Cast of Legends of Vox Machina: Only Amazon Wants an Adult Crucial Role Show

Important rolenew anime series of Legend of Vox Machina begins with two vomiting waterfalls, an intense sex scene and the unmistakable silhouette of a gnome’s testicles. For fans of long-standing Dungeons & Dragons realistic play , none of which sound strange, but it turns out some TV executives want to speed things up.

After its great success crowdfunding campaign, the Critical Role team took the opportunity to shop around for the project before landing on Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service. Ultimately, that deal allowed them to extend the project to two full seasons. Many executives sitting across from other companies want change, the group said. Things could have been very different if the creators had chosen a different platform like Netflix, Hulu, or Apple TV.

“We got lucky with Amazon,” said Marisha Ray, who plays drug-selling elf Keyleth, in an interview with Polygon. “There are other potential distributors we’re talking to that are more interested in making it a children’s show or want to go in a different direction, or [make it into a] more serious political fantasy, a la Game of Thrones. ”

“We knew that if we gave a PG rating or something more affordable and accessible to a younger audience, we might get more viewers,” said Sam Riegel, who plays the role. Stylish man Scanlan Shorthalt said. “But for us, it was about maintaining the original story and original vibe of the Vox Machina characters. They’re loud, rowdy, and dirty, and we know we can’t hide from that. We had to embrace it.”

“Amazon was very open from the beginning,” says Ray, “and they were also interested in really expanding the meaning of adult animation. We’re all 80s kids, we’ve all grown up with a lot of action-heavy animated fantasy movies, so a lot of these movies really feel like a love letter to those in need. the cartoon we grew up with, but for that generation who’s all grown up now. ”

“Amazon is great at everything,” Riegel said. In our first meetings with Amazon, they said, “This isn’t for kids, is it?” And we said, ‘No, it’s not!’ And they said, ‘Great, we were on the same page then. To go.'”

“There are gory moments, there are sexy moments,” added Matthew Mercer, the team’s head of Dungeon Master, who also voices many of the show’s non-player characters. “We were telling a story that appealed to us and felt natural to us as adults, and in adapting to it, we didn’t want to give up on any of our visions. They wanted it to be authentic to the story we told and to do that, it had to be sustained [an] Cartoon series for adults. And fortunately, we never had to back away from that.”

“That’s the most mythical part about this,” said Liam O’Brien, who plays the half-elf Rogue Vax’ildan. “We as a group of creators had to come up with the exact vision for the story we wanted to make. We didn’t really take any punches. “

“We also know that there might be some kids who might be watching, looking through a crack or something while their parents are watching,” added Riegel. “If you can get away with it, kids, do it. But it’s not for you.”

https://www.polygon.com/interviews/22900701/critical-role-legend-of-vox-machina-not-for-children Cast of Legends of Vox Machina: Only Amazon Wants an Adult Crucial Role Show

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