Celebrities Who Reportedly Tried Open Relationships

An open relationship isn’t for everybody. If you engage in one, you can date other people. It can be hard not to let jealousy get the best of you. This type of relationship is for those who trust their partner and those who are confident. Some people want to spice things up if a relationship gets stale. Some of them are polyamorous, so an open relationship is the only thing that makes sense. Celebrities are under a magnifying glass, and you’d think they’d hide being in an open relationship. Why? Because people are still looking down on those types of relationships as if they’re not real or loveless. Boy, are they wrong?

Luckily, some celebrities are not afraid to experiment and let the public know about it. That way, open relationships are no longer looked at like a disease. Below you’ll find out who those guys are and how things ended in a relationship.

Why People Decide to Start Open Relationships

Reasons for starting an open relationship are numerous. Most of them have roots in excitement. And today, it’s easier than ever to meet other people who share the desire to have memorable nights. For example, a couple looking for a man on a specialized dating site doesn’t have to be disappointed by their sex life. They just want to treat themselves. They want to feel the new injection of excitement. And by looking for partners online, they avoid weird looks and can focus on getting what they want. Some people go for an open relationship to make their relationship even stronger. Knowing that your partner is dating around but still comes home to you can feel empowering. Other people like to make their partner’s dream come true. They give a free pass to their significant other, meaning they can fool around and try something new, but they must return to their halves. Most of them return to their harbor, but some people stumble or learn that their harbor is not safe at all. Relationships with shaky foundations crumble; the weight of an open relationship is too heavy for them to endure.

Here are some celebrities that tried this type of relationship; read on and find out if that was their cup of tea.

Christina Aguilera

Since her single Dirty, we knew Aguilera was a little wilder than we thought. She was married to Jordan Bratman, with whom she has a son. At the time, people thought Christina had settled down. At the same time, in 2010, a rumor started that she had a threesome with two girls. The two of them later stated that Xtina has a huge sexual appetite. She announced her divorce in early October 2010 but dismissed speculations that her threesome was the reason for it. After the divorce, people started whispering that she was gay, but she shut them down and said she was bisexual.

Miley Cyrus

The star of Hannah Montana is no longer the sweet little girl. After recording Wrecking ball in 2013, she definitely changed how we see her. She had an on-and-off engagement and relationship with Liam Hemsworth for a decade. During that period, she experimented a lot with her sexuality. After she made out with one of Spears’ dancers, she admitted that she likes girls the same as boys. She married Liam in 2018, but the marriage lasted for a year. She was seen making out with Kaitlynn Carter. We’re sure that’s the spark that started the fire.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is known for his love for women, alcohol, and drugs, so no scandal is scandalous enough to make our jaws drop. He was married three times, making his marriage with Brook Mueller the last one. The couple married in 2008, and they both had trouble with addictions. In 2010 a girl claimed she’d been a regular in the couple’s bed during their 21-month-long marriage. She stated that Brook was bisexual and had many hot girls parade through their home. A couple divorces after less than 2 years of marriage, but who knows if an open relationship was the reason.

Big Sean

This rapper is known for his songs that tell the stories of real-life problems and situations we all could end up in. In 2010, he released the Hall of Fame, which consisted of many social and life-themed songs. But, there was one song that sparked some debates, Mona Lisa. The song is about a threesome. Big Sean’s comment was that a threesome is a good thing. Something everybody should experience at least once in their life. It’s easy to conclude that he participated in that type of relationship.

Jason Biggs

As mentioned above, some people indulge in open relationships to give their partner something exciting and new. Jason Biggs’ wife, Jenny Mollen, hired a hooker for a birthday threesome. He admitted that the experience wasn’t what he hoped, explaining that he didn’t deliver. He also said that his wife found the whole situation pretty funny.

As you can see, celebrities like to experiment with almost anything. For some of them, open relationships led to discovering their sexuality. For some, the experience wasn’t that good at all.

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