insteadPhoto credit: ABC

Ben is a philosophy professor at St. Norbert College in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who is an all-time Jeopardy! Record that fans are happy about his sixth win.

Ben returned this week after abandoning his series after contracting Covid-19 in episodes that aired in April, which may have been the reason some fans were confused about seeing him again.

He met David Lu, a mail clerk from Los Angeles, California, and Brittani Seagren, a nurse from Bourbonnais, Illinois.

In the first round, David selected the $200 “Y’Know, The Movie Where” hint.

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Mayim, 48, read: “A farmer plays baseball with a dead man, travels through time and ends up owning a tourist trap.”

He replied: “What is a league of them – what is…”

“No,” Mayim said immediately, before David could finish his self-correction, which he did.

David then added, “What is Field of Dreams?” which was the desired response.

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“Mayim’s tough decision”

Instead, the other contestants were allowed to step in, and Ben walked in and shrugged sympathetically for his opponent – he also said, “What is Field of Dreams?”

Mayim judged, “That’s right. And I’m sorry David, I had already ruled against you before you changed your answer.”

The internet was concerned about Mayim’s quick sacking, with a fan writing on Reddit, “Mayim seems a little harsh about so quickly pronouncing David wrong on this baseball issue.”

Another fan tweeted, “Oh sure…that one time Mayim reigns fast. #Danger.”

A third wrote: “Mayim is 100% looking for David.”

And a fourth: “Yikes! A tough decision by Mayam towards David – she pauses long enough for him to correct himself and then decides against him.”

A fifth wrote: “Perhaps @missmayim should wait for the contestant’s time to expire before ruling against him. @Jeopardy.”

Accordingly Jeopardy.com: “Competitors can change their answers as long as neither the host nor the judges have made a decision.”

BEN CHAN sets a record!

However, after the tough decision, the returned champion Ben schooled his opponents and the verdict didn’t affect the outcome as Ben reached a milestone no contestant had ever reached.

At Final Jeopardy, Ben had $24,205, David $1,200, Brittani $400.

According to Final Jeopardy, “Recent efforts have begun to reintroduce two species of oysters to help restore the contaminated waters of this national memorial.”

Ben was right about “What is Pearl Harbor?” He only managed to hit $25,000 and an impressive 6-day total of $182,000.

But even more notably, Ben yesterday became the first player since 2001 to win his first five Runaway games — and today the first player ever to win six.

In a so-called “runaway game,” Final Jeopardy has such an insurmountable lead that a player cannot be caught even if the second-place competitor bets everything they have.

The success didn’t go unnoticed by other Reddit users either, with one writing, “It’s official: Ben Chan is the first Jeopardy! contestant to start a six lock game run. He is our new God!”

Another fan wrote: “Another outstanding achievement. It’s remarkable that after some very tough categories and betting just $5 on a winning daily double, he made $25,000.”

A third noted that another competitor had also achieved the 6/6 runaway belt notch, albeit in a slightly different manner.

“Ben is now the second player ever to have all of his first six games suspended – and the first in 37 years – since Chuck Forrest suspended his original five games AND his Tournament of Champions quarterfinals.”

A fourth wrote: “As much as I admire Ben I’m going to take it step by step and see if he can make it to ten wins first. As far as we know, another player with Ben’s abilities.” Level could be retroactive in the wings.”


Ben had his first three straight wins going into Friday, April 11’s game.

However, he was mysteriously absent from the April 14 episode despite being the reigning champion.

On a rare occasion, three new contestants instead competed and Ben took a holiday – as he later clarified the real reason he didn’t come back as planned.

“Before yesterday’s episode was taped I had tested positive for Covid; It was a very mild case as you can see, I’m fine.

“Most importantly, my buzzer finger is okay. So I’m excited to see what happens over the next few weeks and who I’ll be up against on May 15,” he said during a virtual appearance Good afternoon Wisconsin.

Since the early 2000s, there have only been four episodes where there were two returning champions in one game.

His fourth resounding win and return this Monday resulted in the loss of 8-Day winner Hannah Wilson in an unfortunate but undirected change of schedule for the show.

Ben and Hannah were portrayed as “co-champions,” and even though Ben’s return was well-planned in Monday’s episode, it was an unfortunate loss for Hannah, according to hundreds of Twitter users.

“They should have waited until Hannah’s run was over before they brought Ben back. Not fair.”

Another user replied: “I think that’s fair. They planned Ben’s return before Hannah came on the show and started a series. Let’s try to celebrate people’s victory.”

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Ben tweeted, “I’m really sorry my bad luck was bad luck for Hannah and Wendy.”

“But on the whole we were obviously all incredibly lucky to be on the Alex Trebek stage.”

One fan wrote,


One fan wrote, “For Mayim to be quick to get David wrong on this baseball issue seems a bit harsh.”Photo credit: ABC
Still, fans were stunned as Ben Chan became the first competitor ever to record his first six wins in stunning fashion


Still, fans were stunned as Ben Chan became the first competitor ever to record his first six wins in stunning fashion


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