Danger! Fans were stunned by Hint’s “weird” phrasing, which “had nothing to do with the correct answer.”

DANGER! Fans accused a hint of “weird,” if not “stupid,” writing, as some of it was “unrelated” to what was being asked.

The clue began with a famous quote from Rodney Dangerfield, though he simply searched for “the Missouri River.”

Ken Jennings presented a lead on Thursday's episode that dozens of Reddit users questioned


Ken Jennings presented a lead on Thursday’s episode that dozens of Reddit users questionedCredit: Danger!


Under “Big River,” it began with a quote most associated with Rodney Dangerfield—no one knew whyPhoto credit: NBC

The danger! Clue under Big River category revealed to be hidden daily double.

Matthew Marcus, who won the episode for an impressive $41,000, was tasked with acting alone.

Host Ken Jennings, 48, read: “No respect! Although this North American river is more than 2,300 miles long, it is still just a tributary.”

The contestant was right about “What is: The Missouri?” and made $8000.

In the
Mayim from Jeopardy! makes a surprising confession before the $1 million celebrity winner is crowned

He had enough Final Jeopardy earnings to win either way, but fans had to row back the tape.

The decades-long game show famously makes its clues classically complex to see if contestants can parse them, but Reddit users were furious about it.

In one thread, dozens agreed that adding “No Respect!” – a catchphrase coined by Rodney Dangerfield – didn’t need to be included.

Although the idea seemed to be that the river got a bad rap for being “just a tributary,” they felt the two parts just weren’t connected and the clue was more closely tied to the comic and weird to read.

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“Dangerfield River?”

One user wrote, “I was greeted by the ‘No respect!’ caught up. partly because I thought it was a clue, and racked my brain trying to remember if there was a river in North America called the Rodney or the Dangerfield.”

Another agreed: “Often the writers embed jokes that have nothing to do with the correct answer.”

A third agreed: “I had the same experience with that clue so if it’s silly.”

The contestant then chimed in, leaning in: “I think the implication was just that, everyone remembers the Mississippi as America’s greatest river of all time, and the Missouri has to play second fiddle despite being quite similar in length.” .”

“(By the way, I’m the guy who gave the answer on the show! I hope I get to come over here and see what kind of hash you all think I made out of the easy questions!”

A sixth, however, didn’t like it either and nobody but the player seemed to understand: “In retrospect, I understand the intent of the hint – I just think ‘disrespect’ was an odd red herring.”

A seventh joked, “Rodney Dangerfield must have started on the Missouri…doing standup acts on a boat tour of the river” *I nod my head*.”

A final user then explained, “I was curious if Rodney Dangerfield might be FROM Missouri…or even any of the other states that the Missouri River flows through.

nope He was from New York. So that part of the clue was more of a distraction than anything else.”

“But I’ll probably call the Missouri River the No Respect River now,” decided a recent user.


Over the summer, Ken and actress Mayim Bialik, 47, were officially announced as permanent successors to the late great Alex Trebek, who had hosted since 1984.

The announcement of the moderation wasn’t the only big change for Jeopardy!, as Executive Producer Michael Davies – replacing the ousted Mike Richards – has filled a job that hadn’t changed hands in decades either.

As a result, microscopes have failed for traditionalists, and they have discovered much they did not like.

Recently, the show’s producers misspelled a quote from Edgar Allan Poe, deeply angering audiences by using Brian Laundrie, who killed his girlfriend Gabby Petito last year, as a “disgusting” prompt.

The game show also drew fury like no other with a King James Bible question that fans were furious for being flawed in its premise – and spoiled a string of TV shows in one fell swoop.

At least once last month Final Jeopardy read so confusingly when it was presented that the New York Times rephrased it for print, which it does on a daily basis.

And earlier, fans also accused the show of being dead wrong about a reference to TV’s Beverly Hillbillies.

Bachelor Greer made an
Two'gang members' arrested after 6 killed in shooting, including 10-month-old child

The clue read, “After Jed Clampett discovered oil on his property in the Appalachian Mountains, he invited his family and moved to this more affluent place.”

However, fans took it to Reddit, where they discovered that the fictional family isn’t from the Appalachia, but originally from the Ozarks.

Rodney Dangerfield's odd reference to a river reference comes after that typo in Final Jeopardy!


Rodney Dangerfield’s odd reference to a river reference comes after that typo in Final Jeopardy!Photo credit: ABC
And after that'disgusting' prompt to murder Gabby Petito on Celebrity Jeoaprdy!


And after that ‘disgusting’ prompt to murder Gabby Petito on Celebrity Jeoaprdy!Photo credit: ABC
Fans also claimed that the show was dead wrong about the Beverly Hillbillies, saying no, they were from the Ozarks


Fans also claimed that the show was dead wrong about the Beverly Hillbillies, saying no, they were from the OzarksPhoto credit: ABC

https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/7302380/jeopardy-clue-issue-michael-river-unfair/ Danger! Fans were stunned by Hint’s “weird” phrasing, which “had nothing to do with the correct answer.”


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