Danger! Champion Amy Schneider opens up about her past of ‘self-loathing’, ‘constant pain’ and ‘misery’ in heartbreaking post.

DANGER! Champion Amy Schneider has spoken out about her self-loathing and pain from the past in a series of tweets.

Amy took to Twitter to share her experience of coming out as a transgender six years ago.

Danger! Champion Amy Schneider shared a series of heartfelt tweets about her experience as a trans woman


Danger! Champion Amy Schneider shared a series of heartfelt tweets about her experiences as a trans womanPhoto credit: Instagram
Amy shared the pain and agony she went through on her journey to finding her authentic self


Amy shared the pain and agony she went through on her journey to finding her authentic selfPhoto credit: NBC

In her lengthy thread, Amy celebrated the ability to live as her authentic self.

She also wrote about the “agony” she felt from staying in the closet earlier in her life.

The danger! The champion hadn’t revealed to the world that she was transgender six years ago and it had caused her significant emotional distress.

Amy wrote, “After six years, it’s easy to take for granted the fact that I know my authentic self, that I don’t have to live my life in hiding, immersed in fear and self-loathing, forced to reveal the gender identity that’s mine.” assigned by the company. But it is actually a miracle.”

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She continued, “Living in the closet was agony, an agony only made bearable by the fact that it was the only thing I had ever known. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to ever get rid of it. “Ever to be able to walk free under the sun, proud of who I was.”

She continued: “But six years ago today, that impossible dream came true. I took off the boy suit for the last time and decided to no longer hide from the world or from myself. And that gave me great joy.” is indescribable, a joy that has filled every moment of my life ever since.”

Amy said that on the same day every year, she takes time to remind herself that there was a time when she “didn’t believe” she could be this happy or that her pain would go away.

She wrote: “Of course I felt I deserved this pain in part because people told me I deserved it. They not only told me that I should suffer, but they also told me that God Himself would approve of my suffering, that God wanted me to live my life in misery with no hope of reparation.

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The popular candidate wrote about her frustration with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow companies to discriminate based on their beliefs.

She tweeted: “Today the Supreme Court upheld that message. They have offered their protection to anyone who tries to make people like me live in shame, make us hate ourselves, make us deny the truth of who we really are. But this.” The message is doomed.

Amy concluded, “Nothing, NOTHING that anyone says or does can ever outweigh the truth that I know in my heart, the truth that I have lived for the last six years. Society can do as it pleases, but I will never go back in the closet. I am a happy proud trans woman. Deal with it. All the best, everyone.”


Previously, Amy had secured the 2022 Tournament of Champions crown on Monday, November 21st.

The 40-time winner made history after admitting that a shock decision in the game on Friday nearly “lost” her the $250,000 prize.

Amy, 43, faced five-time champion Andrew He and fan-favorite Professors Tournament winner Sam Buttrey in six fierce finals.

On Monday – with two wins for Amy, two for Andrew and one for Sam – the TV star with the second longest jeopardy! The all-time record-breaking streak ($1.3 million) sealed the deal.

Amy became the first player to win three games (the number it took to win) and looked beyond thrilled as she stared at the camera in disbelief as her fellow finalists applauded.

Getting into Final Jeopardy could have been anyone’s game.

Amy had $15,600, with Andrew right behind with $14,200 and $8,000.

Under the ‘Plays’ category it said: ‘The Washington Evening Star of January 12, 1864 reported this ‘dashing comedy’ to a ‘full and delighted house’.’

The correct answer was the infamous “Our Country Cousin,” and Amy made sure her bet wasn’t underestimated.

She bet a whopping $13,000 as the crowd gasped – blocking Andrew’s maximum by $200 when he was right – and won for $28,600.

“Amy Schneider, this is your third win!” Host Ken Jennings, 48, announced to a roaring crowd that Andrew would go home with $100,000 and Sam with $50,000.

The fans are excited

Fans were so delighted with the picture book’s ending that one viewer wrote on Reddit, “Well done Amy!”

“I’m in tears, I don’t want to lie. I loved all three, especially Sam, the coolest professor ever. But Amy has long been my favorite player,” wrote another.

“JEOPARDY HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!!!” A third wrote that the Oakland, California-based contestant was the first-ever transgender tournament winner.

“Congratulations to Amy. As a lifelong fan of Jeopardy! and being a trans woman means more than I can put into words,” wrote another.

“Really glad Wednesday’s controversial final didn’t affect who wins the tournament,” wrote a fourth.

A fifth added: “I’ve been supportive of Andrew but I’m really happy for Amy! She really deserved this win. It was a hard fought fight and everyone played phenomenally.”

A sixth praised Amy’s well-known rival: “Very well played game by Andrew. He was so close to victory. I just needed a little more money for FJ.”

And to all the naysayers who thought Andrew was just lucky because he only got the daily doubles. He got 0/3 today and was still very competitive.

The longest Jeopardy! Tournament in history: “We all got through this long time. It’s our last night before Cris Pannullo returns!”

After almost six weeks of tournament season including Second Chance Competition – regular episodes – reigning star Cris Pannullo will return no later than tomorrow.


In the final, three of 21 players were narrowed down – it started last Monday and with two listings Amy had a shot at claiming the crown as early as Friday.

Instead, beloved Professor Sam won his first game of the finals, sending the tournament into a sixth game.

It looked like Amy would claim the win as she went into Final Jeopardy with $15,800 compared to Sam’s $11,200 and Andrew’s $6,200.

Both Amy and Sam answered the clue correctly, but in a shocking move, the Professors’ Tournament winner bet his entire $11,200, doubled his pot and secured the win while Amy bet just $1,800.

“Amy threw it,” one viewer tweeted – while another agreed, “I kind of thought the same thing. I think they wanted Sam on the board.”

“I think there was some silent pact to go through seven games…or it was found out that Sam was right about the last Bible question and he was owed a win,” said another commenter.

Last Wednesday, Sam was ruled wrong for a biblical “Final Jeopardy” response that was covered by The US Sun when it aired and which many viewers felt should have been accepted.

Breaking her silence after Friday’s episode, Amy tweeted, “I don’t really regret my bet on Final Jeopardy. I think it was the right move and I would do it every time in this scenario.”

“I had to make a decision. As long as Andrew didn’t win, I’d still be alive. But if *I* won, of course I would be the champion!”

Amy said she bet low to ensure Andrew would be disqualified from winning the tournament – if she was wrong Sam would win, if she was right Sam could still have won at worst – but the streak would continue.

“I knew there was going to be an outcome where that bet would have cost me the entire tournament [if I hadn’t won today]and I had decided that even if it did, I wouldn’t let it haunt me.

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“And although I was disappointed, I was happy that Sam won. I think you could see that the audience was happy too. He played well enough to deserve a win and he’s so charming!”

Over the summer, Ken and 46-year-old actress Mayim Bialik were officially announced as permanent successors to the late, great Alex Trebek.

Amy confirmed that she was "happy proud trans woman" in their tweets


Amy tweeted that she was a “happy, proud trans woman.”Photo credit: NBC
She announced that she would "never" go back to the closet


She proclaimed that she would “never” go back into the closetPhoto credit: NBC
The danger! Champ described how happy she has been over the past six years


The danger! Champ described how happy she has been over the past six yearsPhoto credit: Instagram


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