Danger! Executives warn future entrants about plays they ‘never want to see’

DANGER! Insiders have asked prospective contestants to enter the Daily Doubles with just one take.

They pleaded on their weekly podcast, “If you go on the show, we don’t want you making these tiny bets.”

Danger! Executives advised:


Danger! Executives advised: “Please bet heavily on your daily doubles.”Photo credit: ABC
Last week a candidate in second place [right] made a bewildering $1356 bet and lost the game


Last week a candidate in second place [right] made a bewildering $1356 bet and lost the gamePhoto credit: ABC

On Monday’s episode of the Inside Jeopardy podcast, longtime producer Sarah Foss was joined by former champion Buzzy Cohen.

They brought up a contestant last week who may have missed their chance to win by betting too “low”.

Buzzy said: “I want to talk a little bit about these low daily doubles.

“Any time someone hits a daily double, I say go all out. Most of the time, people get the daily doubles right.

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“Don’t Make Small Bets”

“I just want to remind everyone: Please bet big on your daily doubles.”

Sarah Foss chimed in: “When you get on the show, we don’t want you doing those tiny daily doubles.”

The nine-time 2016 Tournament of Champions winner added: “I have a strategic perspective here.”

“Which is the 1. You’ve probably already played a few clues in the category.”

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“You kind of get what the writers ask for. You know where it is on the board and that gives you the level of difficulty.”

“[And] They have a lot more information than Final Jeopardy. Why don’t you bet on those daily doubles there more?”

If there are more clues on the board, you can catch up [if you miss it].”

“Than ending up in a tight Final Jeopardy stage, having to bet a lot of money, and getting into a situation where you might not be able to get it anymore?”

“Where did he get that number from?”

The frustrating bet the insiders were referring to took place on the May 30 episode.

Nathan Dennis – who revealed he did it on Jeopardy! tried three times – landed on a daily double and had $7400, while returning champion Ilhana had $8400 and Diandra $2800.

Host Mayim Bilaik, 47, reminded Nathan, “You’re $1,000 behind Ilhana in second place, how much would you like to bet?”

He replied: “$1356” to which Mayim giggled and sounded slightly sarcastic: “In orderhere is your hint.

Under “Cat Breeds,” it said, “This location, associated with a tiger subspecies, is also the name of a beautiful breed of cat.”

Nathan was right about “Bengal,” but his small bet didn’t really help him get as much of a lead as he could have, and he ended up losing.

“Weird bet from Nathan,” a Reddit fan put it bluntly.

“That $1,356 daily double bet ended up being a big factor as it finished just short of first place in Final Jeopardy.

“I wonder where he got that number from LOL,” wrote another.

“I feel like he chose his bet size based on numbers of personal importance, rather than numbers of strategic importance. The odds of winning are damned,” accused a third.

“I don’t understand why someone who was second in what was then a tight game didn’t bet at least enough to take the lead,” wrote a fourth.

A Daily Double allows a participant to bet as much of their current score as they wish and there are three important hidden clues on the clue board per game.

Viewers who have seen contestants from the last Masters go “all in” after finding them again and again know how important daily doubles can be.


Ken directed the suspenseful film Jeopardy! Masters Special won by James Holzhauer.

24-year-old outsider Mattea Roach finished a close second last week.

Mayim – Ken’s co-successor to Alex Trebek – completes the regular season through the summer.

Ken will not appear until Tournament of Champions 2023, which season 40 begins in September, excluding the final week of season 39.

Many danger! Viewers who tuned in last week weren’t overly impressed with Mayim and her moderation style.

In particular, they noticed that the star took too long to reply to the contestants when they gave their answers.

One viewer tweeted: “As much as I tried, I don’t like the fact that Mayim Bialik Jeopardy! moderated. She pauses before answering and it is driving me insane. And I’m spoiled by the Masters.”

A second person agreed, replying: “Exactly my opinion. I think she’s waiting for someone to whisper in her ear to accept the answer, and that annoys me to the core. Then there’s the Masters hangover, which I also have. Ken Jennings has humor.” & charisma.”

Earlier last week, other viewers were begging for Jeopardy! Manufacturers to deal with the problem.

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Many people commented that Mayim wasn’t fast enough to mark the right or wrong answers and that the participants started to fill in their answers.

A player did this twice last week, including on a $6,000 daily double. Luckily, his additions to his answers didn’t make him wrong.

Former champion Buzzy Cohen said,


Former champion Buzzy Cohen said, “Anytime someone hits a daily double, I say bet it all.” In most cases, the daily doubles are right.Photo credit: Getty
When a contestant placed a low bet on a crucial hidden clue last week, Mayim Bialik said,


When a contestant placed a low bet on a crucial hidden clue last week, Mayim Bialik said, “Okay”Photo credit: ABC
Mayim hosts all summer except for the last week of the season when Ken Jennings returns


Mayim hosts all summer except for the last week of the season when Ken Jennings returnsPhoto credit: ABC


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