Claim to Fame LIVE – Dolly Parton’s niece apologizes to fans after surprise departure while cast faces a new challenge

DOLLY Parton’s niece opens up about her experience on ‘Claim to Fame’ after being eliminated after mis-guessing another contestant’s famous relative.

Born Jada Star, Jane was related to none other than Dolly Parton. She opened up about her time on Claim to Fame and apologized to viewers for repeatedly crying on camera.

“I have a generalized anxiety disorder,” she said Weekly entertainmentand revealed that she had packed her medication for the show.

“I thought that would be enough for me, like my little medicine, but in that environment I was on high emotional alert the entire time.”

“When I see myself crying all the time, I want to crawl under the house. … I’m so sorry America,” she said.

Jane dropped out after suspecting fellow competitor Chris was related to Elvis Presley – and proved wrong.

Tonight, the remaining contestants face a new challenge of finding clues for their castmates while blindfolded.

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  • Shayne is still making plans

    Shayne has told Cole and Monay that Karsyn’s celebrity relative is Nascar driver Jeff Gordon.

    However, it’s unclear if Shayne really believes Gordon is Karsyn’s actual relative.

  • Blue team loses

    Cole is in the last two tonight as the blue team has the fewest statues guessed.

    Cole brought Hugo into the bottom two – which is good news for Shayne.

    “My entire team is definitely working,” says Shayne.

  • The winner is…

    The green team correctly identified three out of twelve statues.

    The blue team correctly identified two statues.

    The orange team correctly identified five statues.

    The ORANGE TEAM wins the challenge and Chris, the team captain, has gained immunity.

  • Gabriel reveals himself

    Gabriel says the burger could be his clue because it could mean “Good Burger” – and his brother was on Nickelodeon with Keenan and Kel.

    Fans on Twitter are shocked that Gabriel spilled his tip to viewers.

  • The blue team gets to work

    Olivia, Hugo and Cole are on the blue team.

    The three mistakenly identify a burger as an acorn.

  • The green team goes first

    The green team consists of Karsyn, JR and Monay.

    You have five minutes to find as many clues as possible.

  • Next challenge revealed

    The players are blindfolded and sent to a space behind the mansion.

    The field is full of statues with clues representing the identities of the remaining contestants.

    Participants will work in three teams of three.

  • Fans suspect Cole’s relatives

    Fans on Twitter are convinced Cole is related to singer Alicia Keys.

  • Cole has a crush on Shayne

    Cole admits in a confessional that Shayne is “absolutely gorgeous.”

    The other participants notice that Shayne has Cole wrapped around his finger – and they believe that she is doing it to protect himself because he knows her identity.

  • Chris is ‘not happy’

    Chris says he didn’t like being in the middle of Shayne and Monay’s plan to get Jane out.

    “I think Monay is a very smart player,” Chris says in a confessional.

    Confident about Shayne’s identity, Chris, Olivia and Karsyn work together to find out Monay’s famous relatives.

  • Jane has been set up

    Gabriel says Jane was “set up” to guess Elvis Presley for Chris.

    Shayne and Monay laugh and reveal that they deliberately persuaded Jane to misinterpret Chris’ hint.

    Karsyn said she was “utterly terrified” of their scheming, while Hugo says the move was “brilliant”.

  • Turn on!

    Claim to Fame starts NOW on ABC.

    Tune in to see which celebrity’s relative will be revealed and sent home.

  • Frankie talks about his single Cocaine

    When speaking to Rolling StoneFrankie also spoke about his single “Cocaine” and why it’s one of the most personal songs he’s ever written.

    “I was thinking about my time in Nashville,” he said.

    “While I was there, I was in very dark places.

    “The song is about how even in the darkest moments we can escape into those moments of bliss.”

  • Frankie’s musical journey

    Despite being related to one of the most famous boy bands in the world, Frankie Jonas took his time figuring out what he wanted to do.

    In an interview with Rolling StoneFrankie explained why he decided to release music at his own pace.

    “I’ve always wanted to do my own stuff, but I just didn’t feel like there was a space where I could open up that way, whether it was within myself or the world,” he said.

  • Declared claim to fame

    “Claim to Fame” brings all the contestants together in one house and lets them hide their identities from each other for as long as possible.

    Throughout the series, contestants complete games that reveal clues to their connection to their famous relative.

    The winner will receive a grand prize of $100,000.

  • Kevin Jonas’ love life

    At 22, Kevin Jonas was the first of the brothers to officially marry.

    On December 19, 2009, Kevin and hairstylist Danielle Deleasa tied the knot after a two-year relationship.

    The two held their wedding ceremony at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York.

    The singer opened up about how he and Danielle met shine: “Do you know how to meet someone and call them two or three days later?

    “After we met, I cyberstalked her to see what flight she would be on to get home.”

  • This is how you watch

    “Claim to Fame” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

    You can stream the show on the ABC app or on Hulu Live with a cable account.

    The episodes can also be viewed on Hulu the next day.

  • New participants are related to very famous people

    Frankie and Kevin also revealed that there have been some pretty tough challenges this season TV Insider.

    “There’s been some big wins this season,” Frankie said.

    “Even to the point where we figured out who they were in that moment, you can do it [see] our real surprise and shock.”

  • Logan Crosby reveals Jason Aldean’s advice

    Crosby explains that while he wants to pursue a music career and takes advice from his cousin, he majored in political science in college.

    “It’s funny because he sends me his songs, I send him my songs, we play each other music that we’ve written or that we’ve released, and we’ll critique it,” Crosby told People.

    “I played him songs and he said, ‘That’s not good,'” he said.

    “I think one day he’ll definitely be inducted into the Hall of Fame,” Crosby said.

    “I mean, maybe I’m a little biased, but I think he’s one of the best that can do that.”

  • The season one runner-up discusses advice from a famous family member

    Logan Crosby, the runner-up on the first season of ‘Claim to Fame,’ has spoken out about the life advice he received from his famous relative.

    Crosby is Jason Aldean’s cousin who has offered some helpful life advice.

    “[Jason is] Someone I could talk to on the phone and say, “Hey, what do you think about this?” or, “Hey, there’s this deal coming up.” So he gave me a lot of advice,” Crosby said in an interview with People.

    “The last time I spoke to him about it he said, ‘You have to find out who you are as an artist and you just have to do that and not apologize for it,’ and so I feel like I’m going to do it this now.”

  • The breakup of the Jonas Brothers

    The Jonas Brothers disbanded in 2013, canceling a tour and revealing that there was “a deep rift within the band”.

    In 2019, they got back together and shocked the world.

    “Speaking of creative differences is almost too easy,” Nick Jonas said while discussing their split on Sunday morning.

    He revealed he told his brothers and the three had a heated argument.

    “I said, ‘You know, I feel like the Jonas Brothers shouldn’t exist anymore and we should do individual trips.’ And it wasn’t going too well… And I was afraid that we’d – they’d never speak to me again,” Nick said.

  • Fans anger show for using fish food

    In a previous episode of “Claim to Fame,” the contestants were tasked with rummaging through fish food.

    Fans didn’t like the challenge, with one asking, “What’s with all these reality shows and the fascination with gross things that make people vomit?”

    “Watching people throw up is NOT ENTERTAINING!”

    “This is gross,” remarked another, while a third admitted, “I would throw up.”

    A fourth yelled: “Fish Chum??? To hell?? I didn’t know I watched Fear Factor.”

  • Fans speculate about the identity of the participants

    Following the season two premiere, fans hop into the game and speculate online as to who each cast member’s famous relative is.

    One fan tweeted: “I’m mad at Chris. WHY would he tell ANYONE that the Puppy Clue applies to him? Especially Jane. It was a fatal move for him. You WILL bring it together now. Both Dolly and Donny recorded Puppy Love.”

    Another wrote: “I think Gabriel’s celebrity is Kenan Thompson.”

    A third added: “Oh Jane is definitely related to Paul Anka.”

    “Not an athlete BUT a player… DID GABRIEL RELATIVE TO NICK CANON?!” a fourth speculated.

  • Frankie explains his personal connection to the show

    In a 2022 interview, Frankie explained his special connection to the show and revealed what he thought when he first got the call from ABC.

    “Are you sure you don’t want me to be a candidate?” he asked her accordingly People Magazine.

    “I think I was able to really bridge that gap between Kevin and the contestants,” Frankie said.

    “They made me feel comfortable as a friend, while Kevin was more of a host.

    “For the participants, I think it was really nice to have a voice on both sides.”

  • Frankie’s name change shocked fans

    Franklin Jonas, also known as Frankie, is a presenter on Claim to Fame and fans were quick to take notice of the name change.

    Several took to Reddit to discuss the phenomenon and the reason for the decision.

    “Franklin Jonas: This man just took to calling Franklin instead of Frankie and they just don’t say anything about it. I thought I was going insane, but suddenly his name is written all over the place as Franklin. Does anyone know when that happened?” wrote one, opening the conversation.

    “When Kevin called him Franklin I thought it was just some brotherly teasing lol. I didn’t know he changed his media image!” a second mentioned.

    “I think he changed it around the new year? He released a song called Cocaine under ‘Franklin Jonas’ this winter. He’s definitely grown up!” one last reminder.


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