Cops are boxed to catch Snorlax rather than crooks

Two California cops have just been canned for chasing a Snorlax when they were supposed to be catching a crook. This comes after a petition to the state appeals court regarding their dismissal. This couple seems to have worked hard to play Pokemon Go in their patrol car instead of responding to reports of an ongoing robbery.

The plaintiffs in question, Officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell, were caught red-handed by the digital video system in their car. The recording was reviewed by their supervisor, Sergeant Jose Gomez, who initiated an investigation into misconduct. Lozano and Mitchell initially denied the charges, but the case’s handler, Detective Tracy McClanahan, believes they played “the video game Pokemon Go” on the day of the robbery.

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The recording “shows that at about 6:09 p.m. (just five minutes after Lozano Police said ‘catch it’ to check communications about the robbery call) Officer Mitchell alerted Lozano that ‘Snorlax just appeared’ at number 46 and Leimert,” based on court documents. These go on to describe how Lozano and Mitchell “discussed Pokemon as they drove to different locations where virtual creatures appeared to appear on their cell phones.”

Court documents mention that “on the way to the Snorlax site, Officer Mitchell warned Officer Lozano that ‘a Togetic had just appeared’, noting that it was ‘above Crenshaw, just south of the No. 50.’ After Mitchell apparently caught the Snorlax – exclaiming ‘already ’em’ – the plaintiffs agreed to ‘go get the Togetic’ and drive away.”

Pokemon Shiny Aloan Vulpix Incubated from Pokemon Go eggs

When they confronted McClanahan, the plaintiffs “refused to play video games. They claimed they were just ‘talking about Pokemon Go’ and Police Mitchell received text messages and warnings from a group of Pokemon Go players where ‘people were bragging about their scores.’ Detective McClanahan identifies dishonest plaintiffs. “

The proceedings raised questions about whether McClanahan was authorized to use recordings from the team’s vehicle in her investigation. The court found that she had full rights and upheld the decision of the two officers.

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