Chinese Antiques: All You Should Know

 Improve the aesthetics of your home with antique Chinese treasures. Bring them into your kitchen. Decorate your living room with these treasures.  Use the following tips and tricks to decorate your home with genuine Chinese Antiques.

The Kitchen

Are you planning to style your kitchen with Chinese antiques? Well, that’s a shocking decision. Chinese antiques aren’t just unique but they’re also outstandingly stylish. To achieve the best results, you need to adopt a straightforward approach. Utilize subtle accents such as unique rattan baskets and handmade wine jars as countertop accessories.

You may also consider decorating the countertops with fresh fruits and dried flowers. All these can transform your kitchen into a cozy cooking space.

Living Room

Purchase an antique buffet cabinet. This will serve as the centerpiece for your living room. Combined with complimenting homewares, this can give your home an entirely new look. For more styling, pair your corner cabinet with some Chinese-inspired jade calligraphy brushes.

The Bedroom

Integrate your bedroom design with a stylish Chinese elm sideboard. You may also want to consider introducing some floral arrangements, as well as, elegant wrought-iron candlesticks. This will go a long way in creating a vintage fee. Plus, it’ll make your bedroom extremely stylish and sophisticated.


Inject freshness into your courtyard with antique Chinese tools, as well as, elegant bamboo daybeds. Augment the look with Chinese-inspired accents such as lidded tofu pots and Chinese wheel axels.  

Make a Move Today!

Hire a professional stylist. If you find it hard picking the right Chinese vintage pieces, consider seeking the help of an expert. There are many qualified professionals out there who can help you achieve the look you want. However, you’ll want to make sure that you’re bringing on board a highly experienced professional. Remember, not all interior décor designers are the same. They all have different abilities and experiences. So, be sure to hire the best.

 Shop Around

Not all Chinese ceramics are authentic. So, be sure to handle as many pieces as you can. The good news is that numerous auction houses offer high-quality Chinese ceramics. All you need is to shop around for reputable vendors who sell genuine products. Check the weight of the piece, as well as, the quality of the painting.

Pallets, Glazes

Palettes and glazes are other incredible choices when it comes to interior décor. Some of the most popular Chinese pallets include the wucai and Famille Verte pallets. They both feature outstanding colors and finishes.

How To Store Your Chinese Antiques

Now that you have purchased the based Chinese-inspired antiques, you need to learn how to store them correctly. Here are some basic self-storage tips to help you get started:


Antique furnishings are generally fragile. So, consider reducing pressure on their joints. This will help them last longer. If your chairs and tables allow for disassembly, then take them apart before storage.

Consider Treating Them First

Treat your furniture before storage. Whether they’re made of wood, metal, or leather, they should all be treated. Wood typically requires top-quality polish to protect it from cracking. Metal furniture, on the other hand, can get oxidized and this could make it rust. Thus, be sure to clean it regularly to prevent tarnishing.

Never Stack

Even if you have limited storage space, you should avoid stacking your antiques. This can exert unnecessary pressure on the joints, hence resulting in wear and tear. Try to free up some space.  

Climate Control

Invest in climate-controlled storage space. This will go a long way in preventing damage from fluctuating temperatures. Plus, it will safeguard your furniture and help them last longer.

Bring In Pallets

If possible, consider investing in pallets. They’re an incredible way to store your antiques. They’re uniquely designed to provide some space between your antiques and the floor. This allows for better airflow and provides additional protection during flooding.

With proper care, your Chinese antiques can last long. You can safely keep them for many years to come.

Chinese Porcelain

Porcelain is a high-quality ceramic. That’s why it has widely been used by the Chinese. However, you should be careful when shopping around for these antiques. It’s possible to find vendors dealing with counterfeit porcelain antiques.

Find a reputable retailer who sells authentic Chinese ceramics. It’s one of the best ways to add color to your home. If you love blue and white, then porcelain antiques have got you covered.

Chinese Bronzes

Bronze antiques are another popular option. They’re stylish and feature different colors, including green, gray, and brown. So, depending on your preference, you can always find the best piece for your needs.

You can also find some bronze items that feature precious metals, as well as, inlaid gemstones. Incorporating an antique bronze wine vessrel into your home’s design can be amazing. Due to their stunning appearance, they will inject freshness into your living space, converting it into a gathering zone.

Buddhist Sculptures

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in China. However, most people still practice it up to date. It’s one of the most popular forms of spirituality in China. Thus, if you’re fond of this culture, consider investing in Chinese Buddhist sculptures. Not only are they unique but they’re also exquisite.

How To Identify Genuine Chinese Antiques

There are several Chinese antiques on the market. Thus, selecting a genuine Chinese antique can be challenging. However, with research, you can easily purchase the right Chinese antiques. Look at the shape. Check the color. Pay close attention to gaining signs. Don’t choose an antique with aging signs or marks. Don’t forget to check the decorations. Stay away from Chinese antiques with scratches and degrading decorations.

The Bottom-Line

Chinese antiques are exotic. They are highly durable. They come with exquisite characteristics. Make them part of your home’s interior décor. Style your home with antique treasures. Use them in the corner cabinets. Take them to your kitchen.  Style your courtyard with the right Chinese antiques. Use the above tips and tricks to make your home stylish with Chinese antiques. 

Huynh Nguyen

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