Corey Graves Defends Roman Reigns Against Seth Rollins

Corey Graves doesn’t see a problem with WWE placing another match between Roman Dynasties and Seth Rollins.

Last week’s SmackDown ended with Rollins showing up in Reigns’ dressing room and laughing in the face. WWE later announced that the former Shield members would fight one-on-one in a Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble.

Talk about him After the bell podcast, Graves admits that WWE shows often contain too many rematches. However, in this case, the commentator suggested that WWE’s review of the Reigns vs Rollins rivalry wasn’t such a bad thing:

“This is not the Seth and Roman you saw a few years ago… If you’re going to do any activity in this business, you’re going to have rematches. I criticized on this show, “God, I feel like we watch the same games so many times.” But on a long enough timeline, you’ll have rematches. “

Reigns and Rollins faced each other for the last time in a singles match on the October 11, 2019 episode of SmackDown. The match ended in a disqualification victory for Rollins after he was attacked by The Fiend.

Roman Reigns’ Tribal Leader has never faced Seth Rollins

Both Roman dynasties and Seth Rollins has reinvented itself in recent years. While Reigns is currently WWE’s Clan Chief, Rollins claim become a visionary who could revolutionize professional wrestling.

Two weeks into the Royal Rumble, Corey Graves is happy to see the two men go head-to-head once again:

“This is not the Seth Rollins of two or three years ago. This is not Shield Seth Rollins. This is not the bada** child of The Shield that we know will one day realize his potential and become Roman Rulers. This is the Leader of the Table, the Most Dominating Champion in WWE, compared to Seth Rollins. ”

Despite their long history, Reigns and Rollins have only faced each other twice in pay-per-view one-on-one matches.

Their latest pay-per-view singles match saw Rollins beat his former teammate at Money in the Bank 2016 to claim the WWE Championship. Dean Ambrose cashed out his MITB contract shortly after to snap up the title from Rollins.

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