“Cancer stricken” Vladimir Putin has been ill for FIVE years as he is surrounded by a medical team monitoring his health

Vladimir Putin has reportedly been ill for five years and is constantly surrounded by a medical team monitoring his health.

The Russian tyrant has routinely disappeared from public view and has been joined by over a dozen top medics since 2017.

According to reports, Putin has been ill and surrounded by doctors for the past five years


According to reports, Putin has been ill and surrounded by doctors for the past five yearsPhoto credit: Getty

His sturdy personality has been slashed by reports he has cancer and Parkinson’s disease, with pictures showing his bloated face.

It seems his indestructible image may have been part of an elaborate ruse to keep his health out of the limelight.

His drastically changing appearance from a strong man to a sickly one has also raised suspicions that he is seriously ill.

The 69-year-old Putin has had a string of odd breaks, as well as clandestine visits to the doctor, over the past five years.

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The independent Russian media outlet Proekt analyzed his long absence and found that he was constantly being pursued by an army of medics.

They compared the doctors’ check-in dates to Putin’s schedule and calculated that between five and 13 doctors constantly shadowed the warmonger in 2016 and 2017.

These medical professionals reportedly included an ENT specialist, an infectious disease specialist, a neurosurgeon, and an oncologist, among others.

Putin then took a hiatus from public view for about six days in November 2016, appearing only in pre-recorded sessions.

The Proekt investigation found that 12 medical specialists checked into the Sochi hospital, which is located near one of the Russian President’s residences.

Neurosurgeons, his family doctor, and a rehabilitation specialist were all on hand, fueling rumors that he had been ill.

Putin then disappeared in August 2017 before Proekt’s top oncologist and surgeon Evgeny Selivanov claimed to be visiting him.

They said the veteran cancer doctor saw him a whopping 35 times in four years, with only ENT doctors seeing him more.

Selivanov’s dissertation is entitled: “Special features of diagnostics and surgical treatment of elderly and senile patients with thyroid cancer”.

Putin also suffered a nasty fall during an ice hockey game in 2017 while being examined by his orthopedist and traumatologist.

The following year, in February 2018, the warlord disappeared again.

But the Kremlin brushed off its winter break, claiming the Russian leader had “caught a cold.”


By 2019, Proekt said he had an average of nine doctors at his side.

However, it was the Covid pandemic that really brought Putin’s potential health concerns to light.

According to the New York Times, Putin imposed strict quarantine measures on anyone who was scheduled to see him in person.

Visitors were required to isolate for two weeks before their scheduled meeting before being soaked in disinfectant en route.

The specially created tunnel would reportedly spray guests with a sterilizing aerosol while guests were irradiated with UV light to further disinfect them.

Putin’s health came under close scrutiny in post-war Ukraine, and rumors mounted after last week’s military parade, when the tyrant was spotted with a blanket over his legs.

In his most recent video appearance, the 69-year-old appeared to have a swollen face while fidgeting, clutching the armrest of his chair tightly.

An oncologist has claimed that Putin may have “chemo-brain,” a cancer-related cognitive impairment caused by the treatment.

A British ex-spy claimed his supposed mysterious illness is now taking a significant toll, forcing him to take breaks during the meeting for treatment.

Christopher Steele, who previously worked at MI6’s Russia desk, said Putin was “constantly” followed by doctors.

The 69-year-old's tired appearance has fueled rumors his health is deteriorating


The 69-year-old’s tired appearance has fueled rumors his health is deterioratingCredit: AP “Cancer stricken” Vladimir Putin has been ill for FIVE years as he is surrounded by a medical team monitoring his health


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