Colorado Fire Lives – 1,000 homes lost in wildfires in Superior & Boulder County as map shows 6,000 acres devastated

According to the map, WILDFIRES in Colorado destroyed an estimated 6,000 acres and possibly up to 1,000 homes were lost.

Although the structure was severely damaged, there have been no reports of deaths.

The fire forced two towns to evacuate completely as the blaze quickly tore through communities in Boulder County.

Areas highlighted in red have been devastated by wildfires that tore through Boulder County, Colorado, with an estimated 6,000 acres destroyed.


Areas highlighted in red have been devastated by wildfires that tore through Boulder County, Colorado, with an estimated 6,000 acres destroyed.Credit:

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said it has received “multiple reports of power line failures, transformer explosions, etc.”

“This caused a number of small grass fires from downed/sparked lines,” the statement continued.

Seven Forest fires broke out on Thursday in Rock the area is, reportedly, driven by strong winds with speeds above 50 mph, Forest fire today noted.

The town of Superior has been evacuated, according to Fox31 / KDVR. Several neighborhoods in Boulder in Louisville have followed suit.

The National Weather Service out of Denver / Boulder tweeted that the fires had created a life-threatening situation in the Superior and Louisville areas, noting that “fast-moving fires” should encourage people to “gather more information and please be prepared.” evacuate immediately.”

Channel Denver note a gust of wind at 110mph and there are many fires in the area continuing to grow.

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  • Biden approves disaster declaration

    The White House has approved a disaster declaration for Colorado, and will provide federal funding to communities affected by the wildfires.

  • Boulder County lost about 1,000 homes

    Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle estimated that about 1,000 homes may have been lost in the wildfire.

    He said he hopes to know at least 500 homes have been lost.

  • Damage 6,000 acres

    The Marshall Fire quickly destroyed an estimated 6,000 acres, after strong winds on Thursday pushed it into nearby areas.

    Boulder County lost hundreds of structures in the fire.

  • Regional hospital found burn victim

    Representative of UCHealth Broomfield Hospital Kelli Christensen told The Colorado Sun that it was treating at least six burn victims on Thursday.

    The fire is said to have also damaged several structures in the Louisville and Superior, Colorado areas.

  • Governor says no deaths is a ‘miracle’

    At a news conference Friday, Colorado governor Jared Polis said it was a miracle that there were no reports of dead or missing people after a fire raged through Boulder County on Thursday.

    “We can hold our own New Year’s magic if it holds that there are no casualties,” Governor Polis said.

    “It’s unbelievable, when you look at the devastation, we don’t have a list of a hundred missing,” Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle added.

    “I hope it’s a miracle.”

  • What is the extent of the fire damage?

    As the fires escalated throughout the day, state officials now estimate that at least about 600 homes have been lost in many areas around Boulder County.

    Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle says more than 1,600 acres have burned in Colorado.

  • ‘The most destructive fires in Colorado history’

    The Boulder County wildfire is said to be the most destructive in Colorado history, as hundreds of homes were destroyed and thousands fled in fear.

    At least 550 homes have been destroyed – making the Marshall wildfire the most destructive of all Colorado History. Officials predict the number of homes destroyed will increase.

    The previous record was the 2013 Black Forest Fire, where just under 500 homes burned down, KRDO report.

    More than 30,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes in Superior and Louisville on Thursday.

  • People describe nightmare scenes

    Leah Angstman said to Related press that the sky was dark brown and the dust swirled around like snakes.

    Hospitals in the southeast of Boulder County were evacuated, including patients in intensive care.

    Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette was evacuating its most critical patients when the fire broke out at night, CBS Denver reported.

    And inmates at a detention center in Broomfield were also moved elsewhere.

  • More than 1,600 acres burned

    Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle on Thursday said more than 1,600 acres have burned in Colorado.

    “We know that people are eagerly awaiting news on the condition of their home and neighborhood,” Pelle said at a news conference.

    “I want to assure you that our firefighters are working as hard as they can to save additional structures as we speak, and when it is safe to do so, will begin the assessment process. emotional and painful damage.”

  • Fire is ‘a force of nature’

    Meanwhile, Governor Jared Polis has declared a state of emergency.

    “This fire is not so much of a resource issue,” he told a news conference. “This fire is a force of nature.”

    “We hope that the wind will die, the weather will change,” he added.

    “But for those directly affected, know that you are not alone.”

  • Officers shared the video of the fire

    An officer with the Broomfield Police Department shared a video taken during a patrol in Superior.

    Footage shows the fire breaking out on Thursday afternoon.

  • ‘A horrifying event’

    “This took up the size of the football field in seconds,” Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle told a news conference.

    “We have never seen anything like it. This is a horrifying event.”

    And although no deaths or disappearances were reported at the time, Pelle added: “But given the intensity and scope of this fire, I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out. casualties”.

  • ‘All possessions disappear’

    Mark Smith, a Colorado football coach, shared on Twitter that “every possession he has today is gone” after the fire broke out through Boulder County.

    “Our home, our car, and everything we had in the house was lost to the fire that consumed our community,” Smith said. “Thank you to everyone who reached out. Processing how to completely start over and be grateful for our health. ”

  • No deaths have been reported so far

    Although casualties have not been confirmed in Thursday’s fire in Colorado, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said “given the intensity and scope of this fire, I wouldn’t be surprised if we did.” casualties were found.”

    At least six people were injured in the fires.

  • Governor declares state of emergency

    Colorado Governor Jared Polis declared a state of emergency as wildfires burned through Boulder County.

    His statement read: “The proclamation authorizes the state to access disaster emergency funds to support emergency response efforts in Boulder and provide state resources including the use of the Emergency Response Force. Colorado National Guard, Colorado Department of Fire Prevention and Control, and activated Central State Emergency Operations.”

  • How to help

    The Boulder Office of Emergency Management has set up a donation site so anyone can give money to those affected by the fires in the area.

    They have also established resources for pets to be rescued.

    Those interested can donate or access resources at

  • ‘True historic storm’

    Broomfield Police shared shocking footage on Twitter of houses on fire as police drove past.

    “This video was taken by BPD Patrol Officers at Superior…E of US-36… this afternoon,” the tweet read.

    “Our thoughts are with our neighbors tonight, who lost their homes and businesses. We continue to support our law enforcement and firefighting partners as needed.”

    Earlier on Thursday, Boulder’s National Weather Service said: “We are in the midst of a truly historic storm over the frontal ranges, foothills and urban corridors,” News convoy reported.

  • Hazmat has an urgent fear

    The blaze that burned in Boulder County raised concerns about a toxicology emergency because the fire was believed to be approaching a property with liquid nitrogen cylinders.

    On Thursday afternoon, fire crews were said to be working to evacuate a Capella Space building in Louisville, a manufacturer of radar imaging products.

    “Callers said there are 2-4 cans of liquid nitrogen that can explode if they catch on fire,” one Twitter user Written.

  • Some were unable to evacuate due to power failure

    The Boulder Office of Emergency Management said on Facebook that it was receiving reports that some individuals in Louisville were unable to evacuate because they had no power and were unable to remove their vehicles from their garages.

    “All garages have a red handle INSIDE that allows you to open your garage manually. Pull the handle to open your garage door,” the office announced.

  • Thousands of people have been evacuated

    Up to 32,000 people living in the towns of Superior and Louisville were evacuated when the blaze, dubbed the Marshall Fire, spread to 1,600 acres.

    So far, no deaths have been reported, although first responders said an officer was among at least six injured.

    Colorado Governor Jared Polis said a massive fire near this population center was “absolutely devastating.”

  • Before and after

    One Twitter user shared before and after images of Boulder County in Colorado after fires tore through the area on Thursday.

    “I was born in Boulder and raised in Louisville and Broomfield. I currently work in Louisville,” they said.

    “This isn’t just another wild fire in Colorado. This is my home. Words continue to let me down after everything Colorado has been through in the last week.”

  • Evacuated pregnant women

    A dangerous fire broke out near Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, where management was forced to evacuate the entire hospital, including intensive care, neonatal intensive care, and patients in the emergency department.

    Scary video posted to Twitter showed black smoke filling the sky as residents worked to get out of Boulder County by car.

  • The National Guard is called in

    The National Guard is expected to arrive in the area Thursday night to help first responders.

    Dozens of military personnel will help close roads and evacuate.

    Sheriff Pelle said firefighters wouldn’t be able to stop the Marshall Fire until the wind was out so the main focus was on getting people out.

    The sheriff said residents north of the evacuation zone would be fine but to stay alert and call emergency management if they have questions.

  • Wind gusts reach 110mph

    Based on Colorado SunAt least 600 homes and businesses in the Superior and Louisville neighborhoods of east Boulder burned Thursday.

    The fire quickly spread as winds picked up 110mph.

    As of 9:50 p.m. MST, at least six people were injured and treated for burns.

  • Residents may experience energy loss

    According to the report of Colorado Sun.

    The outage was intentional, and would help mitigate the “significant damage” the company’s utility infrastructure has suffered.

    The outage began Thursday and will continue through Friday.

    “To reduce the amount of natural gas used by furnaces in the area and keep the system running, the company is conducting periodic power cuts to customers in Summit, Grand, Lake, Eagle counties, Saguache, Rio Grande and Alamosa. in the next six to eight hours,” Xcel said in a statement. Colorado Fire Lives – 1,000 homes lost in wildfires in Superior & Boulder County as map shows 6,000 acres devastated


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