Corey Graves on Vince McMahon pushes WWE RAW star

Corey Graves Not Sure If Vince McMahon’s Push Decision Austin’s Theory on WWE RAW will result in success or failure.

Theory has appeared on television with McMahon almost every week since November 2021. Segments often revolve around the rising superstar trying to impress. WWE Chairperson.

Talk about him After the bell podcast, Graves said he and WWE commentator Vic Joseph got their careers in wrestling thanks to McMahon. He also spoke about recent teacher-student interactions between Theory and his boss:

“The fact that he is putting his stamp on the Austin Theory at this stage in Theory’s career, it could go either way. It could have been a huge failure, but guess what? Mr. McMahon will be the first to say, ‘No, don’t see, that’s not the guy.’ He’s not going to waste his time,” said Graves. [47:45-48:00]

Theory’s most recent WWE match was against AJ Styles on the final episode of RAW ahead of Royal Rumble 2022. Although the former NXT star lost the 17-minute match, his impressive performance earned it. many compliments.

Will Vince McMahon put the Austin Theory book to win the Royal Rumble?

At the time of writing, Austin Theory is one of only 22 people announced for the Royal Rumble Men’s 2022.

Big E and Kevin Owens are among the superstars who have been touted as the likely winner of the 30-person competition on Jan. 29. However, Corey Graves said Vince McMahon can create a surprise by placing Theory in advance to win the prestigious match:

“The fact that The Austin Theory has been shown weekly, regularly, in segments featuring Mr. McMahon speaks to the potential that The Austin Theory has. I really like your point, Sam [guest Sam Roberts]. Why not now? Why does it have to be down the road? Why can’t Austin Theory be the youngest superstar to win a WrestleMania championship? ” [48:00-48:22]

At 24, Theory is one of the youngest superstars on the WWE main roster. Brock Lesnar (25 years, eight months, 18 days) is the youngest person ever to win a WrestleMania event.

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