Cardi B and Akbar V beef explained

CARDI B and rapper Akbar V clashed on Twitter.

Tensions between the couple escalated on September 26, 2022 and continued into the wee hours of the next morning, but what triggered the issue?

Cardi B believed Akbar subtweeted her success and responded on Twitter


Cardi B believed Akbar subtweeted her success and responded on TwitterPhoto credit: Getty

Why are Cardi B and Akbar V fighting?

The drama began after Cardi’s new music video for Tomorrow 2 in collaboration with GloRilla topped six million views on YouTube.

The rapper believed Akbar subtweeted her success and responded on Twitter.

She wrote: “I don’t really like the internet games… My DMS is open and so are the streets!

“I don’t have to, I can change your whole life just by one mention…AND YES I MET YOU DIRECTLY, I don’t do the internet!!”

The two singers eventually decided to keep their dispute private, but the truce was shattered when Akbar took to social media to post allegations that Cardi’s husband Offset cheated on Saweetie.

Cardi B is an angry
Cardi B & Offset slammed for

Cardi then posted a clip of Akbar’s leaked sextape.

Akbar managed to see the tweet, which claimed Cardi had “put the fear back in her” before it was quickly deleted.

Akbar posted: “Now my kids need to see this again @iamcardib you were absolutely wrong for re-uploading that p**n stuff about me you are so low but kool.”

Cardi hit back, commenting, “Ummm, didn’t you brag about it when the video first came out…”

She added, “Anyway, I respect your kids and take it down.”

Fans noted that the leaked sextape had already been used by Akbar himself as a cover for her song Leaked.

What did Cardi B say?

Cardi has fired back at her rival singer multiple times.

She said: “I hate ah** throwing rocks and hiding their hands… have been subtweeting me for months and now you want to do it through another woman as a shield. Stand up your shit!!!”

She took it a step further by mentioning her children and accusing Akbar of not taking care of their children.

Cardi tweeted, “I’m going to do something you never do… pick up my kid from school.

“You have 20 minutes to talk about your shit, after that my focus is on my kids all day.”

Eventually, Cardi’s husband Offset chimed in on the drama and slammed Akbar’s cheating allegations.

He wrote: “B***h that’s not my number why would I call you when b***h – already treats you lame a** h**.”

After all the back-and-forth, Cardi suggested they try to monetize their feud, hinting that it could be a potential opportunity.

She tweeted, “Let’s guess the next step… a diss track that’s mass-buying on iTunes and charting on Twitter.”

Akbar V, #QueenOfAtl, has been accused of subtweeting Cardi B's success


Akbar V, #QueenOfAtl, has been accused of subtweeting Cardi B’s successPhoto credit: Instagram/@iamakbarv/

What did Akbar V say?

Akbar V tweeted multiple times in response to Cardi B.

She shared a post that read: “That bx accent scares nobody but weak b***hes I’m a hardbody… you’re crazy.

“I’m laughing, that bitch must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, I’ll give her a pass.

“I’m almost ready to upload these texts to show the world how this h**e should be in positive community service, but texting me like she’s an incredible colossus…B***hu weighs about 120, be quiet .”

The singer even drew Nicki Minaj into the feud, writing, “B***h talks about how she can change my life. h** @NICKIMINAJ is changing my life.”

When Cardi mentioned her kids, the irate rapper hit back, writing, “Oh wow we mention kids don’t we? I’m glad I changed…

“You try so hard to put me down but you can’t put me down baby I came along but didn’t you too?

“You’ve been to the strip clubs, I’ve been to the streets… what’s the difference… you still talk but bring my kids in… okay…”

The singer claimed her rival had crossed the mark and tweeted that kids had crossed the line.

Taking it a step further, she accused Cardi of not writing her own music, writing, “Cardi wants so badly to be the queen of rap but she’s never written a rap, all she did was in the studio.” to sit and nod his head said, “Ooo I like that line bro keep it.”

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In response to Offset joining the Twitter thread, Akbar threw out several posts including: “Yeh and offset calls with all the tough guy, didn’t just get undressed like ah*.

“Behind Compound they got that look at your husband you didn’t even send no shootas for him @iamcardib talks all this gangsta ish.” Cardi B and Akbar V beef explained

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