Controversial Jennie Nguyen’s Facebook post explained as the RHOSLC star issued an apology

RHOSLC Star Jennie Nguyen was recently outraged after some of her old Facebook posts resurfaced online.

Some of those posts contained memes and messages critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, criticized the COVID-19 vaccine, and supported the Trump administration.

In response to the backlash, the TV star apologized for her past actions and said she deactivated her account a year ago after reflecting on her behaviour:

“At the time, I thought I was speaking out against the violence, but since then I have learned how hurtful and offensive my words are… I regret those posts and succeed. I’m sorry for the pain they’ve caused.”

The latest controversy occurred after the Vietnamese-born player called his teammates RHOSLC co-star Mary Cosby for allegedly making anti-Asian comments after she commented on Nguyen’s “slanted eyes”.

Looking back at Jennie Nguyen’s Facebook controversy

Jennie Nguyen landed in hot waters after her controversial Facebook post from 2020 surfaced online. The posts show the reality star supporting anti-BLM sentiment during the George Floyd protests. Several posts labeled the protesters as “rioters” and “anarchists”:

“Hundreds of black people are shot and many people (including children) are killed by other blacks every week. Over a thousand officers are violently injured, some permanently, as a result of riots. anarchists riot in big cities every night … and you still think the police are the problem.” ”

We are deeply outraged by Jennie Nguyen’s Facebook posts. She painted another member as a racist, when she herself was rooted in evil. She needs to be reprimanded, immediately.@BravoTV @BravoWWHL @nbc #rhoslc @Andy

In September 2020, Nguyen even shared an article by The Blaze alleging Floyd died of a drug overdose instead of being killed by Officer Derek Chauvin. The TV star even shared several posts in support of the “White Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” movements.

Nguyen also expressed support for the police officers while calling on the families of the victims:

“I’m sick of people saying police need more training. You’ve got 18 years to teach your kids that it’s wrong to loot, steal, burn buildings, block traffic, shine lasers in people’s eyes, flip cars, destroy buildings, and attack citizens. Who failed who? ”

Another such post reads:

“If you follow the orders of the officers, you won’t get shot.”

Her shared posts also feature memes praising former US President Donald Trump and mocking the President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

One such meme shows House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drinking disinfectant in front of Trump. Meanwhile, another meme, involving NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and a Peanut cartoon, has an Islamophobic tone.


Many of her posts even contain controversial terms like “violent gang” and “BLM thugs” to define supporters of Black Lives Matter. However, Nguyen’s Facebook account was later deleted or made private.

When the posts reappeared on social media, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City The star has apologized for her past actions and said she is still learning about perspectives that differ from her own.

Who is Jenny Nguyen?

Jennie Nguyen is known for appearing in season two of RHOSLC (Image via Charles Sykes/Getty Images)
Jennie Nguyen is known for appearing in season two of RHOSLC (Image via Charles Sykes/Getty Images)

Jennie Nguyen is a famous TV personality when appearing in the second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. According to her Bravo biography, Nguyen was born in Vietnam and moved to the US when she was 7 years old.

She previously shared her journey as an immigrant on an episode of the show:

“During our journey, we were captured by Thai pirates, and we were put in a Thai refugee camp. In the camp for about three years, we were sponsored by a Catholic church and that’s how we were. I went to Long Beach, California. And so that’s how we got to America.”

The 45-year-old is married to Duy Tran and a mother of three – Atlas (15 years old), Triton (12 years old) and Karlyn (9 years old). She also revealed that, against her wishes, her husband wanted to have more children. According to reports, she experienced 13 pregnancies and even gave birth to a stillbirth.

Jennie Nguyen is also an entrepreneur, co-founder of medical spa. However, she later sold the spa to become a stay-at-home mom and focus on raising her children.

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