China faces ‘THERMONUCLEAR’ Covid outbreak with ‘800 MILLION cases in 90 days’ as hospitals and crematoria overflow

CHINA is facing a ‘thermonuclear’ Covid outbreak, says an expert, as hospitals and crematoria begin to overflow.

According to one estimate, the end of the country’s hard lockdown could see Covid spread rapidly until there are 800 million cases in 90 days after the zero-Covid hard lockdown policy was abandoned.

A body is unloaded at a Beijing crematorium


A body is unloaded at a Beijing crematoriumPhoto credit: Reuters
In a hospital, Covid patients sleep on the floor


In a hospital, Covid patients sleep on the floor
The bodies of those who died from Covid are kept in corridors


The bodies of those who died from Covid are kept in corridors
A Covid patient is transferred to a special hospital in Beijing


A Covid patient is transferred to a special hospital in BeijingPhoto credit: Reuters

Video has surfaced showing patients being rammed into a hospital sleeping on the floor and bodies dumped in corridors, in a chilling echo of the time Covid first hit China

Crematoria working all night in Wuhan were an early indication of the devastation wreaked by the 2020 pandemic.

One of those who shared footage is epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, who said the situation is now “thermonuclear bad.”

dr Feigl-Ding is the head of the Covid Task Force at the New England Complex Systems Institute and one of the first scientists to warn about the spread of Covid when he was working at Harvard.

He referred to predictions by China’s own health authorities that 60 percent of China’s 1.4 billion people could be infected.

The number was reported by Xi Chen, a global health researcher at Yale University, who told NPR he got it from the deputy head of the China Center for Disease Control.

University of Hong Kong epidemiologist Ben Cowling agrees with this prediction.

“Unfortunately, this increase will come very quickly. That’s the worst,” he said.

“If it were slower, China would have time to prepare. But that goes so fast. In Beijing there are already a lot of cases and [in] other big cities because it’s spreading so quickly.”

Other experts predict that 2.1 million people could die in the coming months, although official statistics show there are just 7,000 new cases a day.

But reports in tightly controlled official media now say 50,000 people are reporting symptoms in one city alone, Guangzhou.

In Beijing, authorities have increased the number of so-called “fever clinics” from 94 to 1,263 to cope with the surge in patient numbers.

The R number, which indicates the transmissibility of the virus, currently stands at a massive 16, scientists at the China National Health Commission estimate.

That means every infected person transmits the disease to 16 others, and last winter cases in the US were doubling about every three days.

But Cowling warns this will happen in “hours” now in China.

“Even if you manage to slow it down a bit, it’s still going to double very, very quickly,” he said.

“And so hospitals will potentially be under pressure by the end of this month.”

Xi Jinping finally abandoned his disastrous zero-Covid policy earlier this month amid protests over tough restrictions.

But the lack of a vaccine to circumvent the harsh lockdowns means there is a catastrophic lack of immunity in the 1.4 billion population.

There is already grim evidence that Covid is starting to take its toll.

About 30 stationary hearses pulled up at the entrance to Dongjiao Funeral Home, a Covid-designated crematorium in Beijing, on Saturday afternoon, Reuters reports.

Parked between them were an ambulance and a van with a sheet-wrapped body in the open trunk.

The body was later collected by workers in hazmat suits and taken to a prep room to await cremation.

Three of the numerous chimneys smoked continuously.

A few meters from the crematorium, in a funeral parlor, about 20 yellow body bags with corpses lay on the ground.

The draconian zero-Covid policy saw the population being forced to undergo constant testing for the coronavirus, and millions were placed in lockdown even if only a small number of people tested positive.

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Horror images showed those infected being taken to quarantine camps and even welded into their homes by brutal “Big White” enforcers.

But a wave of protests following a fire in which the deaths of 10 people were blamed on the tough lockdown saw Xi drop “zero Covid” dramatically. China faces ‘THERMONUCLEAR’ Covid outbreak with ‘800 MILLION cases in 90 days’ as hospitals and crematoria overflow


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