Crafting the Sorcerer Queen’s weapon will allow you to do it

Weapon making is something Fate 2 Players have been asking for it for years, and it’s finally coming to The Witch Queen expansion later this month. Most recent trailer already confirmed that weapon crafting will be able to change all aspects of Legendary weapons, but now we’ve discovered that you can also craft certain Exotic weapons.

Both the new Osteo Striga Exotic SMG and three unique Exotic Glaives are obtained from the new weapon’s crafting site, called the Enclave, after obtaining their Samples. Think of Patterns like blueprints that tell you how to build something and then building it becomes just a matter of finding the right materials.

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At the start of the Witch Queen, Guardians will receive an introductory quest that takes them to the Enclave and has them create their first Glaive. Then, a short tutorial shows the player how to use the Enclave to craft weapons and how to find materials to craft more.

The first step is to find Patterns, which are obtained through quests or earned as part of “various gameplay objectives”. Once you find the Template, you’ll need to find the document using your “Deepsight” ability. Basically, this tells you which weapon has “Deepsight Resonance” to draw materials from.

Extracting materials from the Deepsight Resonance weapon involves its use. Once you’ve killed enough mook, take it to the Enclave to mine materials and unlock perks for crafting. By the sound of things, the material will unlock groups of similar perks, not just one. Note that not all weapon prototypes can use all perks.

Once a weapon is crafted, it can be enhanced by investing in additional materials or customized using the Enclave’s Reshaping function. This will allow you to customize weapon crates, mags, and more.

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting
via Bungie

Weapon crafting also brings something new: Mementos. This is a combination of cosmetics and murder trackers that can be applied to crafted weapons. Bungie didn’t show us what it would look like, but it did say that the first Memento would be Gambit-themed. Nightfall and Trials of Osiris Mementos will be released in the following seasons.

Besides manufacturing, Today’s TWAB also provided us with a series of sandbox announcements and details about Brand new original feature. Read about them here.

Destiny 2: Witch Queen is out on February 22nd.

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