Danger! Champion Ben Chan hits a rare milestone after 9-day run ends due to spelling mistakes

DANGER! Champion Ben Chan threw the first pitch at a baseball game while rocking some gear from the game show.

Ben took time off from the game show to pursue sports, particularly baseball.

Danger! Champion Ben Chan took a break from the game show to immerse himself in the sports world


Danger! Champion Ben Chan took a break from the game show to immerse himself in the sports worldPhoto credit: Twitter
He had a chance to throw the first pitch at a minor league baseball game


He had a chance to throw the first pitch at a minor league baseball gamePhoto credit: NBC

The philosophy professor got the chance to throw the first pitch at a minor league baseball game.

To that end, he spent time with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers and seemed to enjoy being involved with the team.

ben shared a photo of himself on Twitter dressed in a red shirt throwing the ball.

He looked like he was concentrating very hard as he threw it away as hard as he could.

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“Here I am looking super laid back and chilled out pitching first with the @TimberRattlers a few weeks ago :-)” Ben captioned his tweet.

He added, “If you’re in Northeast Wisconsin, you should definitely watch a T-Rats game. Minor league baseball is the best live sports experience in my opinion.)”

The Green Bay, Wisconsin native seemed excited to have some fun outside of Jeopardy! to have.

That pitch opportunity came after Ben’s nine-day run came to an end following Mayim’s “tough” decision over a spelling problem.

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Meanwhile, Ben revealed he almost didn’t make it onto the popular game show.

Ben, a philosophy professor at St. Norbert College, shared on Twitter Sunday that he didn’t see his invitation until two months after it was sent out.

He tweeted, “Speaking of ‘sliding door’ moments (h/t @buzztronics)…I got an audition call for Jeopardy! only saw it two months after it was shipped and my trial date had expired.”

He continued, “I hate imposing myself and didn’t want to ask for another chance until friends encouraged me… and I got my chance!”

Ben also included a screenshot of the email he sent.

It read: “Dear Jeopardy! Entrant Department, I somehow (!?!?!?!) missed this email when it was originally sent. Is there a chance I’ll still be eligible for upcoming Game Play auditions? Thank you, Ben.” Chan.”

Danger! Fans were quick to respond to Ben’s tweet, with one person writing, “I’m glad your friends were encouraging you.”

Another person said, “I would imagine I accidentally did that and my friends encouraged me in the same way… Your friends seem like great people… I’m sorry you missed your first audition…”

A third fan commented, “It gives me great satisfaction to see you finish games with clean even numbers. My new favorite candidate ever.”

“I’m confident you would have set new records if Benedick’s stupid mistake hadn’t happened. (buuuuh). But we got you into the Tournament of Champions.”

Danger! Viewers were shocked last week when Ben’s nine-day run came to an end because of host Mayim Bialik’s “incredibly tough decision”.

Ben was ruled wrong for an otherwise compromised Final Jeopardy answer that was just a wrong letter.

Ben met Lynn Di Vito, a retired museum educator from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Danny Leserman, a political communications manager from Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Ben, who is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, can say that he was the first Jeopardy! With nine consecutive top wins, he is the best competitor of all time.

Having nine sure wins through Final Jeopardy is such a rare feat that fans didn’t expect him to go anywhere any time soon.

Ben had returned to the game show earlier this month after abandoning his series due to contracting Covid-19 on episodes that aired in April, which is also why some fans were confused to see him again.

During last Tuesday’s shocking episode, Ben got off to a strong start again, but a True Daily Double missed him, bringing him back to $0.

He built a commanding lead in Double Jeopardy! on. Round but then missed the final daily double – failing to retire for the first time in his impressive streak.

Before Final Jeopardy, Ben had $17,400, Lynn – who got the second daily double right – was right behind with $14,800 and Danny had $2,400.

Host Mayim remarked, “Lynn is actually within striking distance” before presenting the suddenly crucial last clue.


Final Jeopardy, in the Shakespearean Characters category, read: “Both these two lovers’ names in a Shakespearean play come from Latin words for ‘blessed’.”

Danny wrote down “Romeo and Juliet” which was deemed false, as did Lynn, she bet $3,000 and was left with 11,800.

Mayim finally reached out to Ben, who revealed that he was “Beatrice & Benedict Benedikt”, cross out the first “Benedikt”, but write it the same way the second time.

After a short pause, Mayim decided it was wrong: “Unfortunately, that’s not correct. The right answer [is] Beatrice and Benedict.”

“Much ado about nothing,” Mayim concluded – but she didn’t elaborate on the explanation of the verdict.

Ben announced he had bet $12,201 and ended up on the podium disappointed as he stayed in second place with $5,199.

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Lynn was declared the one-day champion and looked delighted as Ben gave a friendly clapping for his winner.

Mayim concluded, “Ben, what a great run, see you at the next Tournament of Champions.”

Ben was present at the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game when he pitched the field


Ben was present at the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers game when he pitched the fieldPhoto credit: NBC
He joked that he was looking "super chilled and relaxed" at the game


He joked that he looked “super chilled and relaxed” at the gamePhoto credit: NBC
Ben wore a jeopardy! Hat to still represent the game on the baseball field


Ben wore a jeopardy! Hat to still represent the game on the baseball fieldPhoto credit: Twitter


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